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So long...


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  • So long...

    I'm off for disneyland. I will be there for two days on wednesday and thursday. Is there anything I should especially try to look for or do? I have been to DL like 12 times so I've done everything I can think of, but is there anything I shooudl do that maybe is only availible for a short time?
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    Re: So long...

    -Santa's Reindeer Roundup - they do a good job with this every year
    -Haunted Mansion Holiday - must do if you haven't seen this
    -It's a Small World Holiday - must do if you haven't seen this
    -Christmas decorations - especially Main St., New Orleans Sq., Toontown
    -The Christmas Parade - It's pretty at night
    -Holiday Fireworks - not as good as the 50th fireworks, but still...they're great
    -Snow on Main St. - not to be missed
    -Special menu items at select restaurants - I'm referring to special holiday desserts offered only this time of year.
    -Tom Sawyer's Island - Looks like this will be the last opportunity to see it before it gets rethemed.

    That ought to keep you busy for a while!


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      Re: So long...

      We might get some rain on Wednesday...

      But that could be a good thing if it's not too much. The park is really uncrowded on rainy days.


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        Re: So long...

        The rain is showers and only 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rain over the entire Tuesday night through Wednesday period that is predicted. It will be cold at night though so bring warm jackets for night use.

        Other than that,everything listed above are the must see things to do as they will all be gone by January 7th. Have a great time and be sure to put a trip report up when you get home.
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          Re: So long...

          Be sure to take advantage of all the special Holiday Events and Attractions, as they are about to come to an end. Also, if you already haven't, check out Billy Hill and the Hillbillies if they are still at the Golden Horseshoe--they are a lot of fun. Have a Great Time!!


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            Re: So long...

            Mr Toad!


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