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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this site and the first thing I read was the excellent 50th update of the experience in the park. In that article, new upcoming rides are mentioned. The article links to a thread that also announces new rides....

    But I'd like for us to have a thread that spells out the OFFICIAL updates of DEFINITE new rides. I'd like this thread to be somewhere you (and I) can ask about a rumor, and have it confirmed or denied as being greenlit and going ahead, even if its far off in the future.

    So, to start, here's my list of rides I read about in the above areas, and I'm asking if these are OFFICIAL new rides, or are some of them only rumors.

    1)Nemo ride....(the article states the NEMO signs were replaced with imagineering signs: is NEMO really going to be the replacement (HOPE SO!!)

    2) Rockets moved to above the people mover, where they used to be (HOPE SO!!!!!)

    3) People Mover returning in some fashion, as a People Mover ride, possibly themed on vehicles from the Incredibles (what a brilliant idea: and returning the people mover in general is the best idea: I used to love the LONG ride around tommorrowland, great for any age group).

    And, with all of the above, any approximate dates?

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    I don't think any of these have been officially greenlit/greenlighted.
    We know something's going on with the Subs, and that something seems to have been greenlit, and that a Nemo layover has been probably pitched in some "initial storyboard" form to the way-big honchos of Burbank inside the sub ride.

    Better sources provide better "rumors." I think Al's pretty good, but other web sites are working very hard to bust open that next rumor first.

    I wouldn't trust some random poster on a discussion board, though.


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      I hear from J Spider they're doing an LA EXPANSION themed section of DCA.


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        you're bad :devil:
        Originally posted by drunkmom
        this is my first buzzed post in the DMCA -- I'm really in this club because I'm a bitch more than anything. I've only had to hit the backspace 4 (oops, make that 5) times in (now 7) in this (now 9) (now 15) in this post! Damn, now I'm up to 18! Our neighbors were (19) (20) making tequilla sunrises. I thought I couldn't do tequilla (22) anymore but (24) this stuff (26) was good! It started (27) with an s


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          Originally posted by CaliforniaAdventurer
          I hear from J Spider they're doing an LA EXPANSION themed section of DCA.
          It's called a front gate... Amazingly you leave the park and you are there!!!!
          Check out my other blog:


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            And the Death Star Pool is being added to Disneyland Hotel....


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              The Nemo version of the subs and new fleet of monorails are official but not announced yet.

              The Peoplemover, Rocket Jets, and new Star Tours film are still being developed.


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