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Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)


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  • Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

    (NOTE: There will be certain Saddam references as they relate to the story in question. If this disturbs you, please don't read. There are plenty of pictures to look at instead! ^_^)

    Anyway, Friday was a rather busy day at the park, but regardless Dan, I and Stellar decided to venture into the park for an afternoon of fun and enjoyment!

    Stellar was excitedly looking everywhere as she got on the tram!

    As we walked through the security tents, we made sure to take heed of all safety precautions.

    While waiting in line to enter Disneyland, we noticed the flag only halfway raised in honor of President Ford.

    Preperations were already underway for a celebration to last into next year!

    We started out by visiting some of our favorite skippers at the World Famous Jungle Cruise. As we waited, a plaid escorted a VIP group of 4. We couldn't figure out who they were, but they must have been important since they got a boat all to themselves. (They did invite our small group with them, but we declined as we had a skipper in mind who we wanted to take us for a ride.)

    After our adventure, we waited for the Matterhorn and noticed a very high tech system in place to figure out the wait time for our favorite attractions.

    When we left the ride, Stellar excitedly requested to have her picture taken at the Finding Nemo wall! How could I refuse?

    We made our way to Fantasyland, where Stellar decided to try to pull out the Sword in the Stone... unfortunately to no avail...

    So we then decided to please her by going on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!

    Although her fantasies were destroyed when we ruined the magic of...

    the flashlight...

    the beer mugs...

    the train...

    and the demons...

    While in line for Mr. Toad, we received notice on our celphones that Saddam was to be dealt with before 7:00 pm... and it was 6:15 pm! People in line with us were anxious to speak of the imminent occasion. (One man specifically said to us "He definitely will not be missed, that's for sure" as his 10 year old son pulled his shirt and echoed "Who wont be missed daddy?") We waited anxiously ourselves and when 7:00 pm hit, we were back on the Jungle Cruise, with our favorite beloved skipper...

    Once the moment had passed, it was time for a celebratory drink... and what better place to do so then the Cove Bar!

    Stellar started off with a Gin & Tonic (but mostly Gin)

    But ultimately moved on to an Ultimate Margarita!

    After drinks, we headed for dinner to Tortilla Joes. During dinner, the fireworks went off like clockwork. I can't believe I couldn't finish such a huge burrito (even though it only have rice and beans inside)...

    We headed back into Disneyland via the Monorail, and were informed by the wonderful attending Cast Member that Monorail in particular was told to be on VERY high alert during the time of the "event". Being able to see the entire Resort from a birds eye view meant they would have a better chance of catching suspicious activity.

    He was so nice, he even let our group ride the front of the Monorail!!!

    Stellar was anxious to look out the back window.

    But then decided she'd rather drive!

    And even Dan and I became giddy on this wonderful trip!

    Thank you so much Mr. Awesome Cast Member Sir! :thumbup:

    After arriving back into Disneyland, we went to Buzz and low and behold the same Plaid with the 4 person VIP group was right in front of us. We saw them at various points during the day and could not figure out who they were (NAME THAT CELEBRITY!)... luckily we had the smart idea of getting their Buzz picture... even if the view was a tad blocked...

    And our particular Buzz ride turned competitive and dirty rather quickly...

    Anyway... we then went for another cruise through the jungle. This time with a particulalry witty skipper who had the best car joke diatribe EVER! (I can't even begin to say it, it was so darn long.)

    For some of the last moments of the evening, we headed to Pirates of the Caribbean which had no line. The Cast Member at the entrance greeted us with "Welcome to the WARM Caribbean". (By this point it was under 50 degrees) But the real weird suprise came as we approached the loader, who guided us to row 3... the gates opened, we got in and the loader started to motion the next guests to a different boat as our gates closed and we realized we were alone on this boat! The first CM on the right of us then looked over and said in authentic Pirate speak "Arrrr, have fun ye lovebirds!" and as we passed the CM at the controls, looks at us and says "Ye be gettin' the Honeymoon Special!". We died laughing all the way through the Bayou!!! It was hilarious!!!

    What just happened?

    Noone in front...

    Noone in back...

    Let me double-check...

    Um... is the joke that we're going to get soaked on the downhill because the boat is empty?

    I guess not... we're still dry...

    Since there's noone with us... that means I can take flash pictures!!!

    This guy is definitely on his way to nowhere in particular...

    Dan covets the wench picture...

    It's kinda lonely and quiet here...

    Mist Central!

    So that's the "chest" they lock Davy Jones into...

    The backside of fake water!

    Thinking of you, wherever you are...

    HEY! The burro has more booze! Catch him before he head to DCA!

    What are those cherubs doing?

    Ye coveted map not be yours for long!

    I'll have some rum!

    Feel free to song along! (~we're pirates, we're pirates, we're pirates, we're pirates, we're pirates, we're pirates, yo ho!)

    Give me your hand!!! Put the Grail down and give me your hand!

    That looks comfier than satin sheets...

    I've always wanted to try a molotov cocktail...

    You shouldn't have tried to take that basket!

    Um... that technique hasn't worked for over 35 years...

    Please don't fall...

    You guys are slick!

    Explosivo? I think that means pants in spanish... or at least that's how the guy at the Cove Bar refered to his pants anyway... *shrugs*

    If you keep taking flash pictures, we'll let the barrels go!

    Jack's celebrating too! "Here's to shipmates lost at sea! Salud mis'ami!"


    Bye guys! It was fun!

    ~I think we're alone now...

    Oh yes, a very interesting ride indeed.

    We finished the evening with one of the most amusing cruises ever taken around the jungle! It was amazing beyond belief! Some of the highlights:

    A teenager started making noises at the boat from the Indy queue, the skippers response:

    "And that is a very rare species of idiot. It's very rare because of the sad fact that he may never breed."

    And as we're arriving in the african belt:

    "There's a horsey with horns, stripey horsey, longneck horsey... longneck... that sounds good right about now..."

    As he's listing the delicacies at Trader Sam's Cannibal Cafe:

    "There's also the Kid's Meal. If you finish the entire thing, you get to keep a toy!"

    And one of my personal favorites, that almost everyone missed during unload:

    "If you're on the jungle side, exit through the back. Please don't cross over the metal contraption (It was the Ucayali Una), it's a catapult that'll shoot you straight into Tomorrowland. And if you did that you'd Defy Gravity and that would be Wicked."

    Oh yes, a very very interesting day... Here's looking forward to an interesting New Years Ever and an even better year up ahead.
    Last edited by Sadako; 12-30-2006, 02:41 PM.
    Julie Rei

    "Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere." - Anton Ego (Ratatouille)

    "I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world." -Mikage Souji (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

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    Re: Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

    Awesome TR Sadako, as usual, thanks for sharing!

    "I dream of the day when you can go to a drive through, purchase alcohol, tobacco, and bullets, and use them all before you get home" -- Dogbert


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      Re: Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

      Thanks for sharing


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        Re: Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

        Great report Sadako!! Stellar's awesome!

        Maybe you got the empty boat cuz of the hell you raised the last time you were on POTC! HAHHAHAHAA JK!
        I'm addicted and I don't care!!! :yea:


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          Re: Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

          Another quick little weird note:

          We went on Haunted Mansion Holiday last night and Jack's audio was down. He was moving, but not talking at all. I just heard from a friend in the park today that his audio is still down and they are having horrid audio issues. Apparently while they were on the ride, the audio was down for about 3 minutes.

          I guess it's about time to get the good 'ol regular Haunted Mansion back
          Julie Rei

          "Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere." - Anton Ego (Ratatouille)

          "I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world." -Mikage Souji (Revolutionary Girl Utena)


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            Re: Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

            Yeah another great trip report, Thanks!!


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              Re: Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

              Akward use of flash.


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                Re: Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

                awesome report and pics! thanx for sharing! :thumbup:
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                In serious need of a Disneyland trip
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                  Re: Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

                  great trip report.


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                    Re: Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

                    I laughed at all of the photos with the doll in it. :lol:


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                      Re: Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

                      Great pics. Did you find out who the "celeb" was?


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                        Re: Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

                        Loved your report! Looks like you had a great time!


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                          Re: Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

                          Fun read, but What is Up with Stellar? Never a hint of a smile, ever, and at DL of all places...


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                            Re: Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

                            Originally posted by almandot View Post
                            Akward use of flash.

                            thats disgusting...yet i'm laughing so


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                              Re: Stellar's Celebratory visit to the Resort! (12/29/06)

                              um...I am


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