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My daughter is performing at Disneyland!


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  • My daughter is performing at Disneyland!

    As I have posted on a few other boards, my youngest daughter and her class at Shorecliffs Middle School in Dana Point have been invited to perform at Disneyland on February 3rd, 2005.

    She plays violin in their school orchestra.

    As I get more details (time specifically) I will post them.

    I'm so proud! <sniff!>

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    You are quite deserving of proud papa-dom.


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      Thats soo cool.... She will have a great time.. I marching the Afternoon Parade at MK in WDW last year and had a blast.. hopefully she gets a clinic... All i got was this lousy T-shirt and free pin.... and a free day at the park.. though i still paid $250 for the trip myself....


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        Coolness! Tell her to break a leg* and have fun!

        *In a theatre production way, mind you, not literally.


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          Congratulations Demigod! That must be so exciting for her!


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            That is soooo cool, Congrats Demigod!!!!


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              Awesome! You are going to have to post a bunch of pictures for us! You and your family must be so proud. :love:
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                Wow, tell her congratulations. I had a chance to perform at the Carnation Plaza way back in 1995. It was a lot of fun.
                "Do it for me then. Your gaming buddies are going to be there too. It will be good for you kids to go out and blow the stink off yourselves for one night."

                "Fine. For you. And for the eradication of stink."


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                  OHhhhh Demigod that is soooo way cool!!! Congratulations to your daughter!! I can see you beaming from here!!

                  Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


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                    That's awesome! It's something she can keep with her forever! :-)


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                      that's cool...i love performing at the parks...had the opportunity to march down main street at Disneyland 5 times and once at EPCOT..during my high school years...It was always an enjoyable experience...

                      My favorite parts were getting a chance to go backstage...

                      Post #1- I hope your daughter having to go backstage doesnt ruin the magic for her...Backstage isnt what its cracked up to be...its messy, you might see an occassional walking character with their headpiece off, there's a ride vehicle warehouse right outside of the dressing room building and the rehersal hall.

                      While marching down main street...after you enter the main st. backstage pass a building...through the windows you just see all these character heads....
                      Went to a party the other night
                      All the ladies were treating me right
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                      How in the world could I keep my seat
                      All of a sudden I began to change
                      I was on the dance floor acting strange
                      Flapping my arms I began to cluck
                      Look at me..I'm the disco duck

                      "Do the Disco Duck!!!"


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                        Demigod, congratulations!!

                        Your daughter AND Disneyland. Show that pride for your daughter!!
                        She walks in beauty, like the night
                        Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
                        And all that's best of dark and bright
                        Meet in her aspect and her eyes.....

                        --Lord Byron


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                          Thanks everyone!

                          And as far as backstage, I did a short stint working Security there, so I know how it is.
                          My daughter realizes how the park works, so she shouldn't be affected by that.

                          She's just so excited! And so am I!

                          I will be taking lots of pictures and will post a link to them when available.
                          (I'll also do a little park-scouting for everyone... )


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                            way cool!!
                            i remember singing there with my high school choir, it was so awesome...just a great experience to share.



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                              Cool, I will keep an eye out because I will be there for that weekend. I will be the one with the Aquafenia bottle full of Seagram's Vodka.

                              --Thank you


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                                Alrighty everyone, an update:

                                According to the Cast Member Referece Guide my wife gave me, my daughter is scheduled to play at 2pm on Thursday, Feb 3rd.

                                Unfortunately the schedule the teacher gave everyone says they're supposed to play at 11:30, so there is a slight scheduling error somewhere.

                                I've sent a scanned copy of the page to the teacher so we can get this clarified. But I do know it will be one of three times that day: 11:30, 2pm, or 5:45pm. All three of the school's groups are scheduled for those times, so I'm kinda counting on someone just mixing up the group name as opposed to the times they are supposed to play.

                                Anyways, as I get more info, I shall update everyone!


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                                  Congrats to your daughter Demigod. I got to do something similar a few years back in college and had a blast. I'm sure your daughter will too!


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