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LOL Rockin' commercials confusing the uninformed


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  • LOL Rockin' commercials confusing the uninformed

    The following is a convo I had with my mom's boyfriend.

    Me: Hey, we're going down to Disneyland on Monday, so yeah...
    Him: Oh yeah, I gotta get down there The Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing.
    Me: Um... what?
    Him: Yeah, saw a commercial today, it said they were going to be at Disneyland for a limited engagement!
    Me: Yeah... no... they're just playing their songs on a couple of the coasters and they added lighting effects.
    Him: Well that's lame!
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    Re: LOL Rockin' commercials confusing the uninformed

    That's funny but the commercials are pretty clear(dumb... but clear. the radio one anyways that I heard while waiting to get into the parking garage that morning by coincide ;P)


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      Re: LOL Rockin' commercials confusing the uninformed

      He probably only heard "key" words: "Red Hot Chilly Pepper... limited engagment... Disneyland".

      I bet if he did know the band was NOT actually playing at Disneyland, he may have had another opinion... maybe...

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        Re: LOL Rockin' commercials confusing the uninformed

        the billboards along the freeways are more confusing, they just say "NOW ROCKIN' SPACE MOUNTAIN - Red Hot Chilli Peppers"

        so there I could see how one could possibly be confused...


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          Re: LOL Rockin' commercials confusing the uninformed

          The entire ad campaign is confusing.

          Not only is Disney still being vague to the public about this whole promotion, they're using THREE, count 'em, THREE different logos.

          1 - The multi-colored 80s-style logo (used on early marketing materials, AP newsletter, huge parking structure banner, and Space Mountain on-ride photo).
          2 - The old english/gothic style logo (used in the new print ads and in the commercials).
          3 - The in-park marquee logo (used on the new temporary signage at the attractions).

          Who's genius idea was it to do this? The key to a good marketing campaign, and they key to branding a product, which in this case is "Rockin' Both Parks" is to make everything uniform. That's why when Disney changes over to the 2001 "Resort" logo, it actually hurt the Disneyland image, rather than unify the Resort, as it was intended. That's why you see the old Disneyland logo now, just with "Resort" tagged on the end.

          Consumers don't want a product that is marketing several different ways to them. It's confusing and people don't like it.

          ...The lack of a cohesive and solid marketing campaign is yet another sign that this entire promotion was thrown together on the cheap with little regard to the end product.

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            Re: LOL Rockin' commercials confusing the uninformed

            The most unbelievable thing about that is that the Chilli Peppers would encourage people to go anywhere, except away.

            Seriously, have they released a different song in the last 10 years?

            Thus endeth the off-topic rantilation.
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