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Annual Passport Revocations


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  • Annual Passport Revocations

    Some time ago I had the unique experience of witnessing someones annual passport being revoked at the main gate. this was the first time I had been aware of anyone losing them. I will admit, I would have loved to have been a fly on the gate to hear the reason why and how the "conversation" was going. anyone have any stories of revoked passports or how many in a given year are voided?

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    My wife works the main gate and says if you loan your AP to another, you lose it! They can revoke it if you commit a crime in DL. It's a privledge to have an AP, not a right. Sound familiar?

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      I'm just glad they don't revoke them for taking a hideous picture. Mine would have been yanked long ago.


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        I think I heard that Michael Jackson, as part of his bail agreement, had to surrender his Annual Passport.



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          Originally posted by NDNation
          I'm just glad they don't revoke them for taking a hideous picture. Mine would have been yanked long ago.
          Oh my gosh! For the $300+ bucks I plunked down, I SHOULD have looked like Cindy Crawford. Instead I looked like Jim Belushi! Someone should confiscate those AP cameras if you ask me!


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            "Seriously Violating A Rule @ Disneyland"

            I was a witness to a 'gentleman' that was a Premium AP, whack someone in the head after a few heated words about line cutting - the line cutter was just a paid guest (he was just asked to leave the area) and the AP had his pass revoked for 5 years.........I just recently have begun seeing him again, he's behaving himself now. Darn, unruly line cutters!

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              Originally posted by NDNation
              I'm just glad they don't revoke them for taking a hideous picture.
              They still take AP pictures at DLR??? For over 3 yrs now, they have not taken pictures of us APers at WDW, however, they do the finger scanning at the turnstyles in lieu of photos. I for one am glad. At TDR, they still take our photos for APs, but at least they use great digital photography and they have never taken a bad picture of mine.


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                WDW is so large it is easier to do the Bionic Scans... (thought Other themeparks are doing it now including Anheuser Busch Parks...)

                DL may soon go over to Bionic Scanning.... just not soon... they have to figure out what they want to do first... (Like at WDW.. everyone does it.. including Non APs...)

                I have never seen an AP revoke... Not at disney nor BGT...


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                  Originally posted by figment1986
                  DL may soon go over to Bionic Scanning....
                  We have the technology.... we can make (scanning) better... stronger... faster..

                  I think the new tech guy at DLR, Oscar Goldman, has plans for this but he has to get the $6 million budget approved...


                  Actually, I think it's known as biometric technology...


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                    I would think they will move to the biometric system soon...the whole thing with making guests insert their own park tickets was likely a buffer period so guests can get used to having to actually do something to get into the park. If guests can handle the two step process of inserting the park ticket and entering the park, hopefully they will soon be up to the challenge of the three step process of inserting the park ticket, then inserting their hand into the biometric scanner, then entering the park. Let's hope...
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                      I do have to say... entering the WDW parks has become a chore in it's own right. They have made it a "drama", and those dumb tourists don't get it. Even after refurbishing those turnstyles with blinking lights, decals and such to show guests what to do, guests still can't figure it out. Disney has forgotten that most tourists check their brains with their luggage and then, Disney's Magical Express looses them both!!!


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                        I can answer the AP revoked Question. We revoke approx. 2-5 APs per day for every thing from caught smoking marijuana in the parking structure to jumping out of an indy car during a downtime. Pretty much any violation of the AP agreement. Usually most of the revoked APs are from guests who try to use some one elses AP and then claim that they made some mistake when they got caught. Like they accidentally picked up the wrong pass or something.. it's kinda funny.
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                          They had the gall to revoke mine just because my picture fell off when they scanned it!
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                            The DLR AP photos are horrible... They smush the photo vertically and widen it horizontally. It's ugly.
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                              The best two that I've seen since I've been a CM...
                              First a Premium AP pulled into the Structure and told the Cm just past the toll booths that she was going to park in Pinnochio and he told her that she was supposed to park upstairs (dont remember what level) anyway it got a little heated she told him that she was an AP and could park where she wanted! Eventually she asked him to call managment which he gladly did. When she told her story to the manager she started out with "that stupid Mexican" told me I couldn't etc. etc. and that she was an AP at which point the manager asked to see her pass she gladly gave it to him and he told her that no one direspects cast members and that racists or demeaning remarks made towards CM's will not be tolerated and that she would not be getting her pass back and had to leave before she was arrested for trespassing!

                              The second...
                              I was working on the back of a Lion King tram and a teenage boy kept standing up. I had the driver stop the tram after many repeated "Please stay seated" announcments on the PA and walked up to the boy and told him that the tram would not move until he sat down (his mother finally told him to do so.) so we took of again we made it no more than 20 feet when he stuck his hand out the side of the tram and flipped me off. Once again I stop the tram and proceed to explain to his mother that if his behavior continues i will call security and they will not be able to get home. well the boy starts yelling call them I dont give a $&*# and his mother tells him to "sit down and shut up I am tired of your crap and we've already had our passes taken away I would like to come back to Disneyland some day!" the sad thing was that it was a block out day so I know that they were Premium passes $$$ and he was there with his mom and grandmother and I know that they must've already spent time with security and once again they would have to deal with security only this time they were escorted to there car then off of the property!
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