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Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report


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  • Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

    Hey Folks, Dustysage has put together some amazing
    videos of todays trip with his multimedia expertise.


    Throughout the week Dusty and I heard reports of Disneyland's swelling crowds and 120 minute waits for the new Rockin' Space Mountain. With a growing anticipation to see this new version of Space and to make sure Dusty and I had FP's for later that day, Gemini Cricket and I left early to get to the resort while Dusty planned to show up later.

    Gemini Cricket and I made it to the resort about 9:30ish and were guided to park on the Mickey level. No Major crowds yet, but the day was young.

    At the Trams the people were packed at the first Tram stop. While gawking at the tram crowd we ran into Grumpy4 and Frecky.


    Frecky showed up

    GC looked over at the 2nd tram drop off area and there were afew people boarding over there. After confirming with a Cast Member that we could board over there too we walked right onto the waiting tram.


    So. The idea was to hurry, get fast Passes for Dusty and I using GC's pass and then go poke around Disneyland.


    Ticket Booths

    DL Gates

    We got a GREAT return time; 12:20-1:20. GC found another pass on the ground for a REALLY good return time; 12:05-1:05. So everyone was taken care of.

    Just then GC looked at the Stanby line. "Hey the line is really short. Let's ride." GC suggested. "No, I gotta wait for Dusty." I asserted. "Oh c'mon" GC responded, "He won't know." With my conscience pounding in my head we entered the Stand-by line and up the ramp.

    Some stuff going on atop the Matterhorn

    He was right there was no line. "Well, I won't ride", I thought, " I'll just take pictures of the queue." We entered the building and I thought "Alright, I will just take pics of the show on the inside."

    We then sat down in row one of a rocket and...

    "No I'm just taking pics of the On-ride Photo system." I thought.

    Well I rode it without my man and boy did I feel guilty. At that moment Hector joined up with us and we chatted about our thoughts on the redo. While strolling down Main Street, on our way over to Screamin' in DCA, I still wasn't sure how I felt about the Space redo. "Well," Hector offered, "if it's taking you that long to decide maybe that's your answer."
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    Re: Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

    It's interesting that you had a guilty conscience, yet you posted the pics for everyone...including see!!!


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      Re: Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

      Great so far


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        Re: Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

        I'm liking the first installment.

        And guilt is easy to get over.

        ^clicky clicky^


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          Re: Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

          Part 2

          Oh look! Somebody spat on Pressler's brick again

          We entered the gates of DCA and went straight to Rockin' California Screamin'.

          This couple was crowding the pathway to Screamin'.

          We got in line and could already hear the pounding music from the trains.

          Front row baby!

          GC on the loop

          Midway Mania is coming along

          My thoughts?

          I actually liked this better than the original. RHCP is much better than the carnival rock they play on the original ride. I had heard from others of poor sound no sound at all on some of the trains, but ours was fine on our ride in Orange. But still that's like comparing which short guy is taller because neither are very good "Disney" rides. Sue me, but I am not a HUGE fan of Screamin, but this I like only slightly better.

          We needed to head back to Disneyland and be ready for the noon meet at the hub. As we were exiting Screamin, however, GC mentioned that he had never been on the Mailiboomer so we headed that direction. There was no line so we hopped aboard.

          GC was underwhelmed.

          LOOK! Yightning Mckeen!

          Okay for reals we needed to get back to Disneyland and fast.

          Crowds were finally filling DCA

          The group waiting for the High School Musical Pep Rally. I don't get it.

          The lines and crowds were pleasant in contrast to the what had been going on this past week.

          DO IT ONLINE!!!!

          I got a call from my honey and he was boarding the tram. we decided to wait in Town Square for him. While we waited Gemini Cricket pointed something REALLY COOL out about the Christmas Tree. The presents that were under the tree were now open. What a nice touch.

          Look! Somebody got the Psycho house

          The Rosemary's Baby Playset

          Ohhhh!!! The Eqqus action figures!

          Gemini Cricket and I then headed into City Hall to complain about the Rockin Space and were politely given the P.O. Box that we could write to. No Phone number, no email address.

          Well I guess they really want to know what their guests think.

          Dusty met up with us along with Brian and Olympicnut and then Rixter and MickeyMaxx appeared too. COOL! On to the meet.

          Brian, Olympicnut and Dustysage

          Rixter and MickyMaxx

          Main Street Dogs
          "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals.
          Homer Jay Simpson


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            Re: Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

            Nice update


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              Re: Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

              I didn't know you guys were there that early.

              If were at the park, were always there that early. I'm surprised we didn't pass you in TL when you were on your way to Space to get FP's. We were doing Buzz, ST and having Bfast during that time.

              Next time ... call us!!!! Sucka!!!!


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                Re: Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

                Rixter looks so serious in that "Main Street Dogs" shot. I :love: it!

                ^clicky clicky^


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                  Re: Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

                  Wow, pretty crowded overall. I hope by next month it calms down
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                    Re: Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

                    Part 3

                    The Meet was GREAT.

                    Lurker and Claribella

                    The Clinksalots

                    PenguinSoda and newbie Disneylandfan88

                    Doing the chin thing on a Clinksokid

                    Dusty with the ladies; JudiMouse and Deogee'sMom

                    I LOVE JustJohn

                    SusieP. and KiddieP. (oh that doesn't sound right)

                    DisneyBalerina and her wonderful family

                    The SAM shot

                    AKDisneyFan with BandofGypsies and her son



                    PrincessButtercup and StitchTT6

                    Westly and his daughter

                    The Congress of the CONS

                    SteveP. and SimplySabrina


                    Dusty and the Men's Pocky

                    SusieD. I mean P. SusieP.

                    Gemini Cricket Takes on the world in his new scarf

                    There were a TON of people. A TON. So many newbies too!
                    "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals.
                    Homer Jay Simpson


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                      Re: Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

                      I didn't know all of the P's were there! Oy! So much for me paying attention. SusieD.'s my favorite.

                      ^clicky clicky^


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                        Re: Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

                        We were planning to head up today but had to go to my cousin's birthday party instead. Looks like we missed a lot of fun.
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                          Re: Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

                          wow...I did not know pengi was should have planned a trip


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                            Re: Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

                            Love your pics as always.....but I know there is more!
                            Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
                            it's what they are like in their HEART!

                            - Wolfette


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                              Re: Fishbulb's 01/07/06 Trip Report

                              Part 4

                              It was decided that Zocalo would be the dining spot and we went for it.

                              Everyone seemed to really enjoy their meals. Mine tasted like a Pizza Burrito (Sonora Burrito: Chicken) but it was great.

                              InnerSpaceman and Gemini Cricket

                              and then Dusty got it out of me that I rode Space
                              without him. I was so ashamed.

                              Then just as Dusty Band of Gypsies and Disneylandfan88 were chatting I snapped the following pic...

                              You, the readers, have a job. CAPTION THAT PHOTO!!!

                              Gemini Cricket and Innerspaceman wanted to collect some fast passes for later and Dusty and I handed off our passes to them so's they could get extra. In the meantime we tried to figure out what we were doing.

                              We all decided to ride Haunted Mansion Holiday as it was the last day of operation before they change it back to Classic HM.

                              PezzLightyear snaps at me.

                              Pirates had a line

                              The wait was posted as 20 minutes but we got in with a 10 minute wait. GOTTA LOVE THE OMNIMOVER.

                              "Can I ride with you Fishbulb?!?!?!" How could you resist? Right?

                              The ride stopped right before disembark so I snapped
                              a flash photo in a safe area of SAM

                              It was at this point that that the group fractured further and we met up with Gemini Cricket, CoasterMatt(Sans the fabulous jacket), BorneoGoesBananas and InnerSpaceman where we got our passes back.

                              Borneo shew's me away
                              "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals.
                              Homer Jay Simpson


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