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Grad night 05


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  • Grad night 05

    My sister just got back from a 3 day senior trip, during one of the nights they had grad night at disneyland. Does anyone have photos?? Or any information on how it went?

    Also, I heard that they play worldly music throut the park during grad night, I find that very takes you out of the magic, thus ruining the private effect walt had immagined.

    And lastly, sister got me some Gold Ears with my name sticked in the back! I'm Happy!
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    yes, they do play non-disney music during grad night, i was there just last year for it, and most of the music they played was rap (edited though, like the versions you would hear on the radio). it was on a loop throughout the entire park, and they only had about 5 or 6 songs on the loops, so during the course of the night, you would just hear the same songs over and over again, regardless of where you were in the park. it definitely took away from the illusion. however, seeing thousands of seniors waving their arms in perfect synchronizations to the lyrics "to the window! to the wall!" was definitely a kick, especially when you see all of us doing it regardless of what we were doing. standing in line, walking around, popping out onto the second floor outdoor scene of alice and wonderland, or in the tea cups, everyone did it. it was a sight to see. (for those of you who aren't familiar with the song, instead just picture thousands of kids doing the motions for YMCA or something :lol: )

    being a disney fan, i didnt necessarily care for the choice of playing non disney music there, however, how many high school seniors are disney fanatics? and how many want to go just for the sake of going, not really caring if it was disneyland, magic mountain, or chuck e. cheese? i did feel kind of bad though. there was an exchange student from germany with us, and she got a TOTALLY skewed vision of what disneyland is like. i kept telling her, ok, its really like this, and this part of the park IS supposed to be magical, and normally, the characters would be over in this corner here, etc.

    also, during grad night, they close the main part of fantasyland behind the castle for the majority of the night, it is only open for about 15 minutes each hour, the rest of the time they're setting up/launching/cleaning up from the fireworks that they launch there. this meant that peter pan, snow white, pinnocio, and mr. toad were all closed for 3/4 of the time, which was quite a pain when i was trying to make sure i got in as many different rides as possible during my short 6 hours in the park (it was incredibly crowded). however, i planned it out pretty well, and managed to get on every ride with the exception of haunted mansion and indy (could've made it onto HM too, but my group wanted to go shopping instead )

    one final comment about grad nite, people there are RUDE!!!!! my group was standing in line for POTC, on the bottom floor before you climb the ramp and enter the show building. the line was all the way out to the rivers of america. suddenly, a group of 20 kids start pushing past us, and stop right in front of my group, apparently having cut far enough in line to be satisfied. needless to say, i was FURIOUS! so me and a few of my other friends started making not so sly comments that were obviously directed to the cutters. they finally took notice, and we got into an arguement. now, these cutters just so happened to be of a race different than my own. that didnt matter to me, i would've said something regardless of whether they were white, black, blue, yellow, or orange with green spots. cutting is cutting, the rules do apply to everyone, even though lots of people like to not believe this. anyways, they tried to pull the line "ur only doing this (getting upset that we cut) because we're *****" (i'm not putting what race they were, because it really doesnt matter). apparently this tactic has worked for them in the past, what with everyone afraid of being called a racist or something these days. but, as one of my friends o so eloquently put it, "its not about color, its about cutting" :bow: we didn't back down, and as soon as we got to the next available cast member (at the enterence of the show building), i made sure to say something to him. but i dont know if it was because it was the early hours of the morning, or what, but this CM didn't do ANYTHING!!!! i was soooooo mad. we went through the rest of the line, i said something to every other cast member i passed, and still nothing happened, and my party ended up on the same boat as the cutters who we have almost been coming to blows with. not a happy boat ride to see my favorite pirates, let me tell you. i had been looking forward to Grad Nite ever since i was old enough to realize that once i got to be a senior in high school, once i was that old and made it that far in life, i would finally get to take that 10 hr. bus ride, and go with all my friends to disneyland. and all because of a few cutters, and a few other events which i wont go into here, what i was looking forward to as being my all time happiest time at the happiest place on earth turned out to be the worst time i had ever had in the park

    wow, that got a little long, but i just thought i'd share those things...

    P.S. does anyone know if there would be a way for me to get back to another grad nite to make up for my dissappointing experiences with Grad Nite '04? if there is a way, i would do ANYTHING to have one more shot at that experience.
    Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.


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      Originally posted by dsnyfnatic
      P.S. does anyone know if there would be a way for me to get back to another grad nite to make up for my dissappointing experiences with Grad Nite '04? if there is a way, i would do ANYTHING to have one more shot at that experience.
      Wow, interestingly enough DsnyFanatic, my grad nite last year was the BEST time I had at Disneyland up until that point! All of my lines were short (except for Matterhorn) and I was with a huge group of people who didn't care about the clubs or anything. We rode till dawn!
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        yea, i know a lot of people who had a great time at grad nite '04, i think a lot depends on when you go, i went on the 2nd to last one, so it was packed, but the high school across town from me went a few weeks before that, and it was walk-on central. but it wasnt the crowds that bugged me, i can deal with crowds, i know what rides the masses will be hitting when, and plan accordingly (ie, hit FL rides first, cuz all the teens want to hit the "exciting" rides first, then when theyre done with those, you can go on them with half the wait), it was just the rudeness not only of the crowds, but the POTC CMs who did nothing to stop cutting and bad behavior. i mean, this group and my group were about to throw punches, and no one came and intervened, theres something not right there....

        but i am glad that you, and everyone else had a good time at grad nite. ive always said that if someone has to have a bad time in order for everyone else to have a good time, then im glad its me who had the bad time so that my friends would be having good times.
        Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.


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          I cant go to oone... my school opted not to do disneyland... so if there is a way that I might be able to go to one as well... that would make my day...
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            Well the fireworks are on Tom Sawyers Island this year so no shutting down fantasyland.


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