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Remember Dreams Come True


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  • Remember Dreams Come True

    Hi! I'm new here and was hoping someone might know about this. We usually plan our Disneyland trip during one of the first two weeks in December. Usually they have the Christmas fireworks show during that time. I really want to see the new "Remember Dreams Come True" and didn't know if I should try to reschedule my trip. I figured they'd run the new show for the next 18 months but wasn't sure if that was the case. Maybe I'm just trying to get out of waiting that long to get to Disneyland!

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    Thats actually a very good question. I think you are right in the sence of the show running for the next 2 years. But, from what I have been told by CM's in the past. Disney, doesent do the fireworks all year round because of the neighbors and weather. They are more likley to show them in the summer. Another reason, is the ney show might interfer with the holiday decorations and "snow" effect they do every year. AND....I also believe they have a small fireworks show for the christmas season.
    Hmmm.....Anyone have any thoughts or answers?
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      i know that most of the time they do fireworks if I am not mistaken.. I have never been to disneyland when they didnt... during the off season they only do then on th weekend but they are still dont that week... I think that they will probably just change the beginging and end of Remeber and have that for the holiday show
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        Usually when I go in December they have the Christmas Fireworks show on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I am hoping they might keep the new "Dreams" fireworks show going for the 18 month celebration. I do like to go in December and would like to see the new "Dreams" fireworks show, but didn't know for sure if I would need to reschedule my trip in order to see it. I have 4 yr old and 6 yr old sons and need to schedule my trip when crowds will be light.


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