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Execs/TDAs who've ridden Space Mountain


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  • Execs/TDAs who've ridden Space Mountain

    Hey there... was just wondering.... I've read that pretty much all execs and TDAs have already ridden Space Mountain, and I was wondering if there's anyone out there who's personally spoken with any one of them ....OR... who's spoken with anyone who's spoken with anyone (lol) who's ridden it yet??... just curious (as I know we pretty much all our for some first hand reviews/descriptions)... Thanks!! :o
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    I was the one who ran into Matt Ouimet in Tomorrowland. He asked me if I was looking forward to Space's opening (My reply is obvious). He then said that he and the Imagineer he was with had already gone on it, and that it is pretty awesome.

    Mind you, this was in APRIL.
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      thanks for the reply!!... I'll be there on 7/15...(actually on 7/14...hoping it's gonna be running that day too!! :P )


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        I know this sounds crazy but Iv'e never been on SM. out of all the times Iv'e bee there something stopped me from doing so. First I was too short (I'm only 5 ft) or it has been closed. That sucks . I WILL be there July 17th to ride it for the first time!!


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