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  • avatar help

    if anyone can help me please pm me. i have a pic in my photo center i resized it saved it and tried to upload it and it won't seem to work please help someone!!! :o
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    00 carribean beach with fam. for x-mas
    01 all star ask her to marry me also x-mas
    02 off property with inlaws
    03 polynesian with wife and fam. 3 days from wed.
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    disney 24/7 it might not be the file type that is supported by this site...make sure it is a jpg, giff, or whatever they require...alot of time tiffs and what not will not work. neither will anything you have altered in paint.
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      Not to steal the thunder here..but does anyone have any suggestions about photo re-sizing programs??? Which should I concider or not?? Help???


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        So far I haven't found anything that beats good ol' Photoshop for editing pics or making AVs.

        Disney24/7, I see that you do have an AV. Is it another that you need help with, or have you fixed your problem now?


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          I agree. Photoshop, Photoshop, Photoshop.

          Or imageready, if you want animated icons.
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