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Musical assistance!


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  • Musical assistance!

    Okay, been listening to the Visions Fantastic radio site at Live 365 lately, which is great! Everyone should go check it out if they haven't already. I've also been babysitting my baby niece this week and who has trouble falling asleep. In a last ditch effort to get her some shut eye, I turned on VF and they happened to be going through the Fantasyland music and were playing the music from Storybookland Canal Boats, and lo and behold, she fell asleep immediately like a little angel. It worked like a charm!
    So my plight... I have her for the week... who has this music?!?!? She sleeps, I sleep, Tinkerbell is happy! But I cannot find this particular piece of music anywhere. (No, the VF site only has video, not audio.) Anyone out there have it? I hope I'm even allowed to be asking this Q (if not I'm sorry!) but as you can see, I'm a bit on the desperate side. Help! Post here or PM me and help a baby and her happy aunt get some rest!

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    Man, that's not even on the new cd collection! What a hard bit of music to find - but I'll let you know if I happen to come across it.

    War is over if you want it...

    Peace - Love - Mickey Mouse


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      Does anyone here have the Swiss Family Robinson organ track that they want to send me? Pleaase?


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        Don't I know it! I've looked at the main DL sountrack sites but haven't come across any. It's very cute though. I highly recommend it to parents out there! :P
        As long as we're on the topic... who's got the NOS depot opening day telegraphy on it's own? Always loved that for some reason!


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          I have a track that's called NOS Morse Code, but it's actually the Charleston. Oh, filesharing! The surprises never end! Sorry about that - if you actually find it, PM me.

          I actually have another question about stuff I've heard on online radio - the Club 33 tracks, which are nice instrumental renditions of ride songs...where can I get those? I really liked a lot of them, but the only one I have is GGG.


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