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Tom Sawyer Island becomes Pirate Island?


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  • Tom Sawyer Island becomes Pirate Island?

    Hello Wonderful Mice Chatters

    My family and I are looking forward to our return trip to Disneyland this Summer. We still have not decided upon when exactle, but we're leaning towards early June...

    We'll see.

    But I KNOW that Haunted Mansion has to be open...or we plan on another time. (last time we went was right before Pirate closed for the big refurb and Haunted Mansion was still down at the end of it's refurb.

    I digress...

    I have a few questions for this great board. Thanks in advance fro the help.

    Tom Sawyer Island. I've read rumors that it is being transformed into a Pirate Themed Island...I've noticed that it's closed from January 12 til sometime in late April...
    Is this true? Any pictures? I apologize if this is covered in another thread (it probably is, but I couldn't find it).

    Nemo Submarine Voyage. When is it scheduled to open?

    Pirates of the Carribbean - Any plans for another closing and additons before Pirates 3 opens?

    Thanks again...

    -Prof. Griffin

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    Re: Tom Sawyer Island becomes Pirate Island?

    TSI is definitely becoming pirate island

    finding nemo subs are opening (thus far) on June 11, 2007

    pirates is not going down again (at least this year) for more additions
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      Re: Tom Sawyer Island becomes Pirate Island?

      I think DL is scheduled to blow up on the 22nd of March.
      "Pain is temporary, Film is Forever..."


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