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Aristocat's 3rd-Times-a-Charm Trip Report!


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  • Aristocat's 3rd-Times-a-Charm Trip Report!

    Well, I had three hours to kill on Tuesday, so what better way to go than Disneyland! Wooooooo!
    I cruised into the parking structure, then cruised over on the tram, cruised right through security, and finally cruised right through the front gate...

    I'm not sure what I think of the cut-outs...they do seem a bit out of place in the flowerbed...
    After my horticultural critique, I headed down Mainstreet. The weather was fine and City Hall looked beautiful against the blue sky...

    I decided to take a look in the Fire Station. Can't remember the last time I'd been in there...

    At the hub, I tried to take an attractive picture, but the tarp was having none of that.

    The wire in the sky didn't help matters, either.
    Then I set my sights to Buzz. Figured with the light crowds I would be sure to rank well...

    Now THAT'S a line I don't mind standing in!
    I won't go on about my Buzz score. Perhaps because I didn't do well. I blame it on the fact that I was on it alone. I don't know how that makes a difference...but it obviously interferred with my mojo...
    I then took my usual path around Tomorrowland Terrace and towards Fantasyland...

    This is absolutely abominable!
    As I was comin' around the mountain (yes, you can sing that) someone reminded my of my time limit...

    I then had to take my usual shot of the teacups. How can you not love those colors?

    I took a picture of the Mad Hatter's place, too. The flowers in the window were calling to me...

    I was then distracted by a large, blinking whale. I really should get my teeth whitened...

    I took a stroll through Fantasyland...looking for interesting little decorations...


    And it just so happened that the Queen was making her appearance, so I snapped a quick picture...

    Then it was off to Frontierland! Look at this runaway train! You can barely see it, it's moving so fast!

    I stopped for a bit, to take pictures of the wildlife...

    I'd never seen a wild "8" in its natural habitat.
    On I went...

    And this guy was looking at something, but I couldn't figure out what it was...

    I took a picture of the lake by the Frontierland looked especially pretty.

    I decided to try my hand at Buzz, one more time. I'm a glutton for punishment. But I did stop for just a second to snap Ariel...

    Then it was time for DCA! (Don't ask about Buzz. I don't want to talk about it.) The plaza was pleasantly empty...

    A is for Aristocat! Yay!

    I was getting a bit peckish, so I headed toward the Pacific Wharf area. But snapped some pics along the way. The grape vines are pruned...

    And I always liked these little bird houses...

    Mmmmmm. Apples...

    I ended up getting a chicken taco at Cocina Cucamunga. I would have taken a picture of it, but it wasn't very good. To make up for that, I got a butter pecan swirl cone at Catch-a-Flav. I would have taken a picture of that, too, but it was just TOO good. Mmmmmm
    While I schlurped up my ice cream, I spied on some activity at the Cove Bar. Lots of name tags hanging out...maybe some sort of class?

    I swung around Screamin' and traipsed through Paradise Pier.

    Love that Sun Wheel!

    The boardwalk was empty and skee ball was calling. Unfortunately, I had no cash. Nuts.

    AAAAAAAAAAAA! (Those are my 'screaming' letters)

    The Zephyr was closed. Big surprise.


    Time was running short, so I made my way towards the GCH exit.
    Number 32 looks nice...I wonder if it's for rent?

    I love this ultra-blue water...

    It was a nice, sunny day so people were enjoying Grizzly...

    Before I left, I decided to roam the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. I was on a cat hunt!

    Didn't see much, though. Besides a bunch of bushes. Ooo. Alliteration.
    I left, disappointed that I didn't see any kitties, but happy that I had seen so much in just 3 hours. It really was a perfect afternoon. I might have to make it a habit....
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    Words hurt.

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    Re: Aristocat's 3rd-Times-a-Charm Trip Report!

    Love the different angles you took with your camera. Nice work Aristocat! Looks like a beautiful day for you.
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      Re: Aristocat's 3rd-Times-a-Charm Trip Report!

      Looks like you had a fun time in 3 short hours.

      "I dream of the day when you can go to a drive through, purchase alcohol, tobacco, and bullets, and use them all before you get home" -- Dogbert


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        Re: Aristocat's 3rd-Times-a-Charm Trip Report!

        Great pics! So..what were you Buzz scores? You views are spectacular. May I ask what camera you use?
        -Jack :geek:
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          Re: Aristocat's 3rd-Times-a-Charm Trip Report!

          Nice job! Looks like it was a gorgeous day!
          M A S E C A !


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            Re: Aristocat's 3rd-Times-a-Charm Trip Report!

            Originally posted by hollywood1939 View Post
            Great pics! So..what were you Buzz scores? You views are spectacular. May I ask what camera you use?
            My Buzz scores were both in the 300K range. Not my best showing. I think my all time high was around 750k, which landed me in 5th place in that day's ranking. Of course, it was still early, but I was still giddy about the score.

            As for the camera, it's a Nikon D80. I'm working with the kit lens right now, but I hope to get some other ones, soon. I know I need a lens for low-light...I really want to try to re-create Frogberto's Dark Ride Magic.
            (I think he really should trademark that phrase...)
            Originally posted by All4dISNEY
            Words hurt.


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              Re: Aristocat's 3rd-Times-a-Charm Trip Report!

              Cool POV shots. Love the details.


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                Re: Aristocat's 3rd-Times-a-Charm Trip Report!

                I did terribly on Buzz on tuesday as well. But your pictures are fantastic! Great work!


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                  Re: Aristocat's 3rd-Times-a-Charm Trip Report!

                  Nice pics:thumbup:
                  If we chase the stars to lose our shadow, Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine.


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