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What we got for the 50th


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  • What we got for the 50th

    I was going to hold off on this, but after seeing some recent posts, it seems as good a time as any.

    You can call it new management, or departure of old management, or overdue and high time, or whatever you want--but let's take inventory of everything that happened for the 50th.

    We got:

    Virtually every building repainted and restored, sometimes with dramatic effect. New castle paint job, new TL paint, Main Street, the RR station, Tiki, etc.

    New locomotive for DLRR.

    One new ride for sure in TL (Buzz), and the promise of another, Nemo, and maybe the return of People Mover (speculation)

    The new movie on DL's 50th with Steve Martin and Donald Duck. If you've not seen this, or the exhibit, don't miss it. It was the first thing we saw in the park.

    Redone Tiki Room. Gone are the clacks and the old muddy sound track, and you can even see the birds breathe. Just as good, you can now sometimes get a Dole Whip. Woo-hoo!

    New segments on the Jungle Cruise, and new greenery, and you don't see the Indy queue any more

    POC has been spruced up, and they jazzed the water cannons.

    Haunted Mansion has the new effect in Leota's room, and some new painting effects.

    The Columbia was rebuilt, and I even saw it being used on ROA Saturday, the first time I'd ever seen that.

    Splash got repainted, they added the new logs, and spruced up the AA's.

    We got a new parade, with some very good creative innoventions. If you don't like the parade, let me at least gently suggest it was far better than the Parade of the Stars ever was, or whatever Paul and Susan were planning to foist on us.

    We got a new fireworks show. Not that the old one was bad, but this is spectacular, and the use of the "cart" and wires to control Tink's movements and flight (borrowed, to an extent, from Aladdin, et al) is in a word, brilliant. Eight thousand people packing into the hub area night after night can't be wrong.

    I'm sure I've missed a few things.

    Whatever the reason, whoever the reason, whether they're there, or not there anymore, more has happened in the past two years to and in Disneyland than at any other point in recent memory. The park is simply fantastic. Expensive as it is/was for us to go, we had the time of our lives, and I left feeling I got good value for my dollar.

    Sure, we can always ask for and expect more, but as far as I'm concerned, they did a pretty darn good job, where we could have gotten next to nothing at all!

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    Wow! You said it! Got a lot!

    Thanks for a great posting! :bow:


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      What a mouth full But I think you covered it. WAIT!! missed one thing, the new 50th logos on EVERYTHING!! (Including soda bottles)


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        Yeah, I totally agree! Also, there is (including DCA): Block Party Bash, Turtle Talk, Space (and Rockit!), the general 50th decorations (50 hidden 50s, golden vehicles, lamposts, floral, etc...) a new exhibit in Innoventions (not sure if you want to count this) new exhibit in Disney Gallery.


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          and don't forget the return of Space Mountain in July!
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            Woo! You said it!!


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              And, consider:
              1. CM Matt and CM Greg started in October 2003, some 19 months ago.
              2. Prior to CM Matt, DLR was getting squat (or something close to it) for the 50th.
              Anyone have a list of 50th stuff we were going to get prior to the regime change? I recall it being only a new parade and new fireworks. I notice that some Main Street USA fronts were being repainted prior to CM Matt's arrival.

              Still, it's a heck of a lot of new stuff for only 19 months of planning and doing.


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                Thank you Wotan. You took the words right out of my mouth.......
                Go see Billy Hill and the Hillbillies!!


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                  Great post. I think that now is the time to really be happy for what the park is getting because it really could have gotten much worse. No more complaining, we should be celebrating. It isn't our birthdays - it's Disneyland, so why are we getting so defensive of the gifts that aren't even ours? I think the park made out pretty well considering it just got new parents only about a year and a half ago!
                  Happy 50th, Disneyland!
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                    What a list and all really good. It's funny that half of it is stuff they are supposed to have been doing anyway for our 50 buck admission, like living up to their image of a clean and well maintained place. They are just giving us back the guest experience they promise and after living through the alternative, I'm very thankful for that.
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                      lets not forget about Block Party Bash, Mike and Sully to the Rescue at DCA, as well as the up and coming announcements about the Tomorrowland restructuring as well as the Subs. There's still quite a bit to be announced yet!
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                        Wooo! Positive! Me like.


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                          Absolutely right, Wotan! Disneyland is really looking good. Anyone can take guests to Disneyland now and show it off in pride. I think that the future is looking good, certainly better than just a year ago!!
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                            I like this list. Theres so much more to come in the future aswell

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                              This 50th celebration could have been so much different. I'm very grateful for the turn of events that made the event we're seeing possible. We have our park back... almost... to where it should have been all along. We've heard news that many of the remaining "problems" are going to be addressed. Just how cool is that! While it's a crying shame that we should even have to say, "Disneyland is almost back to what it should be." least we are able to say it.

                              Funny how it mimics actual history. After a dreadful period of dark ages, there was a Renaissance. After that, things just kept getting better.
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