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DCA Improvement Ideas: REVISED


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  • DCA Improvement Ideas: REVISED

    Ever since the concept art of Carsland, Toy Story Mania, etc came out, I've been eager to post a new thread on updated DCA improvement ideas I have. Considering the hype and discussions stirred up by those pics, so here it is in separate sections. I know it's a lot of reading. I'll try to be as descriptive as possible, if you're having trouble understanding, just ask:


    Reason why I chose Union Station over "The Hollywood Walt would have seen" is because having a urban city structure would be repetitive with HPB. And enclosed entrance way would REALLY make DCA different from DL and help immerise the atmosphere. No other Disney USA park has an indoor entry plaza. The sides of the park entrance could have green lush bushes, continued Union Station theme, billboards with the greenery around it, or "relocating" the mural look.

    From the monorail beam to a before reaching the turnstyles will be an enclosed Union Station inspiration back in its 1940s heyday. The outdoor plaza between the turnstyles and Union Station building will have a water fountain with "Welcome to Disney's California Adventure". This will be the new location of the dedication plaque. Many plant life and palm trees in the plaza. The large CA letters will stay, but should be more decorative on the back.

    Indoors, the first floor will have lockers, guest relations, shops, restrooms. Stairs will lead up to the 2nd floor with more lockers and quick service food with tables and chair to enjoy while people-watching from the balcony.

    The 2nd floor will also have access to the Electric Railway service that replaces the monorail beam route. For all the railway tracks, at the stations, the track splits into separate tracks. One side goes one way and the other side goes the opposite way. The reason to separate the tracks at the station is so in the middle platform, guests can pick which way they would like to go. It's different from DL's train service in that you don't have to go one-way. As the train travels to the next station, it emerges into a single track beam. While the train is travelling, the train in front/behind it remains at the station and waits its turn. The "circuit" starts from a station in the new San Fransico Bay (travel infront of GCH and meets back with the monorail route into DCA), Union Station (above HPB, between H&D and Hyperion theater), a HPB station above Hyperion Theater waiting area (around TOT and to BVF/Carland/ Pacific Wharf), and to above CA screamin queue. Probably a retracting bridge between CA screamin station and BVF station for backstage parade access.

    The Railway station at Union Station has one track indoors that travel west. While the other track is outdoors preparing to travel east.

    Couches and tables in the first floor to add to atmosphere. Also the center is the new location for DCA's X-mas tree. On the wall under the railway track but above people's head is a time board. But it's really the attraction wait time board. There's also one on the other side of the wall for guests outside.

    The train depot decor on the west side of the plaza remains. And a duplicate with a different train is in place on the east end. Begone the "hip and edgy" trend look. The "train" store will actually have model trains for purchase.

    The transportation hub will see curbs for streets. The planters will end the "beach" feel. The center of the planters will have a statue of Queen Califia. A plaque of a quote from the book the character was based on about her. She's "floating" above her island ala TDS's aquasphere.

    A street separates the hub from the removed sun dial and fountain. It's replaced with the CA tower and museum of man facade. The waiting area is an exhibit of CA and what is represented in DCA. Includes models, pictures, text, props, etc. The main attraction is a revised "Golden Dreams" with AAs and SFX. The DVD of the original Golden Dreams film is available for purchase.

    Transportation hub will obviously have various stops for various vehicles you can hop in and take to different parts of the park. And those vehicles will represent those land's theme as well.

    * I'll most likely edit this. I don't feel well and don't think I'm explaining my grand vision well.

    More land discussions later.

    "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

    "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
    -Jurassic Park

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    Re: DCA Improvement Ideas: REVISED

    The idea of an enclosed entrance is interesting. They do something like that with the Disney Studios in Paris.
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      Hollywood Pictures Backlot

      ^ Yup. And sort of with World Bazzar in Tokyo Disneyland


      Rename this land as HOLLYWOOD PICTURES STUDIO. There will be 2 mini-lands. The "Hollywood blvd" and path to TOT is HOLLYWOOD BACKLOT. The newly redone placemaking is HOLLYWOOD FRONTLOT.

      Playhouse Disney becomes ABC-DISNEY TELEVISION STUDIO. Similar to ABC Soap Opera Bistro, but not soley concentrated on soap operas. Sets based on ABC primetime and Disney Channel television shows. Like LOST, Desperate Housewives, Zack & Cody, etc. They could retheme a room to reflect new shows in their lineup. I read about the original restaurant, it was nicely themed and had interactive CM, but the soap opera theme and DCA's low attendance probably closed it. But ABC has turned around and has a few good hits.

      OR change Playhouse Disney into a new version of Superstar Limo. Haven't thought much on the details yet.

      Turtle Talk to be located to Paradise Pier. In this space will be a SOUND/ MUSIC LAB for Disney Animation building. A smaller theater space could be used with the stereo headphones in DL's Main Street to help demonstrate sound. So it's like a semi-cross with SOUNDS DANGEROUS from Disney-MGM studios. The headphones COULD also be used in the new Golden Dreams. Other exhibits include an area with chained products used to make sound. Something like the Ursula voice-overs but for sound effects. Also choosing different kinds of digital sounds. And a Radio Disney booths to record your singing and putting it on CD.

      Drawn to the Magic returns to street show infront of Animation building. A "Whose Line Is it Anyways" or animal actors show goes in the place of the Backlot Stage.

      Muppet*Vision 3D to be the rumored Philarmagic. Maybe have the small facade/marque look like the Walt Disney Concert hall in Los Angeles. The story is the guest are witnessing a recording session for movies.

      Millionaire building expanded for Muppet Movie ride. The load station designed to look like the Muppet Theater. Guests sit in their "box seats" which is really the ride vehicle. Show scenes include past Muppet movies and a monster movie scene. The Muppet Mobile Lab can stick around.

      The top half of the Monsters, Inc. marquee should have been placed further back so the Railway track goes "between" the marquee. Like how the DL train passes through Small World.

      Between Monsters and H&D, is a pathway to the Timon tram stop. In the tram stop is the new "Holidayland" for private indoor and outdoor functions fully equipped for any occassion. This is so Millionaire, H&D, and Festival of Fools can be freed for park expansion. The pathway is a closed gate from the frontlot and has a posted sign saying PRODUCTION OFFICES.

      H&D is demoed and rebuilt for a new The Great Movie Ride. But it focuses only on live-action Disney films. Queue has movie cars (Dick Tracy, Rocketeer, Roger Rabbit, Herbie, etc). Further in has hanging props on the ceiling, costumes, props, models, etc in glass containers. At the end of the attraction is an exhibit for an upcoming live-action Disney film including movie trailer.

      The load station is themed like the back wood panels of free-standing sets. Director/producer/actor's chair, lets, cameras, TV monitors, etc pointed at guests as they load into the tram. Show scenes include Mary Poppins (supercali scene), CHICAGO (Razzle Dazzle scene with Billy Flint replacing the Singing in the Rain AA, Roxie on one side and Velma on the other side of riders), Dick Tracy (colorful comic book outdoor city section like in the movie, and then goes inside the bridge room with all those spinning wheels. Big Boy and other villains are planning to blow up the bridge by destorying the boiler room. Dick Tracy rises out from behind wooden crates to take them down. The cops arrive crashing through with their car. One of the henchmen takes control over the tram and makes an escape), Western scene with dueling Zorro AA (with TV theme music), Davy Crocett (with TV theme song), Apple Dumpling Gang (riding in a mine cart), and the Shanghai Noon/Knights of Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan at the bank robbery scene. If Dick Tracy hijack doesn't happen, bank robbery and hijack in Western scene happens. Replacing ALIEN, is WDSP's Armageddon. The tram semi-circles around this set. Replacing INDIANA JONES, it's NATIONAL TREASURE. First is the room with the bottomless pit, AAs are hanging over riders on the wooden elevators and AAs are standing along the room's edge looking on. The 2nd room is the treasure room with the cursed treasure and the 1st exit for the hijacker. Replacing the Tarzan scene is Swiss Family Robinson. The hijacker gets off and looks in the woods because of moving bushes. He falls into the Tiger pit and the tour guide comes back. Replacing the Casablanca scene is 20,000 Leagues Under the sea, of course it's the Squid attacking the sub scene during a rain storm. Next is the miniature climax of "Babes in Toyland". Riders escape through a wooden cabinet that opens to Narnia, replacing the Oz scene. The witch AA is replaced for the Queen of Narnia. Riders stroll through Narnia when the Queen approaches with her goons. On the other side, Aslan and his warriors defend us and the Queen backs off. There will be no final scene with theater montage screens.

      Hyperion Theater's waiting area is enclosed with a lobby, merchandise store, and restrooms. And make it more convenient to go up stairs. The stair will also be enclosed with movie posters decorating the walls, with occasional windows to look outside. The lobby and stairway feels like something from the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. Exterior designed like a city block, sidewalk, and trees- west and south side that faces TOT.

      2nd floor of waiting area is indoor and outdoor classy dining resturant. Has a band stand and dance floor. Also restroom area. Kitchen probably above merchandise stand in Hyperion lobby/ 1st floor. Easy access from 1st floor and stairway to Hyperion. 2nd floor is also access for Electric Railway.

      Maybe Hollywood stars on the sidewalks. Like for Disney animated & live-action film actors. Or have a similar function to DL's Main Street windows when there are no more windows to honor people.

      Pathway to south Timon lot for direct access to Carland on the west end of TOT but west of the pathway is still backstage road. Maybe a facade for a HOLLYWOODLAND sign on hilltops beside TOT's background. The electric railway passes between the Hollywood hills and TOT.

      Last but not least, pathway from TOT to FFF. The pathway MAYBE temporarily closed for backstage access especially parades.
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      "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

      "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
      -Jurassic Park


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        Bountiful Valley Farm


        Keep ITTBAB and FFF. But return "a BUGS land" to BOUNTIFUL VALLEY FARM. Retheme ITTBAB's building mural as a wooden barn. ITTBAB's extended queue redone to have a family suspended roller coaster. Under the coaster is the queue with garden and scarecrow theme. Support beams are themed as windmills to harvest electricity. A section of the track spins around a storage silo. In one section, an illuision is made to look like the crop duster is spraying over the "fields" which is actually water. Artisitcally, go under ground from a bugs point of view by going left, board crop duster planes in the center, and go to a country fair above ground through a bug's eyes. The Ant Island should either be infront of ITTBAB's entrance. And that attraction should be a bigger, better marquee.

        TRACTOR TOURS is BVF's edutainment attraction to be in the current BFV in a Bugs land. It explores the past, present, and future of CA agriculture. Includes winery, water irrigation, and elements from EPCOT's The Land. Housed in a greenhouse. The queue has hands-on gags from farm equipment, live plants, etc. The tour consists of tractors from CARS movie that "pulls" riders. Riders sit in wagons with haystack seats. In the final wagon is the live tour guide where he can also operate the attraction.

        Thought of having a Cesar Chevaz statue infront of the attraction. Then a "Frank" from the CARS movie to climb around in.

        EDIT: PT Flea Market still available. Jumpin Jellyfish taken out, redesigned as dandelion, and replaces Princess Dot's Puddle Park. FFF maybe renamed to something like "Flik's County Fair", a same sort of feel with WDW's "Mickey's Toontown Fair". Add more farm and county fair themeing to formerly named "FFF". The story is after long days of hard work to grow and harvest food, the bugs have a county fair to have fun and relax. And a fruits & beverage cart surrounding near the Cesar Chevaz statue. The fruit is grown from inside the Tractor Tour attraction.

        Wine Country Trattoria either a part of Bountiful Valley Farm OR San Francisco Bay Area. This is actually a pretty neat transition from BVF, to Wine, the Pacific Wharf is like SF's Fisherman's Wharf, and to SF Bay Area.
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        "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

        "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
        -Jurassic Park


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          San Francisco Bay Area


          Palace of Fine Arts renamed PALACE OF CULTURAL ARTS. A show that presents different cultures of the world that come to CA. The theater is redone with a cross between CircleVision and TDS's Little Mermaid Theater. The mural outdoors is rethemed closer to the real Palace.

          The building across from the palace and restrooms is a series of shops dedicated to what culture is being shown in the palace. It exhibits and merchandise the art, culture, and music.

          A new time board close to where the X-mas tree usually comes up.

          Chinese garden, COPS & ROBBERS, and CABLE CAR CHAOS basically built over lame Route 66 area.

          West to The Palace is a Chinese gazebo and garden to represent Chinatown and Mulan's Celebration Meet-n-Greet. I thought of a Mulan darkride, but this could be better suited for hopefully DLR's 3rd theme park of WestCOT.

          West of the Chinese garden is COPS AND ROBBERS. You can guess what this is about. A family darkride similar to WDW's old Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. But there will be more encounters with the other cars. Possibly a 2nd floor. One track is for Robbers in a bank themed load station. The other track is for a coppers in the police station themed load station. Both run through San Fran. At the end, both end up in a jailhouse.

          West of COPS AND RUBBERS is a Electric Railway station.

          West of the station is CABLE CAR CHAOS. Guests enter the cable car building with spinning wheels and cables. Looking out a window, you see Alcatraz prison building built. Cable car vehicles are on motion simulators ala Indy. 1st portion is travelling a early 1900s San fran. The vehicles enter a dark tunnel where the vehicle enters 1 of 4 CAVE projection rooms. It looks as if the car passes through a tunnel and into more San Fran when the big earthquake strikes. At the end of the film, your car spins out of control and starts backing into a dark tunnel. The movements give the illusion the car stopped going backwards and began moving forward. Then in a real setting, the car travels through a crumbling and flaming San fran. Debris still coming down as an after shock starts while your car returns to the powerhouse for riders to exit.

          In the grassy patches of this area near the lagoon, replaced with San Fran buildings. 1st floor are shops and arts and crafts like glass blowing. 2nd floor is private or public viewing for parades and lagoon show. And also leisure for escape. San Andres Shakes relocated here.

          The Cliffhouse restaurant built over Golden Zephyr. GZ relocated to Orange Stinger. Restaurant is classy eatry for culture food such as chinese, and the chef's special and reflects the food of what culture is being presented in The Palace. Cliffhouse built on top of rocks shaped as CA's state marine animal: Gray whale. Has a "natural" blowhole for further effect. Possibly a boat dock under the cliff house and hidden behind the rocks for day-time lagoon shows with water ski-jets.

          The Bay Area Ampitheater redesigned for better seating, more greenery, and a retractable shade over the concrete seating for daytime. At night, its closed up to provide more views for the lagoon show. During the day, you can find various acts that play here. Like acrobatics, flame shallowers, bubble makers, balloon artists, etc.

          EDIT: Further redesign of lagoon shoreline to accomodate "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" night time lagoon spectacular.

          Wine Country Trattoria either under Bountiful Valley Farm or San Francisco Bay Area.
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          "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

          "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
          -Jurassic Park


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            Pacific Wharf

            PACIFIC WHARF

            Incredibles, water coaster flume, or EPCOT's Maelstorm ride-tech dark ride south of this whole area placed in Timon Lot. Backstage road to stay(?) Entrance on east side of show building and exit on west side (both is near the backstage walls. When guests look down from the parade route towards the former backstage walls between PW & ABL, they'll spot the entry & marque to the new attraction (a weenie). When the go closer, they'll see the path to Route 66 on the left. In affect, when guests enter to ride, they end closer to the backend of the park. At the exit, there's a path back to Pacific Wharf near the Chinese Cookie Factory. Another path to were Paradise Pier's "Catch a Flave" ice cream store is. The store will be relocated. Another eventual path to the new Discovery Island east of Paradise Pier in Timon Lot.

            EPCOT's Maelstorm ride-tech dark ride in the former Chinese Cookie Factory. Queue in outdoor patio north of the structure. Maybe go down to the water to load. Most of the ride is in the "factory". Splashdown on the northwest side. Splashdown into water and turns right making a counter-clockwise circle to the load station between the 2 bridges. Maybe parts of the ride under the PW eating/walking area. The story is you travel in a dingy into the fisherman, nautcial, novel, sea, water, ocean stories and legends such as Moby Dick, The Old Man and the Sea, etc.

            Taking a hint from TDS's Mediterranean Harbor's walk around ship & shipping dock. The shipping dock water play area is just outside of the Sourdough factory. Still themed for/from a fishing venture. Plenty of labeled barrels, fishnet, lobster cages, hooks, etc. Now there will be a somewhat narrow dock that searches from the shipping dock along the Sourdough factory overlooking the water and to this narrow look-out point that's on the northeast side of the factory structure. This will be a 2 entry/exit for the fishing ship to be placed in the water. There are plenty of interactive gags and sound effects. The fishing net photo-op will be relocated on the back of this ship. The boat's front is facing east and the back is facing west. This of course will be permanetly docked. Barking and moving AA seals on rocks and piers between Winery & fishing ship.

            The Paradise Pier's Treasures in Paradise shop and Ariel's Grotto will be rethemed and rebranded for Pacific Wharf. Now PW can have a piece of land along the lagoon. In retrospect, 3 lands will be surrounding the lagoon, still a majority to Paradise Pier. Anyways, Treasures in Paradise to remain a store OR be part of the water flume ride to the Chinese Cookie Factory. If still a store, naturally rethemed with fisherman equipment, sea creatures, paintings, etc.

            Ariel's Grotto rethemed as a lighthouse restaurant lodge/ tavern. The entrance obviously the lighthouse. At night it operates just like a lighthouse, and hopefully be part of the day & night lagoon shows. Rocks to be placed along the dining area's outdoor shore/dock line. Influenced from "Pete's Dragon". Instrumental music from that film should play. The film's lighthouse was going to be in Disneyland, but the lighthouse was too badly damaged, so this is a great way to "complete" that thought.

            Between the 2 bridges in Pacfic Wharf on the north side, entry & exit down to a new dock that runs underneath the west bridge. The dock is centered so that the concrete divider can still be there. This will be a load station for a leisure trip around the lagoon in small cruise boat. There will be 3 stops. 1) is the stated Pacific Wharf dock 2) Discovery Island dock 3) Paradise Pier dock about where Jumpin Jellyfish is now. Each boat themed to 1 of 3 of the specific lands, if not a general theme to fit all 3.
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            "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

            "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
            -Jurassic Park


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              Grizzly Wilderness &amp; Condor Flats

              Grizzly Wilderness & Condor Flats

              I'm just calling Grizzly Recreation Area "Grizzly Wilderness".

              ANYWAYS, I like the idea of AA critters along the Grizzly River Run. Yes, away with the "extreme sports" theme. Don't know if they'll completely get rid of the bear tree sculpture or replace its gear. I remember someone mentioning to replace the "sports" decor on the boats with mining-like equipment.

              Gold-mining under the GRR lift-hill, COOL. Connecting Winery with Grizzly's scenery, COOL. Retheming of Condor Flats with wilderness, (not a high prioity) but still COOL. (Also includes replacing metal sheets with lodging & taste pilot with fireplace and craftsman style work).

              I'm not sure if I read it right, putting rocks & trees in the landing strip of Condor Flats? I don't know. It'd be kinda nice to have a roadway to drive from the hub into a "scenic route" through Grizzly and back onto the parade route.

              Should probably relocate the engine water mister since it doesn't really relate to hang gliding. I think there was a thought for perhaps a kid-friendly parachute ride and/or airplane spinner in this area.

              Not exactly sure what they can do with the queue theme if it needs rethemeing. I'm okay with them replacing the film, but I hope they keep the music! Like the soarin over Yosemite (without the hang glider), desert & cowboys (without the planes), oceans, rivers (without modern rafters), snowy mountain (without skiers) is probably what they can show to make this more timeless. Oh, and maybe the Disneyland ending. THEY SHOULD HAVE WHITE CLOUD TRANSITIONS.

              Put up a billboard wall to cover up the backstage area between Soarin & World of Disney store!

              It's practically confirmed that GCH and DVC units will pop up on the grassy field and maybe part of the parking. HOPEFULLY if at all logically and safely, they can put a Country Bear dark ride on the 1st floor. Entrance & exit somewhere in the Challenge Trail(?)

              OR take out Challenge Trail for the Country Bear dark ride... the CT is a bit too modern anyways, right? I'm sure a few of you will protest this.

              They should have Country Bears walk around characters to add to the atmosphere. Maybe play with Koda & Keni .

              I'm fighting to keep the Brother Bear stage & (relocated) cave closer to the stage. It's a good little representation of the Pacific Northwest native americans if and when they blend reality with Brother Bear.

              I also had a thought of relocating the stage south of the GRR lift hill. Maybe partly indoors. Cause my main prioity would be to bring in the fogscreen tech and use it like it's "The Northern Lights" effect when Keni transform into a bear. This would be really colorful and interactive. Just wishful thinking.

              Taking an influence from another site, maybe graivity cars to take a leisure ride around the mountain. On the same par as DL's Casey Jr Train ride. Could be a nice weenie from the hub's view. Load station somewhere north of GRR lift hill. OR beside the waterfall along the parade route where Santa Claus used to do meet-n-greet.

              EDIT: I liked PragmaticIdealist's post on GRR: . Basically instead of GRR kicking out "extreme-sports" and adding AA animals, why not connect it to Native Americans. Then have a "Wildlife Way Station" somewhere in the area and have live CA indigenious critter to pet and learn about. But I wonder how or if the load station and lift hill can exisit with the Native American-themed rafts.

              From another thread & post: "As for Humphrey and Ranger Woodlore - - I've said since opening day that they would be the perfect mascots for DCA. Wouldn't it be fun to see an all-bear drill-team picking up trash and bumping butts to "In the Bag"?

              And there's lots of merchandise opportunity in all of this..."

              This would totally be sweet. I've had Humphrey and Woodlore in the back of my mind for a while. I would totally love to see them as Grizzly's mascots. And seeing the Country Bear walk-arounds doing "In the Bag".

              I think the Challenge Trail needs to go. Sorry. But since we're going back to Teddy Roosevelt's time, the challenge trail seems a bit unfitting. Plus it's quite a large area for a dark ride. Yeah, that's right, I said Country Bear dark ride, not the original show. With more CA indigenous AA animals, similar to what GRR is gonna get.

              Maybe theme the building as a ranger station, complete with watch tower. Get ready to take a stroll through the CA wilderness in your model T vehicle (3 row seating). The Country Bears will be with you along the way seeing away their tunes of country hoedown to enlighten your adventure. Pass by waterfalls, tents, campfire, through the redwood tree tunnel, salmon run, snow, etc.
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              "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

              "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
              -Jurassic Park


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                Paradise Pier

                PARADISE PIER

                Extends from MM to CA Screamin. The Dino Sunglass Shack can be relocated to Route 66.

                The forecourt with MM, McDonald's (probably relocated to Route 66 as classic '50s diner), Pizza A Moo Moo, carnical games, Orange Stinger, Jumpin' Jellyfish, and Golden Zephlyer either replaced or relocated. SS Rustworthy stays put rethemed without all the "hip and edgy". This will be the center of this forecourt and be PP's west hub. Maybe add some water features like the wave waters at the current sun dial hub fountain. To separate San Francisco Bay Area & PP, a sign near the water's edge reads "Welcome to Paradise Pier" in a sandy-beach like setting. On the opposite side of the parade route close to Cable Car Chaos is a sand castle. Wishful thinking, a real sand castle always being worked on and changing. BUT, if it's to be fake (and probably will), add waterfalls to the sand castle.

                The facade in this forecourt to be (as of now) either beachhouse-like or similar look to Victorian/ Hotel del Coronado. The vehicles from transportation hub are able to drive around SS Rustworthy and make a return trip. Replacing MM will be "Crush's Coaster/ Turtle Twister". Maybe with DAK's Dino spinning mad mouse style coaster. Replacing McDonald's either a similar theme to Ariel's Grotto restaurant (but still a quick-service) or Turtle Talk with Crush. 2nd floor perhaps a viewing area for lagoon & parades over Little Mermaid queue, Ariel's Grotto/ Turtle Talk, and Crush's Coaster/Turtle Twister. Pizza a Moo Moo to be queue for "The Little Mermaid" Aquatopia dark ride. The show building to be in the driveway & landscape behind the old pizza place.

                Construct seating where Jumpin Jellyfish & its surround area for parade & lagoon view seating. Golden Zephlyer replaces Orange Stinger. Jumpin' Jellyfish relocated and rethemed (perhaps) in Flik's Country Fair. JJ a sandy beach & dock for cruising boats in the lagoon. Hopefully with GZ on the raised OS platform, we can avoid looking at the ugly underside of GZ. If not, make sure the ugliness of GZ's underside is not exposed.

                TAKE OUT MALIBOOMER. Don't even bother rethemeing it as a parachute ride. Construct a 2 or 3 story merry-go-round over the pathway in CA Screamin's west helix. Either classic Victorian style or King Triton's theme. Then the path is rerouted to run around the merry-go-round more south. Opposite of merry-go-round is "Disney's Tunnel of Love". Queue inside the west CA Screamin helix. Load station & show building in backstage. Someone mentioned having the load station like Small World, but I don't think that's possible. A wonderful thought though. So it's like your classic "Tunnel of Love" ride but with Disney animated feature film's romantic scenes.

                Perhaps put Orange Stinger (without that theme) in CA Screamin's east helix. Perhaps adding a "Corn Dog Castle" and "Catch a Flave" here. Maybe more quick-service food like Maliburitos & Strips Dips n Chips. I was thinking partially to relocate Toontown's Pluto's doghouse, Daisy's diner, and Clarabelle's ice cream here since I've had to thought of putting House of Mouse in their location.

                We're not exactly sure what they'll be doing with TOY STORY MIDWAY MANIA (I want to call it that until it's offical open). But I'd like to see HKDL's fountain replacing the current King Triton's caroseul. That fountain just SCREAMS Paradise Pier. And acts as PP's east hub.

                Retheme parade building as a cruise liner.

                Put a facade with a Hotel del Coronado theme between TOY STORY MIDWAY MANIA show building and over CA Screamin maintenance building. TSMM's ride vehicles should be themed as classic bumper cars. But the vehicles are designed with back-to-back seating. But I'm sure it could still work.

                I hope they don't put the Hotel del Coronado theme for TSMM's facade, that's just not really good to me. Hope they keep the Midway theme.

                We don't know how TSMM's queue will be like. But a good idea was having CA Screamin's queue be like a fun house. With mirrors, gags, etc. Another idea was a surf shop. To theme the maintenace building, maybe the Coronado or beachhouse theme...

                Relocate the Paradise Pier sign near Pacific Wharf closer to CA Screamin. Probably on the bridge that's directly above the CA Screamin launch track.

                To add atmosphere, have balloon artists, acrobatics, artists, unicyclists, jugglers, flame & sword swallowers, etc along the walkways. Esp the Ampitheater and large dock area near the current Ariel's Grotto that overlooks CA Screamin launch. They can act as nice weenie acts.

                EDIT: If possible, maybe the boat cruise could pass around the new Golden Zephlr location. You know how that current Orange Stinger base is technically an island? What if the boat travels through that little "canal" and have its boat dock there. Allowing viewing space around the current Jumpin Jellyfish area. And to add themeing around JJ area, sandy beach, changing tent, beach chairs, umbrellas, towels, tables, wooden fencing, and a lifeguard tower. All this themeing shouldn't take up too much space along the shoreline. Perhaps this could be the area for a sand castle contest during the off-season.

                Taking an inspiration from the Disney short "Merbabies", have some of the character design from that short spread around Paradise Pier. The look and design of the characters kinda fits the time period.

                Perhaps the area surrounding SS Trustworthy has a 1960s/70s beach house theme. The Wave Riders can play here. And the rest of Paradise Pier (mostly close to CA Screamin track) is a 1920s boardwalk theme. With the 60/70s theme, there could be shop facades & detailed themeing for kites, surfing, wind surfing, bodyboarding, tubing, kayak, kite surfing, water skiing, snorkeling... Maybe move Starcade's games into a building here.

                Maybe 1 or 2 sail & motorboats docked around between current Jumpin Jellyfish & Golden Zephlyr. And more docks & boats around the current Ariel's Grotto outdoor dining area.

                Nice pictures:

                Maybe put this flag staff in the hub where the X-mas tree hangs out at DCA. And/or a flag staff to hang the US and CA state flag. . Was also thinking about having this statue

                Just read a post about extending the canopy that's between Ariel's Grotto & Treasures in Paradise shop over the entire bridge that's constructed over the CA Screamin' launch until it reaches the boardwalk/close to where the CA Screamin's entrance is. That could be cool. Then like with Screamin's load station, add fans under the canopy extention.

                Another idea from the same thread, retheme CA Screamin queue & station like Catalina Island's Avalon Cove casino structure. This would blend well with the facade idea I had to put beside TSMM.

                Once the carousel moves to west helix of screamin, the "tent" structure in the current carousel location can be reused as a "sideshow stage". Similar to DL's Carnation Plaza. The backstage is directly infront of those restrooms. Not sure what that building is for, but could be utilized.
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                  Re: DCA Improvement Ideas: REVISED

                  Rather than go point by point, I will address the proposals broadly. Firstly a lot of what you talk about is hard to visualize from the shear volume of it. Spatially, when you speak of moving attractions from once place to another, is difficult for me.

                  A lot of your proposal works with what is being planned already, and other parts push for something grander. I worry about the enclosed entrance. Though the Union Station theme is bang on (and could be achieved outdoors). Maybe it is my issue with the visualization. I feel like it may become a bottleneck, but I could be underestimating the girth of the current entrance plaza and its potential as an indoor venue. I generally like the way you have conceptualized the themes. They are, for the most part, mature yet they appeal to the imagination of all ages.

                  I particularly like how the areas will more effectively segue. How effective the theming operates is key to the park's success. As you have demonstrated, the California theme is not a hamper. There are so many diverse directions to go.

                  Personally I am pulling heavily for the upcoming changes to the park as the end of the decade approaches. Then you and I will really be able to get a feel for the direction of a park that had the misfortune of some cheap planners. The property has massive potential and I am heartened that John Lasseter has invested in the project.

                  This is probably stupid and trivial given the length of your posts, but isn't that Pizza place called "Pizza Oom Mow Mow?"
                  Yo ho!


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                    Re: DCA Improvement Ideas: REVISED

                    ^ Yeah, it's called "Pizza Oom Mow Mow", but I never go there anyways . Is it even open?? Haha.

                    Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

                    I'm not exactly sure how the Union Station theme would create a bottleneck. Were you thinking of the chairs, tables, and benches being inthe way? The area would definately be open and spaced out. Maybe I can find a pic to help illustrate.

                    That's another thing, I would LOVE to sketch out what I'm talking about. Now that I actually have a digital camera. Next I gotta figure out how to upload on MC. But as of now, I'm not sure how much time I would have to make sketches. I know this thread is VERY wordy and sometimes choppy. Just trying to type as little words as possible.

                    I know there are some things here that have been rumored to come. But even some of those ideas were once posted before by other readers.

                    Thanks for bearing with me and hanging in there

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                      Re: DCA Improvement Ideas: REVISED

                      I'm gonna keep it short, just to semi complete this thread:

                      Route 66: south of Bugs land and TOT. The desert of Route 66 in its 1950s heyday. Has structures like Sunglass Dinoshack. New home of Wave Riders travelling from here to Beach Blast. CARS meet n greet. Sci-Fi Drive In/Drive n Dine In/ Drivin' Dinin' restaurant.

                      Attractions: CARS eticket. CARS c/d family dark ride (possibily inside the eticket building) of a drive/tour in and around Radiator Springs meeting the characters and their business. Dune Buggy Rally, a 2nd generation of Ladybug Boogie, GPS system, spins, stops and go, and completely random. Rocketeer, 1st family friendly flying coaster. Would also like an AREA 51-type attraction- still debating myself what it should be. Perhaps a "desert animal petting zoo"??

                      Discovery Isle: in addition to DCA representing agriculture, mountains, bays/piers, here comes an island. This island is reserved for CA scientists and inventors wanting a place of their own away from public harm to conduct their experiments and inventions. But now it's open to the public to test their talents. Designed to look like a volcanic mountain island with a water moat surrounding it. A mix between TDS's Mysterious Island and Mermaid Lagoon. This island is mainly indoors. Located south of Pacific Wharf and "Carland" and east of Paradise Pier. 2 bridges to access the island. But it's not really an island, just looks like it from onstage.

                      1) The big attraction has "La Brea Tar Pit" as it's entry fountain/queue. Continously bubbling & smoking and sometimes erupts with big splashes of "tar" AKA water.

                      This is from the recent read on Jim Hill of an attraction betweent the cross of JAWS, JUNGLE CRUISE, and DINOSAUR/COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION. This will all be indoors and as fast paced as JAWS.

                      Could possibly make a brief run, maybe in its loading platform, outdoors in the water moat then continue into its show buliding.

                      2) "The Island at the Top of the World" (

                      3) "Nauctical Marvels" ( The parade building near PP is redesigned as a cruise ship and made to look like Nauctical Marvels is inside the ship.

                      4) An original creation I have is a ski-lift family inverted coaster. Designed to run around the volcanic mountain. It was supposed to transport guests up the mountain to see the legendary Bigfoot that was captured in the Grizzly Mountains and sent to Discovery Isle for tests. But now it's loose and so are the guests!

                      5) WDW's Flying Carpet Spinner redesigned as hovercrafts located in the center of the indoor plaza.

                      6) While most of the attractions entrance is on the 1st floor, the 2nd floor is the Monorail loading platform. The monorail stations inside the mountain. As it moves out, it runs outdoors by the island over the water moat towards east (essentially a U-turn) heading north near Harbor (I think that's the street name) then heads west towards DTD but the track is moved closer to the esplanade and now runs across infront of the large CA letters.

                      7) I think a restaurant inside a "planetarum" would be neat. To have a domed ceiling projecting stars & planets, etc. Maybe the spinning sculpture ala TL Astro Orbiter/Dark Crystal would look cool in the center.

                      Or combine Astro Orbiter's spinning orbs with the Flying Carpet spinner tech. Now it would be quite unique with that type of combination in the center of the indoor plaza.

                      "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

                      "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
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                        Re: DCA Improvement Ideas: REVISED


                        Look at the 2nd pic. Here's a neat shot of Pacific Wharf with PP in the background. Like I suggested, if those Ariel's Grotto, Treasure of Paradise store, and Cove bar were to be redone with the Pacfic Wharf theme and just CA Screamin in the back for PP, I think this would look even more amazing.

                        Besides, it's been rumored the TSMM building will have a Victorian look and perhaps similar to the recent Ariel's Grotto area remodel.


                        Not sure if I mentioned I'm in more support of the idea of having Muppet 3D themed as Recording Studio with bits of The Walt Disney Concert Hall themeing for "Mickey's Philharmagic", Millionaire building themed as Jim Henson Studios for "Muppet Movie Ride", Monsters INC's facade and queue themed towards Pixar Studios and maybe eventually altering Monsters to include all Pixar characters(?), and having Hollywood & Dine as "Walt Disney Studios" for a live-action Disney only "The Great Movie Ride". I posted a full ride through scenes for that. But someone mentioned perhaps having guests ride INTO the Disney Vault... that sounded neat. Finally, the multi-purpose event area in Timon lot station specifically themed as a soundstage. This will be the only structure in the DLR purposely meant to be themed as a Hollywood soundstage... satisfiying those certain guests who dislike the "soundstage" themeing in the DCA park. I know I mentioned this would be "Production Offices", but now it's reversed. "Production Offices" are the show buildings and the "Soundstage" is the multi-purpose facility.
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                        "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
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                          Re: DCA Improvement Ideas: REVISED


                          Bottom pic, this is pretty much what I had in mind for a Chinese gondla (sp?) for San Fransico Bay. Minus the horse figure. It'd be more like Snow White's Grotto, so stone figures of various MULAN characters around the garden. Perhaps a koi pond?

                          "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

                          "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
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                            Re: DCA Improvement Ideas: REVISED

                            I thought this was interesting suggestion to put in San Fransico Bay.

                            Originally posted by svonkco View Post
                            ...SF has the restaurants (crepes), the chocolate (Ghiradelli--a way to make that factory tour area actually seem to make some sense?), the coffee, and the music scene to inspire a lot more interesting food and entertainment ideas.
                            Hmm... thought I mentioned a caricature artist and jazz band somewhere in this thread. oh well.

                            "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

                            "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
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                              Re: DCA Improvement Ideas: REVISED

                              The Electric Railway and train station blue sky pics look pretty much what I envisioned for DCA's Union Station park entrance. Also the "Club 33" dining looks neat


                              "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

                              "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
                              -Jurassic Park


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