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January 2007 - A Month of Sundays


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  • January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

    As president of the Procrastinator's Club, I'd like to call this first meeting to order... Where is everybody? Oh yeah, we haven't gotten around to actually scheduling it yet.

    As befitting my other title of Most Likely to be Late for His/Her own Funeral, I bring you the following report.

    I was lucky enough to be at every one of the C.O.W. Sunday meets this past month and I would like to take this opportunity to make up some ground by getting EVERY one of them into this thread. Or die trying.

    Let's start last year, shall we? New Year's Eve (day)!

    Remember short-sleeved shirts? (So cold for so long) Gemini Cricket and Bornieo Goes Bananas!

    Fishbulb re-energizes on the way to DCA!

    Sir Clinksalot and the beautiful Belle. Cool shirt. I think he just shot his beard off soon after this event??


    ELF and Sam. ELF is one of the way coolest cats I have ever met and I hope he sees this and PMs me or something. Come back down to SoCal soon!

    Morrigoon and akfandisney overwhelmed by the X'Mas parade (as we head over to the Cove Bar.

    That's all the pictures I have for that day. The rest must have slipped into another dimension or something...

    January 7

    This had a huge turn-out, probably due to the excellent reports from NYE.

    It was time to say "Buh-bye" to Christmas

    At least I did.

    Time to take those lights down, Goofy!

    I had a little problem with my camera accessories:

    Houston, Wii have a problem.

    Never noticed these before:

    Pirating! Manly, yes, but I like it too!

    I ran into Grumpy4 and Frecky and we saw most of Jedi Training. I was trying to get them turn around so I could get their picture and they thought I was asking them to get out of the way. D'OH!

    Frecky in her "trying to disappear" stance. Sorry guys!

    Time to hit the Hub!

    Clinksalots and the Junior Clinkers!


    Innerspaceman (and swag)!

    (not-so) Hidden Mickey:

    And the true DMCA pose:

    Band of Gypsies was there as a swan song to their soon-expiring APs

    MissChristine and the lovely disneyballerina

    Time for lunch!

    Send it back!

    And then it's time to move:

    While being documented, of course:

    Haunted Mansion Holiday send-off:

    Band of Gypsies taking in some more of the digital sights.

    See those pumpkins? Not for long!

    Then it was time to Rock Space Mountain!

    I got to ride with disneyballerina and her troupe.

    That's me and Borneio back there in the Hawaiian Shirt Club.

    Overall, the reaction was... mixed

    Dusty demanded satisfaction

    A few of us headed over to Small World where the little "incident" occurred.

    The boat was filled with us grown-up types with Borneio, CoasterMatt, and myself in the rear seat. Right after launching, the boat dipped in the back and started taking on water. A quick CM got us all re-arranged and off we went. A little low in the water perhaps but seaworthy.

    After the ride, it was free crowns from Princess Fantasy Faire:

    They even have stickers with which to decorate the crowns.

    I am not saying or showing where all the stickers went.

    Then I had a call from Band of Gypsies with huge news! The littlest BoG was tall enough to ride Indy at long last! Just don't look too closely at her platform shoes. They had FastPasses to spare, so Sam and I quickly made for Adventureland.

    You can't imagine how fun it was for all of us to introduce her to Indy! Here Daddy BoG finds a strange bamboo support:

    And here he teaches Baby BoG (no longer a baby *sniff*) the eternal lesson of:

    Ignore the sign and pull with all your might!

    After the ride, Baby BoG wasn't sure if she was thrilled or just plain scared. So we went again. And she loved it.

    Sam had to depart and we went on a few more rides.

    Rock that mountain, Band of Gypsies!

    SUCH a cute family!

    And then more rides. And more pictures:

    To the eternal delight of her husband!

    That's it for the first week of January. More to come.
    And more after that.
    And maybe more?
    Last edited by PEZZ Lightyear; 01-31-2007, 05:16 AM.
    How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
    :monkey: :monkey:

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    Re: January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

    Maybe next month you'll get to the next week's?

    Eh, as a member of Team "The Procrastinators" I salute you on waiting almost a month to post this!!
    Good morning, son
    In twenty years from now
    Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
    And I can tell you 'bout today
    And how I picked you up and everything changed
    It was pain
    Sunny days and rain
    I knew you'd feel the same things...



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      Re: January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

      Originally posted by PEZZ Lightyear View Post
      Hee, this picture cracked me up. I guess it's good for married couples not to agree on everything...

      Cinderella IV: The Bloodening

      "It's okay, Beaker, we're scientists. We get paid to fail."


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        Re: January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

        How fun! Thanks!

        Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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          Re: January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

          Shall we move on, then? Let's do.

          January 14

          This was a very cold day (and night) and I bundled up Thing 2 and headed for the Park.

          Thing 1 was on the DL due to a broken chin. Good thing I always carry a spare! We rented one the D-Land strollers for the first time since I didn't need the twin stroller. It was nice and maneuverable with those big wheels but storage was minimal and that bare metal handlebar turned out to be quite chilling! More on that later...

          I took Thing 2 on Soarin' for the first time over at DCA and she liked it so much we ended up going 2 more times.

          At the Hub:

          This nice young Dream Team CM noticed Sadako's Disney Parks sweatshirt and asked if that ill-fated monstrosity came from Company D. It did. He was very affable and knowledgeable and has been to every Disney Park. More importantly, though, he kept Sadako standing in one place long enough for all of us to take a picture of her...

          Sweatshirt! It's a picture of her shirt, people!
          The sad part is, Thing 2 thinks I am taking HER picture. Bad Dads R Us.

          More Chatters:

          mcow1 and the vivacious Mary Reade

          Crazy Legs was there after far too long an absence!

          Deogee's Mom listens to one of Lost Boy's many fascinating stories. I didn't get to meet him that day but he is SO awesome and his love for the park goes back to when he first visited on July 18, 1955.

          AbomidableSnowman1 on the left as Claribella and son take a stroll. How cute are they?!?

          There's the irrepressible Darkbeer, Sadako, and Lost Boy. [Insert age-appropriate caption for Sadako here.]

          Thing 2 had had enough of this nonsense after 30 minutes and we set off for pizza. Then a little drive:

          My (a little too) eager driver.

          I took a few shots while being steered from left to right and back again at top speed.

          Sunlight in my eyes can make me cry....



          A little door to the underneath of the new rock formation was open. I couldn't see anything and it's not like I could go in and check it out. Could I?

          Since we were right there, we went on the Monorail where we bumped in to Claribella and Baby-bella (no he is not a baby but I just liked the way it sounded) and we had a chance to chat for a bit. We are called Mice Chatters, right?

          They took off and we turned right around:

          Thing 2 wanted to go on her favorite ride in the whole park.
          Which one is it?

          Let me give you a big hint:

          You got it!

          I don't know if it was the WAY he said it but when the CM asked me to pull up on my honey bar... I felt violated. But not in a BAD way.

          We saw the Aladdin Storytime show and Thing 2 posed with Jasmine afterward (but was too shy to get near Aladdin).

          Of all the extinct attractions I would like to go back in time to see (for the first time), I think Tahitian Terrace would be it.

          And while I was waxing nostalgic (and trying to stay out of the bitter cold) I went shopping at the Bazaar. I like the SHAG retro merch:

          Mickey: Will you wear my pin?
          Minnie: Ditch the flag and sweater and we'll talk.

          Nifty SHAG bag

          And for all you new-fangled computer-type people:

          SHAG mousepad with squishy velo-pad wrist action thingie built right in! Avoid carpal-tunnel clicking.

          Back to shopping. I was foolishly hoping that the fireworks would actually go off that night. It was cold. The previous night's fireworks started but were botched. The stroller handle was FREEZING and I had no gloves and none were available in the park.

          A friendly CM at one of the registers suggested buying a pair of socks for my hands. I had a good chuckle over that. And then I thought about it. Not a bad idea at all! After all who am I trying to impress? So I got a pack of 2 white (mens) Mickey socks and they felt great! Not so good for photographing anything though.

          When the final No Fireworks announcement was made, I ran into Sam and we had a little gripe-fest and I showed him my new "mittens". The kid was bundled up and fast asleep and I did the only thing a conscientious parent would do. Wake her up and go on Buzz one more time!

          And then another ride...
          How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
          :monkey: :monkey:


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            Re: January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

            Great stuff Pezz! Your twins are adorable and your quotes just keep me laughing. Keep it up!
            -Jack :geek:
            Doc Brown had 2 Deloreans!


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              Re: January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

              Great pics Pezz I love how my clothes change in some of the pics! It's like magic!
              The earth is round.... or so i've found.


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                Re: January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

                Great trip report and pictures so far. Only 2 more weeks to go!


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                  Re: January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

                  Very entertaing trip report, and wonderful pictures to boot! That is pretty keen of the CM to suggest socks as mittens though, now in case I ever fall into that situation I'll know how to handle it.


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                    Re: January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

                    This is fun reading Pezz!! Thanks for the giggles this morning - I could sure use them!
                    I love my awesome crazy wonderful friends!!

                    "Do you remember in kindergarten, how you�d meet a kid,
                    then 10 seconds later you�d be playing like you were best friends?"
                    * * *



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                      Re: January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

                      Where's the rest of the month, pezz? Great stuff!

                      Visit my mice chat toy shop!

                      Track Disney Animation Presence in the Theme Parks Worldwide!


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                        Re: January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

                        Originally posted by PEZZ Lightyear View Post
                        I had a little problem with my camera accessories:

                        Houston, Wii have a problem.
                        Haha. Very clever

                        Great Month Long TR!


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                          Re: January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

                          Originally posted by PEZZ Lightyear View Post

                          AbomidableSnowman1 on the left as Claribella and son take a stroll. How cute are they?!?
                          Hey that is a half way decent picture of me! Good job! You may have succeeded in Mission Impossible! ) And thanks for the compliment!

                          Originally posted by PEZZ Lightyear View Post
                          Since we were right there, we went on the Monorail where we bumped in to Claribella and Baby-bella (no he is not a baby but I just liked the way it sounded) and we had a chance to chat for a bit. We are called Mice Chatters, right?
                          And this is why I LOVE MC and Disneyland...the randomness of bumping into PezzLightyear and a Pezzling while getting on the Monorail! LOVE IT!
                          And Baby-bella...well that is a good start...but I think I might start calling him The Boy Wonder...since he is turning out to be my little "side-kick". Of course, not implying I'm ANYWHERE as worthy as Batman...but here's to trying!

                          Ta Da!


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                            Re: January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

                            (raising hand slowly....) I need to join your procrastinator club... :blush:

                            I NEVER did the trip report of our last visit, which of course included our littlest member of BoG riding Indiana Jones for the first time.

                            Thank goodness you posted that for me!

                            Loving the TR so far and you crack me up with your comments! :thumbup:

                            Keep them coming!



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                              Re: January 2007 - A Month of Sundays

                              OK! This one will be a little shorter, since my precocious tots were both there and wrote about it already (see the link in my signature). I will try not to go over old territory.

                              January 21

                              First stop, the ill-fated Peter Pan ride:

                              Super early. No line.

                              Gumball, anyone?

                              And for all the Duckzilla fans out there:

                              Let me in, let me in or I'll QUACK your house down!

                              Casey Jr. Train is a great place to get views/pictures of Storybook Land. Just don't get in a cage. The outside is best:

                              Can any of our resident ornithologists identify that little bird on the chimney?

                              Castle with a view.

                              I love this shot.

                              And then it's time to motor on down to the noon Meet.

                              Coheteboy makes his first appearance at a C.O.W. meeting:

                              And is quickly devoured by the rest of the Mice Chatters:

                              He is a very neat guy and I love his signatures of Photoshop collages of the various lands. He changes them often, so try to keep up!

                              Villains Fan chats with Grumpy4

                              And I was not able to talk with this young man, but he seemed very cool. If someone wishes to identify him, I would be grateful!

                              The two new guys of the day: Admiral Phillip and Coheteboy!

                              And lastly, Profiles in...profiles:

                              David Lane and Al Lutz. Terrific fellows and always a pleasure to see them.

                              We ate, we sang, we danced.
                              Well, we ate and had great conversations at the Plaza Inn.

                              And I think there may have been Pocky...
                              But that's just a wild guess.

                              As great as these Meets were, NOTHING could have prepared me for the following weekend. You may have heard about it...
                              How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
                              :monkey: :monkey:


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