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Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4


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  • Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

    Ok folks if the net connections hold up I'll be posting day by day this time.

    Not much to report for day one (Wed Jan 31). I had hoped to leave Stockton around 10am but of course client emergencies delayed me so I didn't get out till nearly 11am.

    Drive down was routine, though it always amazes me that I can do the 300 miles from Stockton to Santa Clarita in 4 hrs and then the last 75 to Anaheim take close to 2 hrs.

    I arrived and checked into the Hojo. I really like this hotel, esp when I can get the under $ 65 a night Entertainment rate.

    I've got a nice room with a semi park view. Or more accurately a pretty decent view for the fireworks, assuming they go off. I do get a little noise from the road, but its not bad at all.

    Just so people will have pictures to look at, and for reference, here are some pictures of the room.

    A look through the front door, at the two beds

    A look at the nice bathroom, with double sink

    A view of the beds and the table w/chairs for dining.

    A small balcony but with a view towards Harbor and the parks

    I had hoped to get over to watch the parade tonight but it was 7:30 by the time I finished settling in and eating dinner, so I will go over first thing tomorrow.

    Coming Tomorrow, time in the parks with Judimouse and friends.
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    Re: Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

    Thats actually a really nice room. I like the bed spread. Woot for trip reports, im gonna try my first one after this weekend. Eekk! I cant wait for the rest of yours!
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      Re: Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

      I cant believe you got that for $65


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        Re: Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

        Well at the risk of giving away the secret, if you buy the Entertainment Book (the one with the card that you can use in restaurants and such) then you can get great discounts on many area hotels.

        I will update once I check out and confirm, but the rate I was quoted w/o the card is about 75 per night plus tax, the rate I got with the card was I think 59 plus tax.

        HoJo's is a pretty good place to stay overall. It has free net access (thus the trip reports).

        The only real catch is that its really about a block or so off Harbor and does not have a free shuttle, so you either walk in or drive. The walk isnt that bad actually, but since I have a PAP I just drive in.

        If my camera holds up I hope to have pics of tomorrow's day posted tomorrow night.
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          Re: Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

          Question, how was the drive? any fog? Have fun


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            Re: Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

            Nope, not really any fog. It was cloudy most of the drive down and going through the Grapevine there was some mist, but pretty clear drive all the way down.

            Now LA from Santa Clarita to Fullerton was a parking lot of course
            ďAny sequel three or higher..... around number five they get a new cast, thatís when the magic really happens": Modern Family


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              Re: Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

              Woo hoo!!
              A TR while the T is still going!
              I love those!
              Sunday is looking better and better for me!
              Though I don't think that i'll be able to convince the "special guest" to come.
              (If I'm not at the meet, it just means I got caught tresppasing :lol: )
              Ok, yeah, bye! :lol:
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                Re: Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

                Like your room. I am looking forward to Saturday. See you then. Love the idea of posting a trip report while the trip is going on.


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                  Re: Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

                  HoJo = Howard Johnson


                  Ta Da!


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                    Re: Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

                    Kodos to HoJo and their wonderful live-cam!
                    That was wonderful! Bravo! I loved that! Ah, that was great! Well, it was pretty good. Well, it wasn't bad. Uh, there were parts of it that weren't very good though. It could have been a lot better. I didn't really like it. It was pretty terrible. It was bad. It was awful! It was terrible! Take 'em away! Boo! Boo!



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                      Re: Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

                      Hey the HoJo looks nice, it's really good deal too. How long does it take to walk to the park from there?
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                        Re: Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

                        Ok here goes Day Two, Thursday February 1st.

                        Got up and headed over to the park in time for opening. Actually made better time getting ready so I was on site by 9:15 or so and was treated to a fairly empty parking lot as the trams prepared for the day.

                        I headed over to the tram stop and they have nifty signs up advertising the new Rocking the Parks theme.

                        A quick tram ride over and I was through security and waiting to get in. Right about 9:30 they opened up and I headed to wait by City Hall for Brian and Barbara Bennett, owners of the Mousememories web site ( Check them out for some great scrapbooking services.

                        While waiting for my friends I saw the trolley coming out for the days work.

                        I also got to meet a rather friendly looking cast member.

                        When Brian and Barbara arrived we decided to head into Disneyland for some fun. They are really fun people who live in Orlando and I was pleased to be able to spend some time with them in DL.

                        We moved into Fantasyland and managed to get Peter Pan, Pinnochio and Snow White done with little problem. We then moved over towards Toontown but they weren't open yet so we waited for a few minutes until the gates parted.

                        We took a ride on Roger Rabbit and walked around Toontown, then walked over past Big Thunder Ranch and through New Orleans Square.

                        By now it was lunchtime and we had ressies at Carnation Cafe so we moved to Main Street. I normally eat breakfast at Carnation but had the turkey sandwich this time and was pleased with the meal.

                        After lunch we decided to move over to DCA, but along the way we caught a view of Mary and Bert saying 'allo to the guests.

                        Just to make reading a little smoother, I'll start DCA in the next reply
                        ďAny sequel three or higher..... around number five they get a new cast, thatís when the magic really happens": Modern Family


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                          Re: Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

                          We headed over to DCA which was new ground for Barbara. We decided to start out on Hollywood Backlot and rode Monsters Inc and Tower of Terror.

                          I really like Monsters, it is a charming ride and a lot of fun. Not only that, this time Roz flirted with me as we headed out of the ride.

                          I was interested to see what Brian and Barbara thought of ToT since it they frequent the WDW version. The consensus seemed to be that while the pre show in Florida has an edge, the ride itself is better in California.

                          We wanted to see Aladdin but had some free time so we decided to grab a ride on California Screaming. As we walkeed out of Hollywood Backlot we caught a great new Doo Wop/R&B singing act.

                          We then moved on to Screaming, stopping along the way for a free tortilla.

                          I am a big fan of Screaming but I don't care for the new music. It is not that I'm an old fogie who doesn't like the new music, its just that I don't think the music really fits the ride.

                          We then moved back to HB for the Aladdin show, which we all agreed is one of the best stage shows that Disney puts on in California or Florida.

                          After the show we moved back to Paradise Pier to ride the various attractions. I'm not a real big fan of the rides in this area (with the notable exception of Screaming) but wanted to let my friends get a chance to try all of the park.

                          A couple shots of the Pier and an empty Orange Stinger in rehab.

                          We finished up DCA with the Golden Dreams show, which is a pretty well done program although it's not worth repeat visits. Still, if you have not seen it recently, give it a try.

                          It was now about 4:30pm so we moved over to DL to see the last performance of Billy Hill.

                          As we entered the park it was time for Flag Retreat so we stopped to watch. This is one of the best things they do at Disneyland, and from what Brian said may be more elaborate than the Florida MK version.

                          For those who have not seen it, the show begins with a series of patriotic songs by the DL Band and the Dapper Dans.

                          The Dans then assume positions around the flagpole and the band performs the anthems of each of the 5 military services and invites both current and former members to join them at the flagpole to the applause and cheers of the crowd.

                          Once the service honors are done, the flag ceremony begins, with the lowering of the flag and the playing of the National anthem, followed by the crowd singing God Bless America.

                          Its enough to make many in the crowd get a tear in the eye and is well worth waiting to watch.

                          We then went to the Golden Horseshoe to watch Billy Hill, again a really entertaining show, especially if you sit in one of the boxes.

                          For those who have asked, here is a shot of the 'Walt box' where he and Lillian sat to celebrate their anniversary the night before DL opened.

                          And a couple shots of Billy and his brothers Billy, Billy and Billy.

                          Sorry for the blurring, as we know I need a new camera.

                          We now grabbed a quick dinner at Plaza Pavillion and moved into Tomorrowland for a few rides on Buzz and Space, which now sports a new sign

                          We finished up with a ride on Big Thunder, and by then it was 8pm and closing so we returned to the tram and then to the hotel.

                          It was a good day in the parks, not too crowded and cool and pleasant most of the day.

                          Day Three coming up, assuming I keep myself posting
                          ďAny sequel three or higher..... around number five they get a new cast, thatís when the magic really happens": Modern Family


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                            Re: Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

                            More More!! I love HOJos always nice for the price.
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                              Re: Tiggerfan's Trip Report Jan 31-Feb 4

                              Sounds like you got a lot done yesteday.


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