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Would WDW's Tomorrowland work in DL?


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  • Would WDW's Tomorrowland work in DL?

    First off, hello, I'm new here...but an extreme lurker. Finally, I've given up to come post here. (you may recognize me from Laughing Place)

    Anyways, onto business: I was thinking about TL98 at DL and how it failed miserably. But, then I was thinking about Tomorrowland 94/95 at WDW, and how much I really like it. Intresting part is that TL at WDW is basically comprised of everything DL didn't get. Timekeeper, Alien Encounter, new peoplemover, redone rockets ON THE PLATFORM, etc. And I absolutely LOVE the color scheme. Really, the entire thing started out great and slightly went downhill (SGE, cartoon-ization, Timekeeper and CoP seasonal), instead of DL's, which...well, until now it is improving.

    But, does anybody notice something really strange about the new DL Innoventions paint? It looks remarkably like the WDW paint scheme! So, I guess DL is switching to WDW. So, that raises the question, was DL better suited to go WDW's path? Think of it, none of this whole mess would've happened and we'd still wind up in the same place as we are today.

    So, should have Imagineers instead gone with WDW's theme for TL98?...

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    Anything would have been better than TL98. I knew someone on the faux paint team and everyday he would say "I can believe they are making me do this." WDW TL is certainly closer to what I would like to see at DL because WDW is much closer to my favorite DL TL77.


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      No because they can do way better then WDW's Tomorrowland. They are on the road to doing that so just be patient and it will be better.


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        Tomorrowland needs a lot of new archetectural embelishments, like what WDW got. TL 98 was mainly just a paint job.
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          Well, I would like to think that, if Disneyland were re-thought to create a park more suited to European tastes, the execs would have been smart enough to do the same in reverse. "Discoveryland" was a good idea back when it was the Discovery Bay expansion north of Frontierland, and it still could be. But it just doesn't fit AMerican tastes of what Tomorrowland should be. I mean, let's face it, Americans have been familiar with the concept of Tomorrowland since 1954. It was silly to think that we would accept that our Tomorrowland would, after more than 40 years of inspiration, is now the Tomorrowland that never was. It was just a miserable concept for a theme, and the further the process went, the more miserable it became.

          A lot of good money has been spent trying to erase the awfulness of 98, including the years of neglect to the Subs. Adapting some of the WDW elements to our Tomorrowland would have prevented a lot of that.

          Still, I think it's mostly an aesthetic issue. I don't think Timekeeper or Alien Encounter would really fare much better here than there. So, rather than having a bunch of small-budget attractions open and calling it a New Tomorrowland, they would be better off spending some money on paint and maintenance, and putting in one new quality attraction at a time.
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            Also, tomorrowland was originally white and blue, and someone said it looks like WDW. well, thats what it use to look like a long time ago! before the nightmare happened...

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              Notice how WDW's Tomorrowland, after its 1995 changes, has not gotten any kind of update besides Buzz Lightyear (1998) and Stitch (2004). They've removed the Skyway (1999), with no replacement, in addition to putting the Timekeeper and CArousel of Progress on "seasonal" schedules. Their Tomorrowland is nothing great other than having something on its tracks and a slightly less ugly color scheme.


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                ^ agree'd

                ~ Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy


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                  I think DL TL is on the road to recovery and is OK for now. I agree that WDW's TL is just as "in need of help" as DL's. Stitch has been a DISASTER for them. Hopfully NEMO will be better and better received.
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                    Stitch is a total disaster. See, the thought behind removing Alien Encounter (the previous attraction) was that it was way too scary.

                    Yet, even with a Stitch animatronic slapped on, it's still too scary. The idiots did not do much to remove the horror factor.


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                      When I first visited the "new" Tomorrowland at Disneyland, I was disgusted in general, but mainly at that stupid, chlorine-smelling spinning ball fountain smack dab in the middle. Naked children rolling around in the middle of a heavy-traffic area was appalling. Thank goodness they seem to be pulling their heads out and fixing the wrongs of 98, slowly.


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                        When I first saw the new Tomorrowland in WDW in '96, I was really impressed. It was filled with movement, attractions and of course crowds. It was my favorite part of the park at the MK then. Two years later when I first saw TL98 in DL, I was disappointed to say the least. I agree with ModHatter though in that I don't think Timekeeper or stitch would go over any better here, Alien Encounter might have fared better here though. I'm glad that Disneyland is getting for it's own new version of TL, rather than yet another something that was in WDW first.


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                          Originally posted by Disneyfreak
                          No because they can do way better then WDW's Tomorrowland. They are on the road to doing that so just be patient and it will be better.
                          Imagineering has been known to top itself many times I think they could do equal but that's just me

                          should we have gotten WDW's Tomorrowland? well alot of ideas for it did come from plans that were drawn up for ours if I'm not mistaken but even then they wouldn't have looked the same

                          the lands are very differently designed in as much as they are similar

                          I don't think I want WDW's Tomorrowland as much as I want Tomorrowlands APPROACH to tomorrowland

                          TL98 tried to turn around everything that Tomorrowland was built on before were as TL94? (in WDW that is :B) enhanced/added too/replaced when neccisary what needed to be done but overall built on the existing enfulstructure

                          WDW's tomorrowland remake took what was already there and tried to tweak it into a Scifi-ish timeless type fashion

                          rather then reaching out for victorian influences WDW's Tomorrowland stayed true to the american visions of the future but created it's own look if it in a way that keeps it looking futuristic to us while still being enough of an imaginary type setting for it to not outdate quickly

                          I'll also agree with those who've said that major attraction changes shouldn't have occured, I think Attractions should get their own budget and not be tied to a land remake, I do however believe that a land remake is a terrific opportunity to enhance the attractions that are already present in the land as well as setting aside space for any future attractions that you might want to add later
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                            It seems also that Hong Kong's Tomorrowland is going in WDW's direction as well, so maybe the Imagineers finally learned never to copy Discoveryland again at another Disney park. But, the main topic of the thread is not only would WDW have worked better with DL instead of TL98, but also the fact that seemingly its almost turning into it. One wonders what the new entrance of Tomorrowland will look like in three years...


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                              WDW's Tomorrow land of 93/94 (or was it 94/05...) Was actually pretty cheap..... They kept the existing People mover with new name and sound track... fixed up Carousel of Progress.. had If you had Wings... (replaced with buzz couple years later.. but was done on cheap as well..) Time keeper was imported and 2 new animatronics... Alien encounter was the most expensive item... as it was original ( and I wish brought over to DL... cause that concept art of the facade was amazing.)

                              There was fixing of Space Mt little bit... Then they dressed up the buildings out front with fantasy future things... made it look like a city of tomorrow... (with a fantasy layover..) if you look at the PM track near Space mt it wasn't touched.. nothing near SM was really touched much.. maybe a small thing here and there...

                              TL 98 at DL was expensive with budget cuts... and did too much at one time..


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