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March Crowds (during the week)


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  • March Crowds (during the week)

    I am working on planning my next trip down to Disney and wondered what the predictions were for crowds next month ?

    I know Easter/Spring Break isnt till April so will March be more like Feburary or more like April ?

    I plan to do Thurs/Fri/Sun at parks
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    Re: March Crowds (during the week)

    I'd say March is somewhere in between February and April, crowd-wise. Easter falls on April 8th this year, but I'm willing to bet that some schools will be out toward the end of the month. During the week it should still feel like the offseason that it is, however.

    It never hurts to reiterate that arriving early and taking advantage of Fastpass wherever appropriate is key, no matter what time of year. A little prep goes a long way. But that's why you posted


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      Re: March Crowds (during the week)

      That president's week represent this coming weekend or the following?
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        Re: March Crowds (during the week)

        I'm not sure about attendance estimates but I thought this info would be helpful...

        Here is the current refurbishment schedule:
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          Re: March Crowds (during the week)

          Originally posted by 2DieFR View Post

          I'd say March is somewhere in between February and April, crowd-wise.

          I agree 100% March is between February and April, and I don't care what anybody says.


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            Re: March Crowds (during the week)

            Let's look at the operational calendar for Disneyland.

            Spring Break season starts Friday, March 9th with three weeks of 11 PM weekday closures, which means that Disney is expecting LARGE crowds with so many extended hours.

            Then the first two weeks in April have Midnight closures, so they will be a bit busier than the last 3 weeks of March,

            But expect Large Crowds for all 5 weeks.
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              Re: March Crowds (during the week)

              Does anyone have the link to what attractions will be down in March?



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