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is one side of the matterhorn faster?


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  • is one side of the matterhorn faster?

    ive heard rumors about this before, how that one of the two tracks on matterhorn is faster than the thinkin that if it is true, that the train on the left goes faster. what does everyone else think?

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    yes. true. i cant recall exactly, but the one on the right is longer and more interesting and the one on the left is faster but less twists, etc.
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      Another way of remembering is:

      Tommorowland-side: thrill-seeker side

      Fantasyland-side: tamer side


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        Please refer to this thread...

        We just discussed it pretty well this week.


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          I always do the Tomorrowland Side, the ride seems better... I don't know why...
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            There definitely seems to be a difference between the 2 sides. My family tends to lean to the right, but it seems like the line on the left is shorter sometimes.


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              I prefer the left side. I love that quick drop about half way through, right above the Sub Lagoon.
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