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Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?


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  • Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?

    My husband and I are going to Disneyland in August and haven't been in 3 years. We are flying and just going for a long weekend so are hoping not to have to check any luggage, just carry on. With all of the new regulations, do you know whether they will allow Disney pins on board? 3 years ago, we didn't have a problem, but I'm not sure about now...
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    Re: Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?

    I haven't had a problem. I always wear a Disney breast cancer pin. I had a few in my carry on one of the last trips (this past year) and the gentleman working the scanner joked with me. He kept moving the machine back and forth until he could guess the character. There was obviously no line. I would double check with your airline just to be sure.


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      Re: Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?

      I would pack then in a ziplok bag so you can pull then out.
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        Re: Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?

        I had mine in one of the little pin wallets in my backpack when I flew to Florida, and there was no problem.

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          Re: Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?

          We flew last December and some of us had pins in carry on with no problem. I'd still check though, you know how things can change suddenly.
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            Re: Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?

            aerinpegadrack and I stopped by Company D to load up on pins before our WDW trip in January and I was actually worried at first since I needed some pins as carry-on because we'd be going directly to MGM from the airport.

            I probably had 30 of them in my backpack and security didn't give me any trouble.
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              Re: Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?

              You can take them on the plane...BUT to be safe carry them on, there have been many a story about checking them and bags being lost, broken, or open. If you do take traders or a large bag make sure that 1. you can open it when they say "bag Check" 2. have any that are loose in a clear bag so they can just look at the back not have to pull everything out and 3. you are not in any rush, it will take a while normally to get through, but with pins it will take atleast 5 extra minutes.


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                Re: Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?

                I usually have a few pins on my backpack and have never had any trouble w/security.
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                  Re: Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?

                  I had my "Jay Rasulo" pin (limited edition of 666) confiscated because he was considered a "gel". Go figure.
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                    Re: Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?

                    If you consider the collection valuable, they have to be Carry-on and NOT checked. They shouldn't have any problem with them, unless someone tries to wield a pin post as a deadly weapon somewhere...

                    Both the TSA and the Baggage Handlers have access to your checked luggage that is NOT monitored by third-party security, and there are too many stories where luggage gets rifled for expensive items, zipped back up and sent on it's way. And nobody so much as checks the bags of the baggage handlers, so they can walk right out with it.

                    And the airlines will MAYBE give you the standard flat fee (last I heard $200 a bag) unless you fight them for every penny.

                    (No, I'm not paranoid - just a realist. The odds say that Stuff Happens to one person in a thousand, and on some days [the ones "you should have stayed in bed" on] you're the thousandth person all day...)

                    Either carry them on, or ship them ahead and ship them home. If you have an established account with one of the big shippers, you can fill out the paperwork before you leave - issue yourself a prepaid "Call Tag" on the company account for the return trip. If they turn up missing, they can follow the Parcel Tracking Logs and know where they were last seen.

                    My carry-on has my personal care items and a change of clothes (with outerwear), so if the checked bag doesn't arrive for a day or more I'm not stuck with the clothes on my back. And the Computer Backpack has the laptop, camera, GPS and other expensive goodies that I would like to retain ownership of for a few more years.

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                      Re: Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?

                      Here's the Transportation Security Administration's "Prohibited Items" page:

                      Click Here

                      (Handy page! I have it bookmarked.)

                      Looks like scissors with 4-inch-or-less blades are allowed, as are knitting needles. Pins shouldn't be a problem.

                      Hope that helps.



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                        Re: Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?

                        I didn't have pins with me when we went to WDW last October, but I did have my passport holder which has a 3" metal castle on the lanyard. I was pulled over at security and asked what I had in my backpack that was metal and about 3" big. I had no clue until they went through everything and then found my lanyard. They let me through after that with no problem, but they did pull me over for it and search my bag.

                        So, in that vein, I'm sure if they see them, they'll let you through, but you may get pulled aside to show them.


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                          Re: Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?

                          They made me put my bag through 3 times before they finally noticed there were disney pins!
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                            Re: Are Disney pins allowed on airplane?

                            When we went to WDW last year, I bought about 250 pins for the kids to trade, and they traded like fiends. It was a great excuse to interact with cast members, and we got a bunch of freebies and one of the DDs was named Princess of the Day at the castle. But I digress.

                            The downside was that when we went through security, it looked like we were carrying a bag of shrapnel, and we ended up getting the bag rifled through pretty good, plus, for good measure, I got the super-duper security check that comes close to the bend-over-and-cough deal they give you on your first day in prison. But four or five minutes later, we were on our way, pin bag in hand, ready to carry them onto the plane.
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