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What's open on Grad Night?


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  • What's open on Grad Night?

    I did a search but couldn't find an answer so I apologize if this has been asked before. Anyway, I'm going to Grad Night this year (even though they won't accept my AP but my parents are paying so whatever) and I don't really know what to expect. Other than the blaring music that I will almost definetly hate, but that's another story.

    I know that all of the E-Tickets will be open but I'm not really sure if any of the other rides will be. I can't really imagine many of the people I know being totally excited that the Storybookland Canal boats are open, for instance.

    That, and how are the crowds? I don't know if there's a limit to the number of schools who can attend on a specific night.


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    What's open on Grad nite? Most dates to just about anything :devil:
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      Originally posted by Cousin Orville
      What's open on Grad nite? Most dates to just about anything :devil:
      This would never fly at Mousepad, which is why I'm so glad everyone migrated here.


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        What is open on Grad Nites varies from Grad Nite to Grad Nite.

        For instance...Small World was closed on the first Grad Nite this year but it was open for the second one last week. A lot depends on the expected number of grads attending on each Grad Nite. This goes for both attractions and restaurants.

        Last week (Grad Nite #2) the following attractions were open: Astro Orbiter, Alice, Autopia, Big Thunder, Buzz, King Arthurs Carrousel, Dumbo, Haunted Mansion, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, Indy, Small World, Jungle Cruise, Tea Cups, Pooh, Matterhorn, Mr. Toad, Peter Pan, Pinicchio, Pirates, Snow White, Splash Mountain and Star Tours.

        Of course as needed they can alway add some or close some.


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          Also....sometimes things that are supposed to be open aren't. According to the Cast Member reference guide for last weeks Grad Nite Harbour Galley was supposed to be open but was not. I imagine if enough people call off work they can't always staff all of the locations they originally planned to open.


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            I can pretty much guarentee you that Tiki Room and Storybookland Canal Boats will not be open. The latter probably b/c it's seasonal, and the former b/c too many people would go in there on Grad Nite to do naughty things in the dark.


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                Originally posted by DisneyMickey
                Hehe, back in the day, Motor Boat Cruise and America Sings were commonplace for it, but many rides were. But the worst was "Adventure Through Intercourse".

                Thank you David Koenig :bow: :lol:


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                  HISTA was definitely open when I was; most people just napped through the whole thing.
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                    I'm on the Entertainment Editor of my school's paper, and I did a story on what seniors should expect on Grad Nite this year. I called Guest Relations and got a list of what's open - the CM said they have a general list of what should be open but it could vary from night to night. Anyways, here's the list of Attractions, Dining locations, and Entertainment offerings in the park:

                    MAIN STREET U.S.A.
                    Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor
                    Refreshment Corner
                    Roaming DJ in the Central Plaza

                    KIIS 102.7 Pop Radio Dance Party at Club Buzz Stage

                    Jungle Cruise
                    Indiana Jones Adventure - The Temple of the Forbidden Eye
                    Bengal Barbeque

                    NEW ORLEANS SQUARE
                    Pirates of the Caribbean
                    Haunted Mansion
                    - Power 106 PM Hip Hop Station at French Market Restaurant
                    - Fireworks and Laser show on the Rivers of America at 2 a.m. and at 3.30 a.m.

                    CRITTER COUNTRY
                    Splash Mountain
                    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
                    Harbour Galley

                    Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road
                    - Super Estrella 107.1 Latin Pop Dance Party at Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante
                    - Power 106 PM Hip Hop Dance Party at Festival Arena

                    Select park merchandise shops will be open during Grad Nite and will be selling special Grad Nite merchandise, including t-shirts, hats, ink pens, and Mickey Ears.

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