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park attendace in september

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  • park attendace in september

    My husband and I are going to Disneyland Sept. 4th -10th. Does anyone have any idea what type of crowds will be there during this time. I figure that kids will have started school by then but Labor Day falls on that week and Im hoping that we wont have to battle a huge crowd...
    I also came upon a attendance chart somewhere and now Ive lost track of it on the internet... anybody know what website?

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    We have both year-round school and the traditional September to June schools. My best guess (note I said 'guess'...!) is attendance should be down following Labor Day. Labor Day is the official last day of by Tuesday (on...) you should be able to manuver quite easily through out the resort. Hope this helps. all began with a Mouse...


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      It sure does ! Thank you !


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        By my experience the last 3 years (when I was an independant contractor and could take days off at a time) the week after Labor day is MUCH quieter than any day for months previous. The week after that (912-16) is the absolute quietest you will find the resort at any time of the year. Those two weeks are the BEST time to visit because they're not closing down rides yet for the holiday makeovers (Haunted Mansion & Small World), and for general refurbs (like Disney does on it's other slow weeks right after New Year's). So for the last few years, the two weeks after Labor Day have all the rides and ZIP of the crowds.

        Now, that having been said... Al Lutz said in his last update that the rocks at the Tomorrowland Entrance are scheduled to be removed in September... and almost all of us know about the strong possibility that the AstroOrbitor being moved on top of the Peoplemover platform... so it would make sense to do these at the same time...

        What I'm saying is that parts of Tomorrowland MAY be unavailable at that time. They may wait until the 2nd or 3rd week, or it may not happen at all... just something that you might want to keep in mind just to see if it happens or not.

        But the crowds will almost certainly NOT be there!

        a walk around the park... Star Tours, Nemo, Fantasyland, Frontierland, DCA... and more!


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          Do you think the 50th will have any effect on this?


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            we are going the third week of september.... I have been waiting to see what will be rehabbed, but I hope they don't start until after I leave <crossing fingers>
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