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Disneyland not a teen hang out anymore?


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  • Disneyland not a teen hang out anymore?

    Alright, this might be a very stupid stupid thread but I thought that it had to be brought up. As a teen growing up in the mid nineties Disneyland was THE scene for OC teenagers. More specifically, Tomorrow Land was the scene. I remember going when I was sixteen and you'd see all of the social groups meandering their perspective areas: The trendy kids would be near the stage where Club Buzz is now, ravers would be near star tours, punkers squatted by the phones in TL, and the swing kids and ska kids would be a ways away by the carnation where the swing dancing took place. I miss those days.

    So, I'm wondering, does that even exist anymore anywhere in DL because I spend alot of time in the park. I don't see it being as SCENE as it used to be back in my day, I mean I know the swing kids are still there, but that's about all of the original scene that I remember. So my question is what scared off this teenage hangout "scene"? Was it the no smoking policy that came into effect? Security kept kicking all of them out for just loitering? AP prices too expensive for local teens? Or am I just too old to notice that there is STILL some sort of scene? Or is it that the primary hang location (TL) is now pretty much a wasteland of gold useless rides?

    Again, might be a stupid thread and alot of you might not remember the era I am talking about, but I figured I'd bring it up for nostalgia. Please discuss I want to hear opinions on this.
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    It's too expensive. Or the class of teens has gone up/down. I notice a lot of destructive teens who disrespect my park. But then I also notice a lot of late kids in college. I know I go with my roommates and we often meet other kids from my school. I also think that the "scene" scene has been toned down a lot. What's big now is emo and indie. (Mostly) gone are the days of the raver. And the punkers have trouble getting past security with spikes. Prep is the new punk once again. I'm scrounging up money for a Fred Perry jacket and some Seven jeans.
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      I think that Disneyland is still a teen hangout. However, it depends on the time of day and the area in which you search.

      Main Street - Usually only when we are needing a place to meet, regroup, or recharge. Nothing is quite as calming as watching vintage mickey cartoons while snacking on sour balls. However, swing dancing is still a large draw.

      Fantasyland - This land only serves as a highway to reach other areas or as a five-minute time waster (read: Snow White's Scary Adventures). Matterhorn excluded.

      Toontown - no.

      Frontierland - Serves as a small thrill oasis while Space is worked on. Shooting Exposition is fun when you are living on spare change.

      NOS & CC - Only for the rides. And le bat en rouge for all your Nightmare needs.

      Tomorrowland - This land's draw varies greatly throughout the day. Tomorrowland Terrace still draws a large crowd, but only at night when bands such as 80z All-Stars and Antix can be heard. The daytime band, Brooke and the Boys, suffers from horrible covers of popular songs, but mostly from the look-at-me-i'm-so-hot singer, Brooke. She needs to learn that us heavy people are not allowed to wear tight clothing, and that bad singers should not appear in Disneyland.
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        I don't live in the OC but I'm betting all the scene kids died out when the prices got too high. But I'm sure its for the better... Kids nowadays respect nothing...

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          Funny last time I was at the club buzz stage around 8 all I saw were middle aged women doing stretches with their children right before the band came on. Not at all what I remembered it being back in the day. No offense to middle aged women of course, it just doesn't seem to be what it used to. And I guess by reading this it isn't.
          I should try to change that.

          *Grabs punk clothes to go squat by TL phones.
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            I have nothing against OC teens, but as a mother of teens myself, it doesn't bother me if they found new hangouts!

            Maybe the arrival of Downtown Disney has something to do with it. More areas to spread out to. When we are in DTD we see lot's of what appears to us like local kids hanging out there.
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              That's probably true. I mean, the park itself is getting ridiculously expensive, but the Downtown Disney district is FREE. Except for when you have to actually BUY stuff. Then its not... Wait, blonde moment....
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                So... is there a problem?
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                  I would think with the AP, DL would be perfect for the teen. Mom and dad could drop them off and DL would keep them safe.

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                    Originally posted by Circarama
                    So... is there a problem?
                    Haha really. The last thing I want when I go to Disneyland is to feel like I'm in high school again.


                    • #11
                      I see the point, but still Disney is for everyone, not just adults, not just children but everyone inbetween (maybe not senior citizens, but I'm sure they enjoy the Lincoln exhibit). Disney just seemed a whole lot livier that way, yeah, might've been a bit annoying for the older people, but still, the scene made friday nights for me.
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                      • #12
                        I agree, I think the only time that I really hang out with a regular crowd is when the 80z All Stars play. And we usually keep to Tomorrowland Terrace or maybe Innoventions during long breaks. There's always a bunch of people I know there. I would imagine the Bat en Rougue is the same way, but I don't spend too much time over there. Too many other great specialty shops in the area and no more AA witch to play with.

                        I personally would hate to have to "hang out" with junior high and high school kids (I've ranted about the evils of junior high kids before while also admitting that I was just as bad before), as many of them are disrespectful, or at the very least oblivious to everyone else around them.
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                          ORWEN: Well, I don't know much about where the teens like to hang out. But I can sure tell you where to find all the WITCHES who like to hang out at Disneyland!

                          ORDDU: Careful, dear. That's a secret meant only for those who know how to practice a little magic. (No offense, ducklings, but some things really should be kept exclusive for the coven...)


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                            its simple. the 90's = teens, 2000's = 20's. how many groups of 20 somethings are in the park nowadays? you may notice that number being a little higher!


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                              I'm in high school and my friends and I try to go to Disneyland at least once a week. A lot of teens go to 6 Flags and Knotts for the thrill rides, but Disneyland is still a popular place, most teens don't want to admit that they like it. I was like that in 7th grade. Now I hear people saying the same things like "my parents are forcing me to go to Disneyland on Saturday. It's so lame there", all while putting on the fake disappointed look. It's quite funny actually.


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