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1/20 Long-Overdue Birthday TR


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  • 1/20 Long-Overdue Birthday TR

    I meant to get this out a lot sooner, but I had issues with my camera, so I apologize.

    I wanted to take a trip for my birthday, so my boyfriend and another Disneyland lover-friend of ours came along for the ride.

    After McDonald's and a gas station, we were off!

    When we got to the trams, we were greeted with the Rockin' sign.

    When we got off, there were more signs! I got particularly excited when I saw this one:

    YOAMD grafitti:

    To be honest, I like the trimmings they've put up. But I guess I'm just girly like that.

    After I got my birthday button, I wanted to make a dash over to Peter Pan...and right after opening, guess what? It broke down! To wait it out, we ran around the otherwise empty FL. The CM at Pinnochio was happy to see us. lol

    I took more pictures, but as I'm a strong supporter of "no flash photography", the inside shots didn't fare too well.

    Monstro needs a bath! Ahck!

    It's moments like this when I really enjoy the park...and remember that the trip isn't just about getting on all of the rides.

    If you look closely, there's a little bird poking out of Dumbo's "eye". It was so cute!

    We went on Indy later, and just before we were sent in, we got to see "backstage".

    More pictures to come, including the Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour...

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    Re: 1/20 Long-Overdue Birthday TR

    January 20th? Did I read that right? Great job so far (and I'm just teasing you - you know I'm a fan)...


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      Re: 1/20 Long-Overdue Birthday TR

      Looks great so far!

      Keep 'em coming!


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        Re: 1/20 Long-Overdue Birthday TR

        awesome so far! can't wait for the rest! :thumbup:
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          Re: 1/20 Long-Overdue Birthday TR

          After some shenanigans in DCA, we came back to Disneyland for the Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour. We had a wonderful tour guide and an overall wonderful time. I would highly recommend this tour to all MCers! As a plus, we got to ride the Lilly Belle!

          Around the end of our trip, just before dinner, we ran into Jack.

          After this, he tried to plunder one of our fellow tour people's bags. When the guy caught him, Jack siad he was "inspecting" it. hehe

          The food was great, but we ate it all before we thought to take a picture lol. But I recommend the Walt's Chili Cheese Souffle.

          We also had priority seating for Blue Bayou, and as I was meeting another couple as well for this, I just wanted to enjoy the meal and not be phot-happy.

          I ordered the Alaskan King Crab Legs, which were delicious. I also appreciated how the legs were cut, so it wasn't all complicated as it is in seafood restaraunts.

          I ordered also the wedge salad, but I don't like blue cheese. I think because of the lack of cheese, overall there was a lack of flavor without. Blue Bayou needs to offer other cheeses or dressings to accompany this salad.

          Since it was my birthday, the CMs from the BB actually made me a birthday card and signed it. I thought it was a very sweet touch.

          Our waiter was wonderful, and since they were out of certain things for the complimentary b-day dessert, I got my choice of the dessert offerings on the menu. I tried the creme brulees, which were amazing.

          Overall I was very happy with what BB had to offer, and although many people are bashing it's name on this board, I rate it 9/10.

          I also enjoyed Rockin', and went on Rockin' Space Mountain twice that day.

          So sue me

          Anyhow, it was one of the best trips I had. Hope you liked my TR!


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            Re: 1/20 Long-Overdue Birthday TR

            The Pork tasted like candy it twas awesomeness and a half
            ~Ah, the wonderful sight of the fabled Apocalypse. Now appearing in Disney's Toontown!~


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              Re: 1/20 Long-Overdue Birthday TR

              Excellent report! I really enjoyed both story and pictures. Very well done!

              God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


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                Re: 1/20 Long-Overdue Birthday TR

                Loved the report!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour...we took it in June 2005 and I almost died when I got to step into the Club 33 elevator! :lol:


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                  Re: 1/20 Long-Overdue Birthday TR

                  Great story and pictures!

                  Yester-Plaid was probably my favorite!
                  How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
                  :monkey: :monkey:


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                    Re: 1/20 Long-Overdue Birthday TR

                    great report! I'm also a fan of rockin' space mountain, and the blue bayou, so I won't sue you.


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                      Re: 1/20 Long-Overdue Birthday TR

                      how much does it cost (if any) to take the Walt tour?
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                        Re: 1/20 Long-Overdue Birthday TR

                        Cool pics!! I saw that fiddler in Frontierland last time I was there and he had some girls trying out the lasso while he fiddled. It was pretty entertaining.

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                          Re: 1/20 Long-Overdue Birthday TR

                          Originally posted by blondiethesounds View Post
                          how much does it cost (if any) to take the Walt tour?
                          I'm not sure of the exact price, but it's around 45-50 bucks, check the website.


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