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Matt Ouimet - Please Read

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  • Matt Ouimet - Please Read

    Let's say you had the opportunity to say something, right here and now, to Disneyland Resort President Matt Ouimet. What would you say?


    Dear Cast Member Matt,

    Disneyland looks great for its 50th anniversary. The newly painted buildings make the park look spectacular again. The new additions to the older attractions are great (ie. the floating Leota in the Haunted Mansion and the piranha in the Jungle Cruise etc.). The new fireworks show is wonderful (Tinkerbell is amazing). Astro Blasters is a fun attraction and is very repeatable.

    On the other hand, I would love to see Innoventions replaced with something that resembles its predecessor, America Sings. Innoventions is a large rotating commercial and quite boring. Also, the old Peoplemover attraction deserves to return to the park. There is a generation of guests who don't even know what the track is for...

    Your Cast Members are hard working and help make the guest experience magical.

    Thank you for your genuine interest in keeping Disneyland Park sparkling. Keep up the good work on the park, Matt.

    Brad (Gemini Cricket)


    Let's hear your letter to Matt Ouimet. Keep it serious, he may just read this thread.

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    Dear Matt,
    Thanks for all of the improvements that you have made to Disneyland Park since you took over as President. It is wonderful to see the Park in such great shape for her 50th birthday.
    There are a few things that I would like to bring to your attention, from the guest's perspective...
    (1) I have visited the Park recently and it seems that Disneylands food service is not what it has been in the past. Waiting in line 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour for a hamburger and fries is a problem, especially since most of us visiting the Park probably wait too long to eat anyways.
    (2) Why is it that guests who stay at hotels of the Disneyland Resort don't have guaranteed entrance into Disneyland Park? With all due respect to Disney's California Adventure, why would somebody be staying at a Disneyland Resort Hotel if they weren't going to visit Disneyland Park? The way I see it, if a guest makes a decision to spend the extra money to stay at a Disney hotel, they should be guaranteed entry into the Disney park of their choice.
    There are other things that need attention such as Tomorrowland, but I am sure they are already being adddressed (or they will be in the letters to follow).
    I am actually quite pleased with the progress that has been made in the Park since you took over, and quite frankly, I don't want to criticize somebody who is tap dancing as fast as he can!
    Thanks again for all of your hard work, it is greatly appreciated.
    Charlie :wave:
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      Matt: Great start and look forward to many more improvements. We're behind you all the way!

      This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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        Dear Matt: Please figure out a way to fix the high turnover rate in foods right now due to the new "line" scheduling and union contract. By getting seasoned CMs in foods, it will solve the problem of slow lines, and CMs who are happy with their union will be happy to work harder. Once you solve this problem, many things will fall into place, including guest satisfaction ratings and overall park mood.
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          Thank you for being a champion of one of America's treasures; Disneyland. My family lives out of state and we have recently visited the Dinseyland Resort over an extended Memorial Day weekend vacation. We normally visit once a year and have noticed an appreciable improvement in several aspects of our visit.

          The park looks great! Thank you for your dedication to preserving Walt's legacy for me and my children. The park is an escape for us, but it's also a teaching tool for me to showcase what Walt Disney's dream was all about for my young kids.

          We enjoy going on attractions. Both old favorites like the Tiki Room (which looks fabulous) and new, high-quality attractions like Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters. The fact that you understand our desires to ride first and shop later is obvious and appreciated.

          I realize that the money is not always easy to come by, but you've done a fantastic job in putting into action a plan to restore the park to her greatness and keeping it constantly fresh for your local guests. They love you for it (at least the ones I've talked with) and you have their tacit blessing to continue down that path you've taken.

          I percieve that you have some challenges with the parks. On our most recent visit my son and I fell ill due to some suspect food served at Rancho de Zacolo. The amount of fast-food style locations versus table service restaurants is overbalanced, in my opinion. I would like to stay in either California Adventure or Disneyland while my family ate lunch or dinner, rather than leave to and return from Downtown Disney. I'm willing to pay for that convenience.

          Some of your longer-standing CMs see and approve of the positive changes within the park, but hope you can improve facilties backstage, specifically your infrastructure.

          Your cast members are well-trained and their customer service focus is a standard by which service organizations around the world should set their bar. In particular, the CMs at City Hall really are top shelf with all the types of folks they meet and how they can best care for the guests. However, even one the sweepers we met took time to make some Magic for us with a wonderful trivia contest that kept my family entertained during our visit. Bravo!

          I asked for you at City Hall over the weekend simply so that I could thank you in person for what you've done in your short tenure as President. I'm hopeful for the future of the park, and I haven't been able to say that for quite a while.

          God Bless You and Thanks again!
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            Thank you for not adding "New Management" to the Tiki room, docking the Mark Twain, or forgetting about the paint. Disneyland needs a new E-Ticket. While Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage might be it, the Big Thunder trails begs to be developed. You've done a great job so far, and if I ever meet you in person, the first round of Churros is on me.

            Your fan,


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              Dear Mr. Ouimet,
              Please turn on the wave machine in Paradise Pier once again and spruce up the surrounding atmosphere!


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                  Dear Matt:
                  Disneyland looks very nice ~ the 11th hour crunch to make everything sparkle was worth it, I think.

                  You know, Matt, the Electrical Parade needs to come home to Disneyland. That's where it belongs. And, while we're on the subject of returning things to where they belong...I'd like to see Country Bears Jamboree (vacation and holiday show, too) return to Critter Country. The subs need to return to the lagoon...the People Mover needs to be returned, the Tahitian Terrace (Show AND Restaurant) need to be returned (save story time for the local libraries), and send Tarzan back to the jungle. So many of these attractions were based on Walt's visions...I don't need to know who did what...that's old news....let's just get some of the classics back home ~ right where they belong.

                  Maybe someday we will meet ~ it would be an honor to have a chance to talk and share thoughts.

                  Thank you for remembering that Walt had a vision and it is everyone's responsibility and privilege to follow that dream!
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                    Dear Matt,

                    I'll take my kids to Disneyland in twenty years if you keep doing what you're doing.


                    PS. Please bring back the Villains Shop and different DL merchandise stores. Oh, and maybe spruce up Tomorrowland before I grow too old. Take out Innoventions, mayhaps?
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                      P.S. dump the new carrousel music.


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                        PPS. Get MiceChatters in for free. (ok not to derail the thread or anything)
                        Well, light travels from the sun. Then, bounces off of our planet, and back into our eyes so we can perceive color. My body can intercept that light and dance around on it!

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                          Dear Matt "The Omelette" Ouimet:

                          Please get me a bartending job anywhere in the Disneyland Resort. And make your last name easier to spell.

                          Thank you.


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                            Love these letters! I hope Cast Member Matt reads them.


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                              I've got three little letters for you..."C.E.O."
                              I only hope we never lose sight of one thing... that it was all started by a mouse!

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