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I have too much Disney stuff... DO YOU?!

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  • I have too much Disney stuff... DO YOU?!

    I have way too much Disney stuff! Map, posters, watches, fastpasses, newspaper ads, magazines, books, nic-nacs, jackets, shirts, park guides, vintage stuff!! I've got original attraction posters I can't even display because my walls are already covered with attraction posters :lol:
    I know I need to thin it out, but how do you start? I can't seem to stop accumulating Disneyland stuff. It's like I'm trying to recreate Disneyland at my house, but I just can't match the original. What to do? :confused:
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    too much?? Nonsense!
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      We boxed up ours and off to the garage did it go. We still have too much left in the house.

      This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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        I had to address this problem myself.

        I pared down my collection to very special stuff. Not just what was worth more, but stuff that meant alot to me emotionally. I made collages of napkins, programs, maps, fastpasses, Blue bayou reservation cards, and made nice scrap books. I framed all my nice pictures, and got rid of posters, and the cheaper tackier things that I was hanging on to. My husband made shelves going around our bedroom, and I have various momentos and framed photos on these shelves all around my room. I have hung on the walls a couple of framed cells, a framed rare 1957 pennant, and some nice framed Disney art now. Also, a framed map. It is all organized, and quite nice now. All my Disney watches are kept in a special Disney jewlery box, and a bookshelf for the scrapbooks, photo albums, and Disney books. You can do it!
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          Thin out? What is this prase of which you speak? My walls used to be a mish mash of all things, but now they are overtaken by DIsney. God I need my own place really soon, because it's spilling over. You don't need less stuff, you need a bigger place, obviously. J/K
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            In the immortal thoughts of George Carlin - we need bigger houses so we can hodl more stuff!

            Thin out - never - just supersize the house. Who needs things like couches, beds, and all the other stuff that wastes space.


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              ORGOCH: Good Lord!! Does this subject ever make a bat's wings beat?! If'n ya ever was ta come look see what's clutterin' up the rooms in a cauldron gal's cottage--back in Morva--it'd make ya sick ta yer stomach. It ain't 'nuff that Orwen's got ev'ry single princess doll ever made, she's got ev'ry one them there PVC critters linin' the shelves. Ain't no room fer cloths in HER closet. No, siree!! They's all over the floor. Has ta pick through piles each mornin' just ta git dressed!! Only her precious collection gits treated with any kind a respect! Oh! An' did I tell ya 'bout all them dang beanies she's got starin' down from the rafters? Anybody with this much stuff needs ta open her own STORE!! ('cept there ain't much call fer Disney in Morva.)


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                There's no such thing as "too much"! :-)


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                  I agree! Too Much Stuff???

                  I began collecting Disney 'way back in the '60s...and right now it's all in storage. This summer, my goal is to photograph everything, put together a memory album showcasing "Everything Disney" and then, maybe selling some of the stuff to put towards our son's college education.... we'll just have to wait and SEE if I can, indeed, part with ANYTHING!

                  But, too much Disney? NEVER!
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                    My husband says, when I pass away, he can make a fortune on E-Bay, but I say, "not until then"!
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                      i'm just starting to collect, its hard witha young family, but i hope someday i have a problem with to much stuff.
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                        eBay. Private auction. Count me in!

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                          I used to have a bunch of disney stuff growing up. I recently asked my mom where my old toys were and she said she got rid of them long ago. I was so upset because I had this castle that opens up with a slide and teacups and it had mickey mouse and the gang as weebles. I think there is one on display at the DL Hotel next to the ballroom. I did however manage to find the Mickey Mouse weeble.

                          But I don't have anything anymore except my old CM nametag, a EuroDisney opening day coin (I never went but a DL recruiter gave it to me when she was at my college ...way too long ago), my grad nite stuff, and a hat that is over 10 years old.