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Tuesday and the Napa Rose


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  • Tuesday and the Napa Rose

    My first post here...and it's about food...bad sign, I think.

    In any case, my wife and I found ourselves at Disneyland this past Tuesday (this seems to be happening more and more this coming Sunday) arrived at the park at 2:30, and, to our surprise, it was incredibly crowded. If I'm not mistaken, that was Mardi Gras, though I don't think Disneyland did anything to celebrate (unless I didn't hang out in NOS long enough?). Still, we had a wonderfully enjoyable day, managing to actually fit in 8 'rides'...which seems to be our number for a 'satisfying day'.

    When we first arrived, I ran over to the Napa Rose to see if they had any room in the evening. We were in luck, as they were able to slip us into the last available reservation they had. And what luck it was. Simply put, this was the (second) most incredible meal we've had at the park, and rates up there with our best meals of all time. The service was second to none (our waiter definintely understood food, and accomodated a few special requests), the wine was superb (though I admit, we sinned by ordering a french label), and the cocktails were excellent...but it was the food that was the highlight. Specifically, the lamb chops. I understand they have a very seasonal menu...I urge you, if you can find an excuse, get yourself there before the season is over and order the lamb, chops only, as on the menu it is "Lamb Two Ways (the other way, Osso Buco, was good, but not nearly the magic that were the chops).

    The rest of the meal was of the same caliber. My wife had the mushroom bisque, which was (shockingly) NOT laden with cream. Finally a chef that understands that cream should only be used in a bisque as a binder. My game bird cassiolet was as delicate as one could wish for, with each morsel being allowed to bring its own flavor.

    I really was stunned, as I truly did not expect that level of quality from a restaurant on a Disney property. Above I note that this is one of the best fine dining experiences I've had, which I believe to be no small praise as I've eaten my way across half the world. And, again, I urge you to make a point to let them serve you a meal (lamb!!!) soon.

    I suppose I should mention that they are not inexpensive. For cocktails, dinner for two (with appetizers and dessert) and two glasses of wine each at dinner (and a generous tip) the bill settled at $200. I suppose it was to make the value seem more mundane, but the bill did arrive in a nice, generic "Disney Parks" fold.

    Oh well, I guess I just wanted to rave about the meal, as I'm still having fond memories of it...then again, I'm also having fond memories of the corndog I had earlier that day.

    -AM who promises that he will one day tell his wife where to shoot Zurg on BLAB

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    Re: Tuesday and the Napa Rose

    Glad you enjoyed it and thanx for the review! I hope to oneday eat there!


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      Re: Tuesday and the Napa Rose

      Welcome to the site AMUSIX.

      I completely agree with you that the Napa Rose is a stellar restaurant. It consistently wins honors as one of the top restaurants in southern California for the very reasons that you cite above. The food is fantastic, the service spot on, and the ambiance hard to beat.

      We were also at the resort Wed night to celebrate Mardi Gras. Although we made reservations in advance for Brennan's Jazz Kitchen. This was also an amazing meal with great food and ambiance. Our only low was questionable service. The place doesn't seem to be able to keep quite the same high quality staff on hand. Although we have never been disappointed and come back time and again.

      There are quite a few fine dining choices at the resort these days:
      • Club 33 at Disneyland
      • Catal and Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney
      • Steakhouse 55 and Hooks Point at Disneyland Hotel
      • Some would say Yamabuki at Paradise Pier Hotel
      • and I think almost all would agree that Napa Rose leads the pack at the Grand Californian.
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        Originally posted by AMUSIX View Post
        My first post here...and it's about food...bad sign, I think.
        Ahh, don't worry about it. I post about food all the time, more than I probably should. Heck, I post reviews on our website, so you're not the only weirdo!

        I liked Lamb Two Ways as well, but my favorite is actually the lamb t-bone that they've had there on occasion. I first had them on a vintner's menu, and then I ordered them off the regular menu when it was on there.

        I loved the mushroom bisque as well.

        What did you have for dessert? They have the MOST AMAZING strawberry ice cream there. Made right there. I'm not a particular fan of strawberry ice cream, probably because no other strawberry ice cream has tasted as good. Very flavorful, little chunks of strawberries in it. I have forced various dinner companions to try it, and they've all been surprised at the amazing flavor. Did I mention they have really good strawberry ice cream?

        Our last visit was in mid-December, so hopefully, we'll be able to go back soon.

        Thanks for the review!


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          Re: Tuesday and the Napa Rose

          The mushroom bisque is my favorite! I'm going to see if the menu is the same the end of March as in Dec. If not, I will be there again. I keep a 'Napa Rose Fund' jar that I put my change in, that way I can save up for the 2 or 3 times I go a year.


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            Re: Tuesday and the Napa Rose

            All of the desserts they had on the menu were too heavy (cheesecake, creme brulee, etc) so we got the dessert from the vinter's menu, a scoop of lemon sorbet on a light lemon white cake with blackberries. Was fantastic, went perfectly with the wine, and capped off the meal nicely.

            I'm definintely going to find some reason to go back soon...though I don't think I can convince my wife that it's what I want to replace my old tradition of a foot-long at the end of the day (which I'm still upset with Disney for ruining).



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              Re: Tuesday and the Napa Rose

              My meal at Napa Rose was well worth the $80 per person we spent. The food is really an EXPERIENCE there. I'd say it's actually better than... you know... but I've gotta keep my comments family friendly.

              Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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                Re: Tuesday and the Napa Rose

                Hello and welcome. Sadly, I post about food all too often myself. I was just getting ready to come and post an inquiry about Yamabuki in fact.

                We went to the Napa Rose and loved it as well, although we sadly didn't have room for dessert. I had the blackberry braised shortrib when I was there last and that was to die for. Some really amazing food and outstanding service. Although, I think the service was rivaled at Hook's Point and the food was close in quality as well for a much less dear price.

                I would like to go back on our upcoming trip but I think we are going to have to go for a slightly less expensive option since we are currently planning a wedding. We were thinking about the Vineyard Room or Yamabuki since we have never been to either of those. I didn't even think about Steakhouse 55, I might have to add that to the list for consideration.

                What I wish is that there was some way to convince people who like fine dining but have never been to the Napa Rose to try it. I have recommended it to several people who have visited Anaheim and asked me for restaurant recommendations, but as soon as I said "at Disneyland Resort" I could see them instantly tune out. It's like they can't believe that there can be outstanding food anywhere near a theme park.


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                  Originally posted by lisaboo View Post
                  What I wish is that there was some way to convince people who like fine dining but have never been to the Napa Rose to try it. I have recommended it to several people who have visited Anaheim and asked me for restaurant recommendations, but as soon as I said "at Disneyland Resort" I could see them instantly tune out. It's like they can't believe that there can be outstanding food anywhere near a theme park.
                  Their loss if their prejudice keeps them away. Napa Rose is on the list of premiere restaurants in all of Orange County and has won many awards and accolades and has a renowned wine list as well.


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