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  • Sneaking Backstage...

    OK Disneyland Fans... I know you have thought about it... and most of you have done it... What backstage or off limit areas have you snuck into? Disneyland has LOTS of nooks and crannies... Where have you explored?

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    Well it wasn't DL but at Epcot a couple of years ago they were re-doing the bathrooms in Italy and left the construction wall door open. I went back there walking past 2 cms who only smiled and said hello. Unfortunately there wasn't anything intersesting to see just backsides of very utilitarian looking buildings. After a few minutes of walking around I had nightmere daydreams of being banned from Disney for life and quickly went back to the park. To only thing cool was how much open land there is back there for expansion.


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      Never done it. Alwasy thought it would ruin the time I spend at the parks. Even when I was walked off Splash Mountain, I have blocked most of the memory from my head.


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        Prepare for a big story...

        I have snuck backstage at NOS over the train tracks and entered the Pirates building behind the fire scene. Behind the west chiller plant and over to the HM and enetered the building through a door behind the hallway scene, along with the ladder leading to the rafters above the ride. I've driven a DLR golf cart from DL to DCA, entered DCA after closing hours and drove through the park. Walked through Alice in Wonderland after hours, along with cllimbing to the top of the matterhorn after hours. Walked through SpaceMountain durring maintinance times afterhours. Looked through Sorrin' behind the screen. Walked through Splash Mountain durring a rehab. Driven a maintinance boat through the Sub chambers and climbed inside the Subs while they were just mothballed. Walked through the Inoventions tunnel that leads from the back of Inoventions to the north side of Buzz Lightyears.

        Once I crossed over on the west side from NOS and noticed some limos, I was with a ODV CM and he said that they were for the Head of The National Security Agency. Hmmm? If I could get backstage durring such a event, who else could.

        When it comes to going backstage, just remember. Look like you belong, pick up a used costume on eBay and even a name badge. Take a radio scanner and listen to the Security Ops channel and be sure you aren't being talked about. "Suspicious Activity" Have some keys on your belt, a leatherman, and a clean cut haircut. NO JEANS, Tennis Shoes, or T-Shirts. If you can't find a costume, just wear some black dickies pants and a black shirt. Do your research, read Mousetails and 101 things you didn't know about DL.

        Remember, if security picks you up. They can press charges of trespassing or just kick you off property. An if your a AP holder.... say BYE BYE for at least 1 year.

        -Tech Services DLR-

        <- You don't think thats a real ID card. PS: My name isn't Steven!


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          [Public Service Announcement]
          By the way, I guess someone should say it, you shouldn't sneak backstage. You could get caught, kicked out and ultimatetly you'd just ruin the magic for yourself.

          And now back to the regularly scheduled programming...


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            DO NOT ENTER BACKSTAGE AREAS. This is for your safety and continued enjoyment of the park. Do not create, use or possess falsified ID's or costumes, you will be arrested. Let's think about this shall we? We live in a world where terrorism is a reality. The resort has, as have many public places, step up their security. If you are found in a restricted area imagine the trouble you would be in. And yes you will have spoiled the magic for yourself. If you really want to see backstage apply for a job at the park. TechnicalServicesDLR, your posts have been forwarded to management. We will be watching for you.


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              Um, this topic is a little too inappropriate for the public forums. I'm afraid I'm going to have to end this discussion. To those of of you who posted how-to manuals on backstage sneakery, and to others who claimed to have ratted people out to Disney, tsk tsk and tsk.


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