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CLub Buzz cast gets the pink slips


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    Wasn't part of the issue pre TL98 that all the local kids and AP'ers were converging around the terrace and virtually forcing the guests away. I know drugs and alcohol had become a major issue around those parts as the so-called "groupies" hung out. It had always been my belief as to why the cover bands and such left and along came Club Buzz.
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      I know I know.. lets all agree and have them put something thats "tommorow" looking maybe something that is the future. I hardly agree Buzz was anything.. Hahaha The Buzz show sucked butt..That show was soo budgeted (in other words cheap), unimaginative, and sad looking of a show. My daughter didnt really pay attention to it. Any show like that cant be done in the open like that or in such a small area with barely any props.. nothinglike snow white where the whole stage and surroundsing matched the show. They should bring back that band..Fab Four..they are awesome.. Their a Beatles cover band.. I wish they would jsut tear down that awful looking thing that sits ontop and around the stage and put that freakin observatron on there and put the rockets back were they belong and bring back people mover... ok wishfull thinking.. theyll probably keep it as club buzz and just have new bands...or worse another area to buy food or another store.. aaaahhhhh But i doubt that with CM Matt around... :bow:
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        How about this idea? A live action version of the Carousel of Progess? After all, this is the best time of our lives...


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          My kids enjoyed it, and I enjoyed it with them. I am always glad to see new things, but I am one of the ones who sees no reason to slam the show, and more so, ZERO reason to slam the CM's who worked on it or in it. How insulting.


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            At least its not a brown turd colored tomorrowland, Its now Matallic sparkly! I liked it im sad to see it go but im waiting on whats going on the stage next.
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              My friend and I (we're actors) loved the show... just as a reminder to be grateful for the projects we are not doing... My hats off to the cast.

              So I just wrote to the friend about this development, and here was his reply:

              "I'm doing the "To infinity...and beyooooooond" hand motion right now, in memory of poor Starla.
              It would be totally awesome if, in the last show, she failed to free the posessed Buzz Lightyear and he cracked her head in. 'Sorry, kids, I guess that was Starla's last show!'"


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                Ugh! Poor Zurg in that show. He's an awesome, funny villain in the BLoSC cartoon, and he was basically reduced to being confined to the stage like a robot. (I think? He didn't seem to walk around at all...) Glad the show is gone.


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