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Jan. trip questions: refurb schedules, hotel rates, crowds, etc.


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  • Jan. trip questions: refurb schedules, hotel rates, crowds, etc.

    We have an approximate date set for our next DLR trip, which unfortunately isn't until January 2008. I graduate from the UW at the end of 2007, so we're going to wait until I'm out of school. Our trips down to CA are usually to visit my boyfriend's family, with a trip to Disneyland as an incidental part of it since his sister works there, but this time we're going to celebrate my graduation, which means I can demand at least two days in the park! (I really need to back off on the excitement, it occurs to me, or it'll be all used up by the time the trip actually rolls around.) Anyway! I have questions, having never made a January trip to the park, and I know all of you lovely people have answers for me, because you're so awesome like that.

    1. Refurb schedules! Obviously, we don't know yet what attractions will be down in Jan. 2008, but it seems like certain attractions are often down around the same time every year. (Example: we usually make our annual trip in Sept. or Oct, and two of the last three years, the Matterhorn has been down for maintenance while we're there.) Are there any particular attractions likely to be down in January?

    2. Hotel rates! Although we stay with my boyfriend's sister, I really really want to save up and spend a night at one of the Disneyland hotels, just for the experience. Ideally, a night at the Grand Californian, followed by Storyteller's breakfast, and then a quick stroll across to Disneyland when it opens. (And we'll get the Family and Friends discount.) However, when I went to go check out hotel rates on the DL website, if you want to make a reservation any later than Jan. 2nd, they tell you to call them instead. Anyone know about what prices I'd be looking at for any of the three resort hotels in January? I'm assuming that past New Year's, it'll be one of the cheaper times of the year...

    3. Crowds! Obviously, avoid New Year's, and January should be pretty slow... Any other times to avoid?

    Thanks in advance for the help, everyone. I'm hoping I'll be there during a meet...

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    Re: Jan. trip questions: refurb schedules, hotel rates, crowds, etc.

    1. Refurb Schedule, Haunted Mansion should close on Monday January 7th, maybe a few days later, and it's a small world will close a week or two later, along with other rides that need refurbs, but the first two are always done to remove the Holiday overlays.

    2. Hotel Rates and other info for 2008 are not usually released until October.

    3. The first week of January has been VERY busy, as many schools have changed their schedules to make sure they don't return until after Three Kings Day to prevent absences. Since that is January 6th, there is a good chance that some schools will not return on 7th, as many of these folks have left the country and have to return home, some schools might not even go back to school until January 14th.

    Also, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Monday the 21st, tends to be a very busy three day weekend.

    But avoid that first full week of January, it has been so busy, Disney extended its Christmas events thru the entire first week due to the large crowds they got.

    Also don't forget, that Disney starts it discounted tickets after the first week, with things like Adults at the Kids Price and the 2fer tickets, which helps brings additional folks into the park.
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      Re: Jan. trip questions: refurb schedules, hotel rates, crowds, etc.

      Eek, I forgot all about Haunted Mansion going down to remove its overlay. How long does that normally take? (I've never even been on the non-Nightmare version...)

      Thank you for the info, especially about school schedules... I'm thinking probably the second full week of Jan., the week before MLK Day (which I'd also forgotten about.)


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        Re: Jan. trip questions: refurb schedules, hotel rates, crowds, etc.

        Hi, we just went this Jan. I think it was the second week. We went during the week and there was no crowds. This was the coldest trip we took weather wise. We had taken other trips including in December and people were wearing shorts, but in January it was cold and windy. We decided on a Monday to go and left on Tuesday. Hotel rates were very reasonable, although we did not stay at the Disneyland Hotel. It was a great time to go just very cold.
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          Re: Jan. trip questions: refurb schedules, hotel rates, crowds, etc.

          We were there from January 28th thru the 30th. Unfortunately, I was a few hours too late for the anniversary meet.

          We were able to walk on to rides both Monday and Tuesday. Very light crowds. It tried to rain on Tuesday, but compared to what we get in Oregon, it didn't slow us down.

          I'm not sure about the friends and family rates, but AP rates for that same time were $129 at Paradise Pier and $189 for Grand Californian. Can't remember for Disneyland Hotel, but it was between the two.

          Have a great time! We'll be there again next year at this time.


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            Re: Jan. trip questions: refurb schedules, hotel rates, crowds, etc.

            Splash Mountain is pretty regular with its late January downtime.


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