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What have you complained about to City Hall?


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  • What have you complained about to City Hall?

    We all see things go on, but usually don't report because we either:
    A: Don't want to get involved
    B: Don't want to march all the way up there
    C: Just mind your own business

    But how many of you have actually reported things? Major or minor, what have you reported? I haven't but I have seen reportable offenses.
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    Re: What have you complained about to City Hall?

    Another possible answer, at least for me, is D: Don't have the time.

    I live and work near DLR and sometimes during long breaks I like to go on a couple of rides. There have been a couple times I would have liked to complain about something but just didn't have the time to do it.


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      Re: What have you complained about to City Hall?

      Usually we only go to City Hall to comment on a CM about GOOD THINGS. But this one particular evening - July 26, 2005, in fact - my wife hit the park for some fun.

      Summertime - so that said, we ened up parking on the top of the parking structure. And the CM parked 3 SUV's right next to each other! Why would he not space them out - we thought. But, we followed his orders....and when we parked...not 5 second later - "WHAM"! The SUV next ot ours (we were the middle one of the three I mentioned) slammed his door right into our right front fender! I was outraged! He apologized all over the place and we exchanged insurance. I looked for the CM to tell him what had happened - parking three large SUV's next to each other was not wise. They are 'parking us' so they should be able to space us and then put smaller vehicles in the unused spaces.

      So, we were pretty upset - since we had bought our SUV brand new and it was only 6 months old.

      Anyway, we took our complaint to City Hall........and they apologized all over the place. They ended up giving us a FastPass for 5 Attractions of our that was cool..........and through insurances...we ended up getting the ding fixed....
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        Re: What have you complained about to City Hall?

        I've never been upset enough to make an official complaint. I've sometimes been smarmy to cast members who are rude or jerky to me personally, but I have a remarkable ability to let things slide off my back while at Disneyland

        For example, True story:

        Cast Member: Hey! You can't go there!
        Me: Sorry, but the lady behind the counter,
        Cast Member: Did you hear what I said?
        Me: yeah, but the lady behind the counter said to wait here.
        Cast member: Did you hear what I said?
        Me: Yes, I heard you, but I heard her first?
        Cast member: Her? She? Who was she?
        Me: Your mom! (I start to walk away mumbling) stupid, stupid pound sign "at" exclamation point... (I see the Matterhorn) Oh!!! let's ride the Matterhorn! Let's go! Tomorrowland side!!! WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
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          Re: What have you complained about to City Hall?

          I always complain that I had too much fun!

          Hopefully, it makes their day a little nicer.

          This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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            Re: What have you complained about to City Hall?

            What a refreshingly positive thread.

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              Re: What have you complained about to City Hall?

              I hate when the clouds are too puffy, and I let them know about it.


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                Re: What have you complained about to City Hall?

                I complained once because a cast member had an accent that I couldn't understand, he should have been fired.

                I also complained because a crowd control cast member yelled at me to get to the right side of the path because I was blocking on coming people, I was only there for like 5 minutes!

                I once complained because my napkin didn't have the Disney emblem on it when I ate at Redd Rocket's.

                I also complained because I saw chipped paint in a washroom in New Orleans Square.

                I complained because an anamatronic bee in Splash Mountain was only semi- working.

                I complained because I wasn't impressed with Rockin Space Mountain.

                I complained that there was a crack on Main Street's asphalt.

                I complained that one light bulb was burnt out on Main Street.

                I complained because a cast member said to exit my car instead of my rocket cruiser.

                I complained because an attraction was down for refurbishment during my visit. How on earth was I supposed to find out ahead of time???!


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                  Re: What have you complained about to City Hall?

                  Originally posted by Max Fischer View Post
                  I hate when the clouds are too puffy, and I let them know about it.


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                    Re: What have you complained about to City Hall?

                    Over 4 decades:

                    A few complaints about rude Cast Members.

                    A few complaints about Cast Members that did not perform their role in the show with much enthusiasm, and suggested more training.

                    A few complaints about change in policy.

                    A few complaints about removal of Park elements (attractions, restaurants, etc).

                    A few complaints about poor appearance of certain Park elements.

                    A few complaints about potential safety issues.

                    Lately I've been complaining more and more about food operations. Decreasing selection of menu items. Lack of affordable options. Too many locations closed too early or not open at all.

                    Mostly I use City Hall for compliments. But you didn't ask for info about those.


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                      Re: What have you complained about to City Hall?

                      I try to compliment, seeing as how I have more good days at Disneyland then bad.

                      I've just complained about Cast Members with bad or indifferent attitudes. I used to work there, I know anyone can have a bad day, but you leave that stuff backstage.
                      I also complain that they should put the dome up on colder days.
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