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Fun at the Parks: The Famous PSH [text heavy]


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  • Fun at the Parks: The Famous PSH [text heavy]

    Since tomorrow is Saturday, and since so many people liked the idea the first time, for your viewing and interactive pleasure...
    The famous Photo Scavenger Hunt!!
    This is not quite the original list. I edited it slightly (like taking out the inside joke photos, rephrasing some of the more bizare things, and taking the things that could get you banned from a ride [there were two of those and I didn't realize it at the time] and the ones I added originally as special requests from friends).
    I printed this on one sheet of paper, double-sided, in two columns with the body font being size 10 Arial and the title font font being 18 Walt Disney Script. On all the Arial font, I added small check boxes, which can be added with right-click, bullets and numbering, and selecting the check box.

    Main Street, U.S.A.
    -A shot of it’s a small world as seen from the DISNEYLAND RAILROAD
    -The brontosaurus on the DISNEYLAND RAILROAD
    -One of us playing piano and/or with the piano player at the COCA-COLA CORNER
    -The sign for the dentist's office including laughing gas advertisement
    -Esmerelda the gypsy fortune teller machine in the PENNY ARCADE
    -The flames coming out of the god of fire at THE TIKI ROOM
    -The backside of water on the JUNGLE CRUISE
    -A picture of the forbidden eyes on INDIANA JONES
    -A picture of the giant stone ball on INDIANA JONES
    -The view from the top of TARZAN’S TREEHOUSE
    New Orleans Square
    -A photo of the group with Jack Sparrow
    -Jack Sparrow on his throne on PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN
    -The parrot skeleton wearing the nightcap on PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN
    -THE HAUNTED MANSION standby time at 13 minutes
    -The ghostly face on the HAUNTED MANSION in Madame Leota's circle
    -The NEW ORLEANS SQUARE Pirate band
    Critter Country
    -A picture of a group member on the MARK TWAIN RIVERBOAT as it passes as seen from The Hungry Bear Restaurant balcony
    -A picture of the group on the balcony of the Hungry Bear Restaurant as seen from the passing MARK TWAIN RIVERBOAT
    -Picture of our group with whoever is in POOH’S CORNER
    -The three mounted heads from The Country Bear Jamboree on POOH
    -The American flag circa the 1800s in the fort entrance area
    -The “Westward Ho!” wagon
    -The dinosaur as seen while on BIG THUNDER
    -The goat in the BIG THUNDER BBQ and/or The AA goat as seen while on BIG THUNDER
    -The fish jumping out of the lake across from BIG THUNDER MOUNTIAN
    -Whatever form of identification is floating in the mini-pond at BIG THUNDER
    -The “an actor’s life for me” sign on PINOCCHIO’S DARING JOURNEY
    -it’s a small world tilting head to our right
    -The D-I-S-N-E-Y blocks on PETER PAN’S FLIGHT
    -Steam blowing out of the whale on STORYBOOKLAND CANAL BOATS
    -The view from the outside upper level leaf on ALICE IN WONDERLAND
    -Darth Vader shaking his fists in the JEDI TRAINING
    -A non-blurry shot of the Yeti on THE MATTERHORN
    -Tom Morrow in person in INNOVENTIONS
    -The statue in the Car Park on AUTOPIA
    -The “goose robot” in line for STAR TOURS
    -The Starcade sign outside of the exit for SPACE MOUNTAIN
    -C-3PO on the ledge outside of the star cruiser in STAR TOURS
    Toon Town
    -Someone in TOONTOWN JAIL
    -A stranger behind the gas tank through the fishbowl at GOOFY’S GAS
    -A shot of DONALD’S BOAT HOUSE as seen from GADGET’S GO-COASTER
    -Someone opening the door to the POWER COMPANY
    -The musical instrument fountain
    -The wall of license plates in ROGER RABBIT
    Hollywood Pictures Backlot
    -Boo’s door on MONSTER’S INC.
    -Roz on MONSTER’S INC.
    -A picture of the “Award wiener in a supporting role” sign
    -Hollywood Backlot painted street sunset
    -One of us hugging a bellhop from the TOWER OF TERROR
    -TOWER OF TERROR “13 days without an accident” sign
    -Three (or more) separate “Twilight Zone” series references on TOWER OF TERROR
    A Bug’s Land
    -The one four-leaf clover in FLIK’S FUN FAIR
    -Two bumper cars in mid-head-on-collision on TUK AND ROLL’S BUMPER CARS
    -Someone in the middle of the fountain in A BUG’S LAND
    Condor Flats/Fisherman’s Warf
    -PUSH on duty
    -The BOUDIN BAKERY sign from directly below
    -The big bear in front of GRIZZLY RIVER RUN
    -The photo of Amelia Earnheart from the queue of SOARIN’ OVER CALIFORNIA
    Paradise Pier
    -A non-blurry shot of the restaurant across the water from the SUN WHEEL from a moving gondola
    -A mid-loop shot as seen while on CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN’ or a mid-loop shot of the train as seen from the ground on CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN'
    -The broken billboard on MULHULLAND MADNESS
    -A non-Haunted Mansion hidden Mickey
    -Someone sitting next to the Eurotrash Lego guy at the LEGO STORE in DOWNTOWN DISNEY
    -The most expensive thing available at the CRYSTAL KIOSK in DOWNTOWN DISNEY
    -A stranger getting their hair wrapped at the kiosk in DOWNTOWN DISNEY
    -The “no disco dancing” sign on any ride
    -Mickey Mouse holding up a sign that says “A7X RULES!!!!”
    -Someone we know in costume and on shift
    -A woman wearing heels
    -Someone getting their face superimposed on a photo in either the STAR TRADER or the PHOTO KIOSK in DOWNTOWN DISNEY
    -A backstage or behind-the-scenes shot of a ride/attraction
    -An Asian tour group leader with an umbrella
    -Another Micechatter (the meet doesn't count!!)
    -The golden spike
    -A stained glass window
    -A Davis, Blair, Coats, etc. piece (the Davis on POTC doesn't count)
    -A sleeping child in a stroller
    -A Cast Member whose name tag says a different country of origin
    -A random group of people posing for someone else’s picture
    -A main hub dedication brick in honor of the date April 29 of any year
    -A sweeper cast member giving us a thumbs up
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    Re: Fun at the Parks: The Famous PSH [text heavy]

    That is a good list but PUSH is at DCA now so you might need to move the question.


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      Re: Fun at the Parks: The Famous PSH [text heavy]

      Sounds like fun!
      Good morning, son
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        Re: Fun at the Parks: The Famous PSH [text heavy]

        Me reading the list I miss about ten photo.
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