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First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)


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  • First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)

    I awoke in my LA county residence at about 9, seeing as it takes me a good two hours to get ready to go anywhere. By just after 11, I was in the car and heading towards Anaheim. Due to what I deem the universe trying to make me miss the meet (aka every stoplight we came in contact with going red on us), I arrived just after noon at the hub only to be greeted by hugs...from Fishy!!! I stood there looking stunning for a bit as I quietly surveyed the group.
    I would like to say now that I apologize for forgetting everyone's names, MC sn's or otherwise.

    Quite a turnout. And it was still fairly early.

    Our Jedia Padawan escort arrived. I didn't know we needed lightsaber protection from the masses, this is some exclusive group I've gotten myself involved in!!

    After a few more minutes of waiting for stragglers, I was informed that we were heading over to DCA's Pizza Oom Mow Mow for lunch, because it got a new menu and was usually pretty unoccupied and could therefore accomodate this large of a group.

    Over in DCA. No cheerleaders in this shot--I ain't no hollaback girl!

    The unoccupied Pizza Oom Mow Mow was, in fact, quite occupied. I was told LIES!!!!! (kidding, no one could predict that because it was noon it would be busy since it was an air conditioned buidling)

    /lunch. I was popular today because my phone kept ringing, and being the polite person I am, I dashed outside each time to answer it. Five times. T_T...anyway. At about this point WeWantsTheRed'ead and my two non-MC'er friends Bre and Paul showed up.

    Us loitering outside, waiting for the next move for the now 20-something count group. With the top of WeWants' head randomly in there.

    We walked around the construction side of PP, only to end up at the Cove Bar. Surprise surprise. Us being underage, and my and WeWant's sensing Paul's and Bre's discomfort at being with complete and utter strangers, we bid the group farewell as we headed over to...TOWER!!!
    The line was actually very long, considering I'm used to being able to wait standby in the middle of the afternoon and get on and off the ride in under 30 minutes.

    Bre, Paul, and WeWants in line for Tower. After taking, WeWants asked,"Did I look angry enough there? If not we're gonna hafta take that one again."

    Paul and Bre, Bre showing off WeWants' awesome Purim-festival-won sunglasses.
    I decided not to do a true constant photo-snapping TR, since Bre and Paul weren't used to my Disneyland quirks.
    This was Bre's first time on Tower ever, so I pulled a bit of my bellhop imitation and refused to tell her anything about the ride. We were about to be ushered into the uppers library (the left one) when I noticed our grouper was one of my favorite bellhops: Shaun, aka Igor! I bid him hello and he took half a second to remember me ("Checking in again, I see?") before we dashed over to to library. I took up the Tower expert persona that I get with ToT Newbies and I pointed out all the Twilight Zone references I could before the show started.
    Bre was shaking by the time we got into the boiler room corridor, but me and WeWants weren't phased and pulled our regular schtick:
    (entire thing said far too loudly for all to hear)
    Me: Look! That sign says it's been 13 days without an accident!
    WeWants: Looks like we're about due for another one, now aren't we?
    (both cackle like crazy people)

    My favorite poem. Not just because I found it on the ride, either.
    Bre refused to go on again, even though the rest of us were up for it. Poor girl, she got off shaking...which might have been becuase of my "Just make sure you wear your seatbelt, if you don't you could die on the ride" safety warning. Which is true, actually.

    I do believe she was about to cry in that picture. But at least she did it once, that's all I ask.
    This is a bit lengthy, so more to come en unos pequeno momentos...
    dreams. come. true.

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    First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders) Part Deux

    After getting some smoothies from Schmoozies because we were a bit peckish (which, as Paul pointed out, "is eating and drinking at the same time!") we went back over parkside to Fantasyland for some carousel action. I noticed something slightly disturbing while waiting for our turn (bad pun):

    The mouse
    What the crap? The ride goes down for refurb and suddenly his feather is replaced by a whip? (Warning: Disney Geekiness about to be shown) The feather was a reference to the movie, since Dumbo thought he couldn't fly without "magic", but then he takes off without it and his little mouse buddy is all,"Dumbo, you're flying on your own!"
    True Disney hope found there: You can do whatever you dream of doing on your own!
    But now, instead of "You can fly on your own!" the mouse is basically saying "Fly faster or you get it!"
    After me flipping out about that the entire time we were within direct sight of Dumbo, we ran over to the Teacups for a bit of dizzying fun (and for them to escape my random complaints). WeWants pulled out the best makeup product in the universe, Lip Venom. For those of you who have no idea what this is, it is a lip gloss that is extremely minty-smelling and burns about five minutes after putting it on. Which makes it the best because WeWants and I have serious issues. Bre tried some, and she decided it would be fun if Paul had some on, too.

    He felt his masculinity diminishing, so he tried to get WeWants sick on the spinning dishes of doom. He failed.
    We went over to IASW, but the line was far too long for a ride that would drive Paul to twitching, so we headed off to ToonTown.

    WeWants' favorite effect, the fish gas pumps, were gone. Sadness.

    Paul has never gone through Mickey's house, so we did that, only to find ourselves in an extremely long and slow-moving line. We dashed out the "return to ToonTown" door....and it was Cheesy to the rescue!! One of my oldest friends, working Mickey's Movie Barn that day, got us in through the exit.

    The group+Mickey and Cheesy!!! He is one of the best people in existance.

    A tribute to my absent friend Betty.
    After a bit more wandering, we ate at the mexican restaurant in Frontierland that has a name I can never remember. That had an eventful talk, filling in Paul and Bre about how WeWants and I are such best friends that even though we know everything about each other, we still talk every day. And that there have been days where conversations end with "...well...nothing new is going me in three days, we should have something to talk about then."
    Bre's mom wanted us to ride Pirates with her, but the line was disgustingly long, so we headed off to Mansion. That line was long but moving, so we dashed into a quickly leaving stretching gallery. Paul observed that it started going down too quickly after the doors closed, but I thought nothing of it, and neither did anyone else. We went into the hallway (with me grumbling loudly about the lack of AprilDecember going on inside Mansion, how the only place you can see her is on the mini pirates stage outside in the cold) to find it packed and unmoving. I thought nothing of it, I had seen it in worse sardine conditions around the holidays, and then suddenly we started moving towards the loading be told that Mansion was 101 and that we needed to leave asap.
    Oh well, excitement! It was a new experience to be ushered into an all balck hallway and back into the night.

    I would be my paranormal investigator self and point out the fact that there are a few orbs in this picture, but I feel that more likely it was just dust and that the "haunted" thing with this ride is a bit overkill.

    The girl screamed right after I took the picture. The flash went off thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? Oh yeah, she's a vampire.
    We decided that it was time to return to DCA, and Bre had her little brother in tow. We had recieved the blessing of two unsued, active fastpasses for Tower from an exiting guest, so WeWants and I bid Paul and Bre goodbye at Monsters as we went to use the FP's. Out front of Tower was Shaun and my other bellhop buddy Shawn, who after a few minutes of begging let me wear his hat!

    I put on my best bellhop face for the picture, but instead of looking menacing I just looked tired and angry. Which I guess is still fitting. Shawn let us through without taking our FP's, thinking I that we were going to go around more than once and that he would still be there when we did so, but we were leaving at 8 and didn't have enough time. So instead we went over to Monsters where our friend James looked pretty lonely standing out front. We kept him company until he was bumped and we got the call that our ride was there.

    Overall an uneventful day aside from the meet, but still fun!
    Zhe end!
    Last edited by CaitlinMcFly; 03-05-2007, 02:38 PM.
    dreams. come. true.


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      Re: First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)

      Nice report! So, what was the new menu?
      Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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        Re: First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)

        Originally posted by BFJen View Post
        Nice report! So, what was the new menu?
        ...nothing, actually.
        dreams. come. true.


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          Re: First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)

          Nice TR, liked the 101 pictures from HM.

          "I dream of the day when you can go to a drive through, purchase alcohol, tobacco, and bullets, and use them all before you get home" -- Dogbert


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            Re: First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)

            great trip report, thanks for sharing!


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              Re: First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)

              Great TR!!
              It was nice to meet you and your friends!
              Good morning, son
              In twenty years from now
              Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
              And I can tell you 'bout today
              And how I picked you up and everything changed
              It was pain
              Sunny days and rain
              I knew you'd feel the same things...



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                Re: First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)

                Originally posted by NeverNeverland View Post
                Great TR!!
                It was nice to meet you and your friends!
                Yeah we're psychos. Sorry about that.
                dreams. come. true.


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                  Re: First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)

                  The water gas pumps in Toontown have been leaking bad for awhile. Glad to see that they have finally done something about it and HOPEFULLY they will make a return. Great TR.. looks like everyone had a great time ...


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                    Re: First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)

                    Great TR, looks like fun was had by all.


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                      Re: First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)

                      Great TR and a pleasure to meet you. We will be seeing you at other meets right.
                      Originally posted by lazyboy97O
                      How is a state religion bad, but state medicine good?
                      Originally posted by steamboatpete
                      Anyone who makes the decision to depend upon the government to take care of their basic needs has essentially doomed himself to a life of bitter disappointment.


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                        Re: First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)

                        Yay! Great report and very cool to meet you yesterday! Unless we met before. Which is entirely possible. Then it was great to see you again!
                        How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
                        :monkey: :monkey:


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                          Re: First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)

                          Great TR! That's cool that you got to see parts of backstage.
                          -Jack :geek:
                          Doc Brown had 2 Deloreans!


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                            Re: First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)

                            Great Report! Nice meeting you yesterday.


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                              Re: First Sunday Meet: A Mini TR 3/4 (sans cheerleaders)

                              Awesome TR!


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