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AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)


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  • AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

    **Do not fear, my pics usually dont work for the first hour or so. If you cant see my pics, check back a little bit later**

    OK, once again, I couldn’t have needed a trip to DL more than this weekend. As some people know, I totaled my car about a week and a half ago so I wasn’t able to go that weekend. And then on Saturday, my cat died due to heart problems that his breed are known for (We weren’t told this) I begged my dad to use his car on Sunday so I could at least go for a couple of hours just so that I could get out of the house.

    I was heading to the park with expectations of there being some crowds due to the Cheerleading competition going on that weekend.
    I got to the Timon lot and drove straight to the parking booth :yea:

    I noticed that the lot was empty which meant it had yet to open so they were probably going to send me to the structure which I was fine with

    I knew there were going to be crowds today when the turning lane to the DLH and parking structure stretched back to GCH

    It went by soooo slow

    I finally got into the structure and parked on Mickey (he didn’t get out of the way when I honked so it is basically his fault)

    As I was locking my car, I had that feeling like I was forgetting something (I get those feelings a lot) but I did a quick check *Wallet, cell phone, iPod, and gum. I am good!*
    I went down the escalators only to find this…

    I was sure that I would find at least ONE Mice Chatter in all of this mess, but I didn’t

    The trams were going extra slow today until they brought 2 or 3 more out which helped a lot

    I finally got on the tram and got that forgetful feeling again. So I checked my wallet and looked inside and guess what I found… NO PASS! :verymad: :rant: :!$#%: (I left it in the car when I got my parking)

    I stayed on the tram so I could go back to my car

    I got off the tram and had my first celebrity sighting at the park… MATT HAMAND!

    I kept my distance because I know celebs don’t like to be disturbed by photographers

    So I got back to my car, good thing it was close to the escalators, and then went back down only to find that the lines hadn’t changed


    I had a hankerin for a smoothie so I stopped by Jamba Juice to get myself some breakfast… MMM (The Blueberry Cinnamon roll is excellent BTW)

    Even though the security gate lines were long, they went fast surprisingly

    By the time I was in the Esplanade, it was already 10:10 so I decided to go to DCA to see the Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker robot dealio

    Teams of cheerleaders waited outside the gates

    Why are these lines going so slow?!?

    I was surprised they had only one person working these Sign-In tables

    I finally got through the gates and headed to the Hollywood Backlot to see if Beaker and Honeydew were out and I found them! But not the ones I was looking for

    There was a Security Guard and a Suit hanging out in front of Muppet Vision 3D so I asked them when Beaker and Honeydew were coming out. I swear to you, they looked at me as if I had a bunch of Stitch paraphernalia on :lol: :lmao: (O, I kill myself sometimes. Just in case you don’t get the joke, this should help bring back that hilarious memory…)

    After figuring out what I was talking about, the Security Guard said it would be out sometime today; just wait where they come out. O OK, I will just wait there the whole day. Then the Suit told me to go check Information and they will find out for sure.

    While I was in the area, I took a couple pics

    Why is this still on the billboard?

    I love these FP machines

    After I was done with that area, I headed to the Sunshine Plaza to go to Information but what do you know, it was closed!

    I decided to shoot the breeze and shoot some pics…

    This is the first time I have ever said this about any flowers in either one of the parks, but some of them REALLY needed to be replaced

    A lot of them looked as though they had been trampled on

    And then I found some B-E-A-UTIFUL flowers in a Bugs Land (Some deserve a larger pic)

    And then there was this amazing tree

    This is probably my favorite picture of the day…

    Nearly seamless speaker integration…

    Then, not so much

    The mini flower gardens in here are always looking awesome

    I know it is part of the theme, but I think this drinking fountain looks really crappy/tacky

    I haven’t seen this spewing water in forever!

    Bye Bug’s Land!

    I went to Information on my way out because they finally opened. I asked when they were coming out and got the same reaction as I did earlier and then she figured out what I was talking about. She told me it already started (which it had not) then she called to confirm the schedule. She told me that they wouldn’t be testing it that day and I didn’t really believe her but I just walked away.

    It was about 10:50 when I went to DL and it was nice because EVERY turnstile was open!

    A son of the family in front of me forgot his pass in the hotel and the mom made a scene! She looked ready to slap him. (I snickered) The son went back to the hotel while the wife, husband, and daughter stayed in line. It was really inappropriate because the husband kept on squeezing/grabbing the buttocks of his wife over and over and wasn’t very discreet about it (I gagged a little bit)

    He almost ran over a few crazy tourists

    The castle took off her tarps for everybody to see! (I wanted to add something to this but this is a family website after all!) :lol:

    Nemo “Progress”

    Water was being pumped out of those pipes that you can barely see

    I was about to get on the Columbia to get some pics of TSI and on my way over, I noticed this kid rolling around on the ground. He was about 10 or 11 years old and he was yelling and struggling to get out of his dads hold. I couldn’t figure out what was going on but I did what any caring, passionate person would do, take a picture!

    Nothing special…

    VERY crowded NOS

    An interesting update to the exterior of Splash. It is much more interesting than that mountain with that barn. I just wish they would update that hideous fireplace as well!

    My new favorite relaxing area of the park

    Where is Captain Jack?

    Intense facial hair

    The only ride I wanted to go on today but it I only had about half an hour to spare so it wouldn’t be possible unless time stopped (But then I would be stopped along with the ride vehicles so it is a lose-lose situation)

    Jungle line went upstairs!

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    Re: AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

    Second favorite pic (I am not quite sure why I took it at this angle though)

    The first few (About 11:30)

    Then the gang decided to show up…

    Fishbulb "You die in a car accident and I'm gonna KILL YOU!!!!"

    Gemeni Cricket and DustySage

    Al handed Todd some diabetes (Peeps)

    PEZZ Lightyear without the Pezzlings

    Hector enjoying a Dole Whip Float

    Even MonorailMan was there!

    DarkBeer wearing a shirt that explains it all

    Coheteboy sporting his snazzy Tron shoes

    Matt Hamand’s adorable son

    Main Street Update: Getting worse and worse


    Aerinpegadrak brought her parents and quickly ditched them as soon as she smelled Pocky

    Green Tea Pocky and Peep on a stick!

    Dusty had us try a new Pocky flavor that we thought was a Black Sesame Seed Pocky, but it ended up tasting more like asphalt :yuck:

    Fishbulb and I were the only Cons today

    Sadako joined the group along with Chernabog

    SimplySabrina was there physically, mentally, not quite sure :lol: (JK. I love you Bree!)

    JustJohn saw my camera and quickly looked away

    Jack also showed up near the end of the meet

    A PhotoPass CM came over and asked us how we were doing and asked us where we were from. “Mice Chat!!!”

    It seems that just as the meet started, it ended. It was time for me to leave unfortunately because my family and I had a party that we had to attend against my will. I had to make a quick exit or else I would have been there forever!

    I boarded the tram and found my inspiration for doing this TR (And Norm, I am pretty sure that isn’t just a grassy hillside on his shirt)

    (I wasn’t a planning on doing a TR but I couldn’t justify starting a thread just to show this picture so here it is!)

    (I am not a fan of copying Fishbulb’s signature ending but I couldn’t resist after seeing this GUYS pants on my way out)

    The End!

    *I am dedicating this Trip Report to the coolest cat that ever lived, my cat*

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      Re: AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

      Awesome photos!


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        Re: AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

        Nice TR I am sorry you didn't get to see the Mobile Labs...and I am sorry about your cat ....but just remember what I told you yesterday


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          Re: AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

          that dedication was a very nice thing to do.

          my thoughts are with you.


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            Re: AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

            Fantastic TR chock full of awesomeness! Thanks for sharing.


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              Re: AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

              Excellent report. Thanks for the commentary and the photos!



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                Re: AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

                Originally posted by AbominableSnowman1 View Post
                PEZZ Lightyear without the Pezzlings

                No love for the PEZZ man! Dude, I can go to my parents house for a reception like that...

                But seriously - It was great to see you again and I love the pictures and report!

                I am also very sorry about the loss of your beautiful cat. I miss mine too.
                How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
                :monkey: :monkey:


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                  Re: AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

                  Frelling paparazzi. Always taking a picture of a guys backside.
                  Follow me on Twitter: @matthamand


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                    Re: AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

                    Your trip reports are always great. That story you told about the guy who was grabbing his wife's butt indiscreetly and making you gag , made me laugh! And I can't believe that was a guy wearing those pants you got a shot of at the end!:lol:

                    Cute kitty...glad you had a nice day at DL to help you get your mind off of what happened to him!


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                      Re: AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

                      I'm so sorry about your kitty.

                      But thank you for giving us that entire trip report so we could see that awe-inspiring shirt! )


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                        Re: AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

                        Originally posted by AbominableSnowman1 View Post
                        Al handed Todd some diabetes (Peeps)

                        Green Tea Pocky and Peep on a stick!

                        PEEPS!!! yum! those are my favorite! yes they're packed with sugar but that's the best part!
                        A true Disney gal…princess at heart, forever dreamer, constant believer :love: :ghug:

                        In serious need of a Disneyland trip
                        :captain: :ap: dMom

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                          Re: AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

                          Awww, what a beautiful kitty... I'm sorry for your loss....

                          I always love your reports and wow, what a shirt! Isn't it simply amazing what people wear to the parks?

                          Be safe and I'm with Fishy... I will have to kill ya if I don't get to see you again!


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                            Re: AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

                            just imagine those pants and that shirt on the same


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                              Re: AbominableSnowman1's 3-4-07 TR (Photo Heavy)

                              At first i was like, I've never heard of Matt Hamand and I googled it. Didn't get the joke till I saw the results.

                              "Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary... Impossible is nothing."
                              Originally posted by KISSman
                              In the grand scope of life, there's nothing actually cool about being knowledgeable about an amusement park.


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