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Disneyland Scrapbooking?


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  • Disneyland Scrapbooking?

    I have recently begun scrapbooking. Besides trying to get over 40 years, worth of pictures organized, so I can scrapbook them for family members, I want to do a Disneyland scrapbook.

    Now, I know that when I travel to Disneyland for the first time in 43 days, I am likely to take a lot of pictures.

    My question is this. Are there any Disneyland Scrapbooking sources that I should definitely check out while at Disneyland? Do the stores at Disneyland carry any scrapbooking supplies? Is there a special scrapbook for the 50th?

    I would appreciate any feedback on the subject of Disneyland scrapbooking.


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    I am sure that they make up a 50th scrapbook... there are two or three regular 12x12 scrapbooks in the park right now... but I dont remember a very big selection as far as paper or other stuff goes... they only come in kits last I checked... but there is a really good scrapbook store up on Big Bear (yes the ski resort) that has the best disney selection I have ever seen even better than San Diego
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      Hi Barbaraann,

      There are some scrapbooking materials in the Emporium. (Or at least that was the last place I saw them) I've been collecting materials for a Disneyland scrapbook and some of the nicest things I've found have been at They've got quite a bit of inventory, so be specific if you're hunting for a certain attraction.



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          For whatever reason, Disney itself doesn't have much if you're a dedicated scrapper! I personally am not a big fan of the 3 ring binder or post albums, I use Creative Memories albums but I am NOT 'brand loyal' I buy papers and stickers from my local scrapbooking stores and found that SandyLion is the company that puts out the nicest selections of both papers and stickers for the Disney fanatic Just this past weekend a good friend was at the park playing personal shopper for me and described the assorted scrapbook supplies available at the WoD and I didn't 'hear' of any product that made me go oh please buy that for me before you leave the store, but I did see a Golden anniversary 3 ring binder advertised at MouseShoppe...but it goes to the I am not a fan of 3 ring binder/toploader pages for my albums so I'll pass on that one.
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            I've done two albums over the past couple years for my nephews. the first one, there was very little available. Now, when at WDW last June, they had a ton of stuff. However, I prefered my first album when I used my creativity/imagination as well as current scrapbook items to make just turned out cooler than the premade stuff Disney has now (and all the items I used didn't have the Disney copyright at the corner...tacky I think).

            I say let your imagination go wild...thats what Disney is all about anyway, right ; )
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              My fiance is big on scrapbooking and decided that she was going to start a DL book since we just got APs. She found herself a binder (that she was very excited about) as well as a number of stickers and things. I don't pay much attention to such things, but she is a highly detail-oriented person. That said, she seemed very satisfied with what she was able to find in the park.


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                Posted this, this morning, and went back to my scrapbooking. Upon returning, I am pleasantly surprised at all the responses.

                Since my Disneyland Scrapbooking, is a new project, I will wait until I come to Disneyland, to see what's available. Sounds llike there is enough to choose from.

                I also like to get creative. The pre packaged page stuff is great, but I like to go wild with my ideas. Yes, definitely Disney is suppose to be fun. It is definitely a plus in my life. With the recent addition of scrapbooking, I have enough to keep me busy.

                Thanks to everybody for the sppedy responses.


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                  Barbaraann, I think you started a great thread! I'm sure there are a lot of us who like to scrapbook and probably have made Disney books. I think it would be a lot of fun to keep this going and bounce ideas off each other.


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                    I have just recently begun scrapbooking. It actually was my husband's idea. Next year, I will be married 40 years. I have taken a lot of photographs over the years. I have alwys been pretty good, about keeping them organized in albums. I started with those magnetic ones, and graduated to the pocket types. I have the usual childhood photos of myself and of course, my husband also has childhood pics.

                    My husband said "you should get into scrapbooking, you can do something really special with all of these pictures" He especially wants a lasting momento of his grandmother's photos. There are not many, but, they are of course precious to him. My original reply was, "I don't need another hobby". Especially an expensive one.

                    A good friend of mine, in fact we are traveling to Disneyland together in July, actually works at a scrapbooking store. Her and my husband got their heads together and that's how I got started.

                    So I am new to scrapbooking. I have bought a lot of supplies. I am working on a scrapbook for each of my 2 grown sons, one for my grandson, who is 12. I have also begun to scrapbook my own pictures. My husband's is going to have to wait, until after our anniversary, next May, because he needs to give me some notes. I can't scrapbook his life without them, because I did not live his life.

                    So that's my scrapbooking saga. I hope, that I did not bite off more than I can chew here.

                    Scrapbooking Disney will also be part of it. I have been to WDW 3 times. This year, I am going to WDW and DIsneyland. So I should be taking lots of pictures. I recently bought a nice HP Printer. It has helped me greatly in my process. Since I am not computer smart, my printer is not hooked up to my husband's computer. His computer is what I use to visit Mice Chat. My printer is fairly versatile. It does an awful lot, for not being hooked up to the computer. I even made t-shirts using it.

                    I really enjoy MiceChat. It would be nice, if they had a separate section for scrapbooking. I know that the site is new, so maybe they will in the future.

                    I agree, lets keep a scrapbooking chat going. I can use all the help, that I can get.


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                      I've also recently started scrapbooking. I cant wait until i can add pictures of my future visit with Treat, Tena, Roxy, and Dee Dee <3..its going to be so magical
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                        I've been browsing on the various websites, that sell scrapbooking stuff. I think I will wait, until I get to the parks. I like to shop, first hand. Usually, for park merchandise, it is a lot cheaper.

                        MouseShoppe had a really beautiful Disneyland Album. I wonder, if it is cheaper in the park, or if they have it?

                        I will be in Disneyland in 44 days. Now, I am excited about Disneyland, and I am getting excited, also, about maybe finding some cool scrapbooking items.


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                          MouseShoppe gets product from both Disneyland and WDW so sometimes she has stuff that we can't purchase in the parks here in California. As for the stuff in the parks you have to kind of 'hunt it down' ....when I bought my Disneyland album before I realized I don't care for top loaders because of the dust issues, I had to go get it at the photo shop where you buy the pictures they take of everyone during the day.....but the kits with papers and stuff were at the Joke shop in toontown and in the Emporium.....go figure! When you're at the park don't over look little things to use in your album....the Guide to the Magic for the time you're there, I have several so I could open it out and use the map on a page and then another one with the shows that played while we were there.....I also make sure to get the characters autographs and use them on the pages with pictures of the specific character....I take my circle cutting system and make 'mickey icon's with pictures at times....there is simply soooo much you can do with a scrapbook...fastpasses, reciepts from dinner, a napkin.....your parking stub if you go to the parking structure...let your imagination run with it!
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                            I save everything from vacation. Now that I have begun scrapbooking, I have a place to put all those great souvenirs.

                            I haven't actually started a Disney album yet. First, I am waiting for my vacations to be over. I also want to purchase a nice Disney type album for both Disneyland and WDW.

                            I love the Mouse, but why does it seem that Disney scrapbooking items are either Mickey, Pooh, princesses, and very little of anything else.

                            I would just like to be able to start, my album with a variety of Disney images on paper, as a base. Plain pages are nice, but I also don't just want Mickey faces on my pages either. Am I being unreasonable?

                            Maybe as I do this more, I will find what I am looking for.

                            My initial purchase for my other scrapbooking, I bought the stacks of paper, for a base and bought less individual sheets. With the amount of photos, that I am scrapbooking after 40 years, I need quantity. Maybe I don't need quantity with my Disney pages, but I also do not want to spend 59 cents a sheet.

                            Sorry, I got sidetracked.


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                              If you have Micheals, watch for the 40 percent off coupons so you can buy the "stacks" for base papers with just pretty color, watch for their 3/$1.00 sales and stock up.....use borders instead of 'wallpapering' your page...the Sandylion company has some papers with goofy and with donald and I have stickers with Dumbo and Pluto and Goofy and of course Pooh, tigger and eeyore and piglett. Use a solid 'inexpensive' paper for the base and then do your border or accents with the Disney themed paper a bit that way...
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