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  • Wannabe Disneyland

    I've seen discussions about Freedomland on the east coast and that Nara Dreamland place in Japan but does anyone remember the early days of Astroworld (now owned by 6 Flags) in Houston, TX?

    The parallels were extreme. Examples:

    1. Enter DL, soon you're on Mainstreet USA. Entered Astroworld and found yourself in 'Americana Square'.

    2. Right side of DL (Tomorrowland) has Autopia - Astroworld had gas powered cars on a track called 'Spin Out'

    3. Matterhorn vs. Alpine Sleigh (had a mountain and everything - now part of Batman Queue)

    4. Frontierland vs. Western Junction

    5. Jungle Cruise vs. River of No Return (this one had virtually cloned the DL boats - it's gone now. XLR-8 coaster passes over some of the abandonned river)

    6. Skyway vs. Sky Ride

    7. Fantasyland vs. European Village

    8. DL Railroad circles Disneyland as does/did the 610 Limited at Astroworld.

    Funny. Not HA-HA funny, but 'chuckle-giggle' funny, y'know?
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    leave it to six flags to destroy another interesting ripoff

    rats I wanna go to a alternate universe Disney just for the laughs (but only if it's cheap and they build one near my house)

    whats the website for this place?
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      9. Curro vs. Churo

      Of course, all modern theme parks owe a debt to Disneyland in some way or another.


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        What the heck is a Curro?
        Well, light travels from the sun. Then, bounces off of our planet, and back into our eyes so we can perceive color. My body can intercept that light and dance around on it!

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          It's like a churro but instead of cinnamon and sugar they roll the thing in curry powder.


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            Maybe it should be called a "Charo"

            (koochie koochie koochie)


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