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3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report


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  • 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

    After all the fun of Saturday, you might think I would have had enough of Disneyland for a while.

    And you would be WRONG.

    I made plans to meet up with Snow_White_Raven and Bunny and SWR's terrific aunt (I can't recall her Screen Name:shy for breakfast at Paradise Pier on Sunday:

    The Lilo & Stitch Aloha Breakfast is something I had never done but heard great things about. Let me just say that the great things about this are all true.

    First, there is the food. It's buffet style with an incredible selection and they even make made-to-order omelette's for you. I am not one to take pictures of food, but this is my big exception:

    That there's a Polynesian Lumberjack type breakfast!

    The pineapple scone in front was wonderful and the eggs with sausage & pineapple was terrific and there's also a mouth-watering slab of salmon! For BREAKFAST!

    Since I had a nice brisk walk from the Mickey & Friends Parking Zip Code (and my previous night's dinner consisted of a few handfuls of popcorn and Dole Whip remainders), I wasn't feeling too guilty about my gluttonous excess. (bacon topped with bacon)

    And of course the characters!

    SWR with the exotic Minnie. What's she wearing? (sari I asked)

    Bunney almost gets the Hang Loose sign right - but ends up condemning Lilo to eternal damnation. No NO NO! I did not mean that! (slaps wrist)

    Pluto has his paws all over SWR's aunt!

    While we were paying, Lilo noticed SWR's Employee card and promptly gave it a good lick:

    And then trouble himself came over!

    Stitch took one look at that card:

    And stuck it right in his ear:

    Then he handed it back to Lilo:

    Who smeared it all over SWR's face before sticking it in her mouth and giving it back:

    Then Lilo grabbed SWR and proceeded to the little stage to do some dancing / percussion:

    Huke Lau! (Hookie Lau?)

    And then SWR received an escort back to our table:

    That was huge fun and then it was time to hit D-Land!

    Mode of transport? Monorail!

    Bunney is all for it:

    And Snow_White_Raven is pretty stoked as well:

    We stake out the Front car:

    There's always time for Chapstick:

    Our host is only too thrilled at our excitement:

    "That's close enough"

    Let's ride!

    Going over the Golden Gate:

    And there's Harbor Boulevard!

    And here come the lagoon:

    Speaking of lagoon, here are a couple of sweet shots of shells attached to rocks with (what else?) duct tape!

    And yes this thread has crabs too:

    But no butter.

    Before the Meet, we drop by the VMK stand and the 3 gals really put this guy through his paces:

    I couldn't follow the whole conversation but they ended up with a mess of cards and a couple of glowy rubber band bracelets and we all got FP's for Buzz and Indy. So that was good.

    And then it was time for the Hub and Meetings and Pocky and lunch and rides and Bunsen Honeydew and I am tired just thinking about it.

    More later, work now.

    Don't move....
    How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
    :monkey: :monkey:

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    Re: 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

    Too Cool Pics.
    Love the duct tape.
    "Some imagination Huh?"


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      Re: 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

      lol @ the duct tape


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        Re: 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

        Wow, nice breakfast! Sorry I missed that. :sleep:


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          Re: 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

          Great shots - I love the "monorail in action" shots from the front! I also enjoyed the Lilo and Stitch character breakfast - it became my favorite breakfast when I ate there, with great food.

          I swear, when the monorail opens round trip, micechatters will be the first to document it!


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            Re: 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

            COOL! Sounds like a lot of fun! (and looks like it was too! hehe)

            Lilo still scares me though.

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              Re: 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

              Originally posted by Coheteboy View Post
              COOL! Sounds like a lot of fun! (and looks like it was too! hehe)

              Lilo still scares me though.
              Lilo?! She is cute - Stitch is scarier. Still love him though.


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                Re: 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

                Dude, yes! Lilo is creeeeepy!!
                Great report otherwise
                Good morning, son
                In twenty years from now
                Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
                And I can tell you 'bout today
                And how I picked you up and everything changed
                It was pain
                Sunny days and rain
                I knew you'd feel the same things...



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                  Re: 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

                  Nice, TR so far!!! Can't wait for the rest!!!
                  If we chase the stars to lose our shadow, Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine.


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                    Re: 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

                    Awesome TR! I wish i was ride the front car of the monorail. Can i just ask?


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                      Re: 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

                      I am back from the Rat Race and ready to pile some more pictures into this report!

                      When we left off, our heroes were making their way over to the Hub to see who who will show up on this glorious Sunday...

                      Dustysage was there sporting the not-quite-shaven rugged look and providing hugs all around:

                      And there is the irrepressible Fushbulb ready for action:

                      AbominableSnowman1 is there in his Sunday best:

                      And such excellent pins!

                      Hector chooses a nice Dole Whip Float to beautify with his presence:

                      Al Lutz waves off the photographers as Dave Lane keeps this party polite:

                      Borneio Goes Bananas!

                      Darkbeer shows me the door:

                      Or perhaps does his impression of Walt in the Partners statue?

                      Coheteboy arrives - keepin' it real:

                      And just look at this beauty:

                      You don't see a Dream Fastpass like that every day!

                      Aerinpegadrak bravely offers her parents up as sacrifices to the Church Of Walt:

                      And they are just as cute as she is!

                      Dusty takes the Meet down a dark corner by introducing the BLACK POCKY:

                      Personally, I think NOT reading the ingredients made for a much more palatable experience.

                      And Dusty completes his transformation to the Dark Side with the deflowering / devouring of the innocent Pink Bunny!

                      What he did with that poor rabbit was just plain WRONG!

                      Hey, there is Judimose and Morrrigoon (with a little Fishy and Cherny thrown in):

                      Single Riders Cohetebot, Mousercise, and NeverNeverLand stick together:


                      Love his pictures! Love his conversations!

                      Dave Lane and Gemini Cricket (looking dapper as ever):

                      I couldn't quite get the headdress on GC but maybe next time!

                      Hey there is BellHopPrincess:

                      Kind of new but full of Mice Chat spirit!

                      The Jedi practice their ancient arts:

                      Can you say "ACTIVATE"?

                      Sadako gives a hug to her #1 fan, Disneyballerina's lovely daughter:

                      (sniff) It was beautiful!

                      We start to get a hakerin' for some grub so we hitch up the wagon train and point it to CALIFORNY! (Adventures that is)

                      We meet up with Miss Christine's posse inside:

                      Always a pleasure to run into her!

                      Some amazing profiles:

                      JustJohn and Hector!

                      We meet another Mice Chatter on her way out:

                      cpdisneyprincess looking dressed to kill!

                      Pizza Oom Mow Mow has changed up their menu and requires some serious investigating!

                      I order... pizza

                      I sat with my Breakfast Buddies (eating is serious bonding) and this is the table next to where we were:

                      And the Parents' table:

                      High Skool Musikal stalks us from behind the bushes:

                      We all hold our breath until it goes away.
                      Wildcats - please go!

                      Our group split up somewhat - most went to CA Screamin' but DB's daughter and I preferred Mulholland Madness.

                      We then met up with everyone at the Hollywood Backlot to see if Dr. Honeydew would be making a housecall today:

                      There is Crazy Legs and Yo Charles! and Grumpy4 and SimplySabrina as well as a whole passle of Chatters.

                      The Disneyballerina kids re-unite with mom and have Doritos:

                      Well, HE has Doritos...

                      Love them a LoT:

                      Mickey cruises by:

                      And Junior Hamand crashes his ride:

                      Hope he has Geico.

                      The good doctor does come out and performs wonderfully for 30 minutes. You can find all kins of great pix and movies on the boards and I just wanted to point out mu favorite part of this vehicle - the fluttering fireflies in the headlights!

                      Judimose was the star of the first part of the show:

                      Afterward, MonorailMan discussed the effectiveness of this character with Deogee's Mom and Crazy Legs:

                      And more hijinx in the streets:

                      Mr. Incredible comes by to keep things orderly:

                      Such a nice smile!

                      There is a big time lapse in here where I didn't take any pictures and did some rides, etc.

                      Let me just say that if you go on the Jungle Cruise at night, Skipper Hector (no, not that Hector) is hilarious! He did a short version of Fantasmic! with the on-board lights and all kinds of totally off-the-wall bits!

                      I was able to drop by PT Flea's that evening and finally meet Seenoevil:

                      What a sweetheart! She has been working at DCA since it opened and you can tell it by all the ants her costume is collecting!

                      We also ran across the Single Riders at the Tiki Room:

                      Coheteboy and Mousercise should be Dole Whip posters!

                      And here are NeverNeverLand and Wally:

                      With Coheteboy showing the versatility of The Claw!

                      It was late and time to hit the trail!

                      That's it for this time! Hope you enjoyed seeing some of your favorite Chatters in action half as much as I enjoyed being there with them.

                      It was big turn-out and the Parks were darn busy as well.
                      Just a hint of what is coming down the road: SUMMER!

                      THE END
                      How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
                      :monkey: :monkey:


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                        Re: 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

                        baah ahhaa very cool!

                        Visit my mice chat toy shop!

                        Track Disney Animation Presence in the Theme Parks Worldwide!


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                          Re: 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

                          that poor innocent pink peep!

                          anyways! awesome pics! looks like everyone had a fun time! thanx for sharing! :thumbup:
                          A true Disney gal…princess at heart, forever dreamer, constant believer :love: :ghug:

                          In serious need of a Disneyland trip
                          :captain: :ap: dMom

                          Check out my blog, Diary of a Disney Dork:


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                            Re: 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

                            I love the ending! Looks great ... and that Lilo & Stitch breakfast made me hungry!


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                              Re: 3/4/07 - Why yes, it is another Trip Report

                              Thanks for sharing! I want to go to that breakfast one of these days.


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