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  • OFFICIAL MICEAGE/MICECHAT Meets around July 17th

    Is there a dedicated section on this website for "official" Micechat/Age meets on the week of the 17th of July?

    Other Disneyana websites are planning events for that week ... I imagine Miceage is doing the same thing.

    For instance has a grid for all sorts of festivities happening from the 15th on through the 18th .. I'm anxious to see what Miceage/chat has planned .. if anything.

    Even if it's one simple meet at one location .... I'm anxious to see what is planned.


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    Please see the sticky in this forum about it.

    So far just general names and general times for each day have been set. As it gets closer I am sure we will get more specific!


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      Note, Laughing Place is planning only ONE official meet, and that is Saturday night, July 16th at 8 PM, and is one heck of a deal, just $25 for a three course meal, and activites.. I would go to their website for more info...

      As for the other meets, I am one of the folks that are planning "un-official" meets, and many of which are not directly related to Laughing Place...

      So far in the works by myself and Deogge's Mom..

      Thursday, July 14th

      7 Pm (time subject to change) Joe's Crab Shack on Harbor and Chapman

      Friday, July 15th..

      5:45 PM, Block Party Bash near the Golden Zepher

      6:30 PM, Meet at the Cove Bar

      10 PM to Midnight, a casual event including some drinks at no charge for those of legal age at the HoJo's pool area.

      Saturday, July 16th...

      2 PM, Space Mountain meet, but you NEED to get your Space Mountain FP that morning when you first get to the park..

      6 PM, Lost Bar, a casual gathering

      11 PM, another HoJo meet at the pool area, free drinks if all the booze didn't disappear Friday night!

      Sunday, July 17th...

      Of course, the Noon meet at the Hub...

      1 PM, a special meet at the Plaza Gardens Stage area, still in the works, but free stuff (buttons, other goodies), a free raffle, and other fun stuff....
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        wow dark beer..this the first I have heard of those plans..will be publishing those again as it gets closer to the 17th ?

        Contribute to my Johari or start your own!!


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          Yes, had a brainstorming night at Yamabuki's working on the schedule... alas, until we here the official Disney schedule, we presume a media event Friday Morning for Space, Saturday Morning for Turtle Talk, and something on Sunday, we presume in the morning, but waiting until we get the official announcement...
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