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    Would the average guest even know where the backstage exits were and even try to go down them, even if they were directed?

    Could be a very nice and quiet way to exit.
    It's Just me, Jenn.
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      Anyone exiting Fantasmic! via Adventureland (thats a mob in itself) would be herded through the backstage exit.


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        Yeah what happens is usually a duty manager makes the call to divert traffic backstage and the word goes across to all the guest control CMs... its really odd, but fun to watch, because the traffic flows are literally reversed, with people now being sent to the walkways/sidewalks to be directed backstage and inbound traffic being sent to the street.

        As the backstage areas begin to backup, its reversed again... a huge undertaking but its done its job well in the past.


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          I don't think I'd have the patience to deal with crowds of Guests all at once, all contained in one area. CM's pat yourself on the back for me because I don't know how you do it!! :bow:


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            My suggestions is traffic control of a new nature: Divide the hub into viewing areas based on your plans after the fireworks show.

            *If this will be your final event here tonight please sit on the south end.
            *If you plan on going to Fantasyland or Tomorrowland please sit on the northeast end
            *If you plan on going to Adventureland or Frontierland please sit on the northwest end...

            The logic is flawed because humans of course are prone to whims, like suddenly dodging through the hub into NOS to Pirates only to find its been shut down. *nods to Eyes of Mara* I just think with careful flow planning Disney could provide suggested routes ahead of time, like a ski run for guests.

            A.) Start at DCA watch MSEP and then enter Disneyland watch fireworks from South end of the HUB then exit to trams
            B.) Watch fireworks from northwest corner of the HUB then move to Fantasmic.
            C.) Watch the first Fantasmic and your screwed.


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              Cm's Rock!
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