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the opening day of disneyland


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  • the opening day of disneyland

    i know that a lot of people on this board are too young to remember the opening day of disneyland in 1955 but if people can post what the imagine it would have been like then i think that it would be a pretty cool topic (example) is it true that when the park opened many rides would not work as if the park had a curse on the opening day.

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    I imagine the way that it iwas like, is the way that is happened!! If you buy the Disney Treasures DVD titled "Disneyland USA", they have Dateline Disneyland on there that is the ACTUAL show from opening day. Doesn't really leave much left to the imagination after that. I would have LOVED to have been there ... but that was 30 years before my time!


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      First day of Disneyland. Crowded, no drinking fountains and the asphalt not set yet and people were sinking into it.
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        Disney Treasures: Disneyland tells the tales and gives the opening ceremonies...highlighted with a gas leak in Fantasyland.


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          and those wonderful facades to the dark rides, looked like a cardboard fort my kids built.
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            Shouldn't this be in the DL forum?????
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