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Disneyland Adventure (DOI) Burrrr....


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  • Disneyland Adventure (DOI) Burrrr....

    So my friends and I are coming to the Disneyland Resort in April and CAN'T WAIT! I work at a Radio Station here in SLC and was given the opertunity to take some friends and I to Disney On Ice (Disneyland Adventure) and make a report out of it. SWEET! I've been watching the DOI website for a while just waiting to hit this show, so recieving 6 tickets to go sit through something that I couldn't wait to see, I FREAKED! well as much as you can for an Ice Show (Death to Smoochy anyone?)

    Off to the show... Steve Janell and Myself

    We arrived at the New "Energy Solutions Arena" formally Delta Center untill Delta went bankrupt... Again. and were quickly greeted by "prons of troubled tourists" and those lovely guys trying to sell you programs for $12. Is it ever really worth it?

    We got inside and I started looking around. Check out the Monster version of Jack Jack. He never hulked out during the show... Janell was dissapointed. Dash looks like he is curtseeing

    Get your photo with Mickey and Minnie... I can't tell you what Minnie is doing... Looks like she is starting to fall down.

    does anyone else find this morbid...?

    I love seeing little kids get so excited when DOI comes to town. There were alot of princesses running around.

    then we went to check out our seats... We met up with the rest of the group. Sterling his Daughter Bill, and his son Jaxon.

    Finally the show started after waiting what felt like 12 hours. Mickey and Minnie always make me tear up.... I need a Vacation so bad!

    They interduced the Parr family and their little 70's style home. Mr. Parr drove the family car onto the ice, accidently took the door off, ripped the roof up to cram the luggage in and had to lift the entire car to get the Diaperbag from underneath.

    They drove around on the Ice for quite a long time till finnally I saw something formilliar.

    sorry I have the worst Camera. So just about every photo is going to be blurry. Also I love that my Radio Station is so cheap and puts us as high as we can go without being in the upper bowl. We were about level with the lights.
    Well... finally they skate throught the gates and enter Main Street.

    I saw something formillar that really makes me happy. The Dapper Dans, wearing skates and riding a bike on ice. Talent!

    Goofy came out to show the Family around Main Street, he got way to excited and fell, then just decied to let the family take a park map and look around themselves.

    BTW... the parr family became the honorary Grand Marshalls for the parade later in the day.... They left Main street and Mrs. Parr wanted to see the Tiki room.
    But then the rest of the family wanted something a little more exciting. So off to the Jungle Cruise.

    Mr. Parr decided that the Crocodile looked to real and decited to jump in the water and wrestle it to the ground. Then we stopped by the Ancient Temple where the family was sprayed with water. The skipper is a bad driver. NOTE: THE SKIPPER STARTED ON JOKES THEN NEVER FINISHED THEM. "wave good by to all the people standing on the dock... " THEN NOTHING.... I WAS DISSAPOINTED.

    the Monkeys on the temple came to life and started a drum solo... Mr. Parr joined in, then happened to summon the temple gardion... No not mushu... Baloo the Bear.

    After the Jungle Cruise Dash took off to the other side of the park and wanted to ride space mountain. Black lights came on, I heard the old space mountain music and then right as I'm all excited... Buzz lightyear made a entrance.... WHAT? the pyro technics were cool, but I really wanted dash to ride Space. Soon Dash and Buzz were singing... sort of... kinda talk singing. Buzz is way to cool to sing.

    The Tomorrowland section of the show was only 3 minutes long. I was a little let down. So dash finds himself lost, then found in Frontierland where the rest of the family was getting on the "mine train". They never called it Big Thunder Mountain... It started off calm... kinda Mine train through natures wonderland, they were calling out things they have seen, then the "wildest ride in the wilderness" burst into speed.

    More to come soon...

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    Re: Disneyland Adventure (DOI) Burrrr....

    okay... so Big thunder... I mean Mine Train. huh... Mr. Parr was startled by the Dynomite that was about to explode then jumped out of the train and tried to stop the fuse from igniting the dynomite... in the process he broke down the ride....

    After the trouble at the mine train they decited they wanted to rest... There was a little victorian style mansion at the edge of the river that look relaxing... As Mrs. Parr decited to staighten the painting on the wall it began to strech, her arms streched too. This was what I was most excited for... Good thing it was the best part of the show.

    The candleobras were great and the music was actually good!


    The ghosts were really neat. I also saw Madame Leota on the table but they never drew attention to it.

    I couldn't believe how scary it was portrayed. There were alot of kids going nuts.


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      Re: Disneyland Adventure (DOI) Burrrr....

      that looks so cool


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        Re: Disneyland Adventure (DOI) Burrrr....

        I went to that same show when it came to the Pond (or Honda Center, whatever...) anyway I have never seen such highly priced souvenirs in my entire life!

        And I didn't know what they were talking about when it came to the "mine train". If it is the one at DL, that has been closed for about 35 years! Maybe they took a side-trip to Yesterland? Or maybe they took a side trip to Knott's and rode the mine train there!


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