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A Real 50th Parade/Stage Show...

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  • A Real 50th Parade/Stage Show...

    I'd really like to see Disneyland put together a parade or stage show that truly marks the 50th anniversary of Disneyland!! For one, there is no special stage show, and SW does not cut it! And for me, POD does not qualify as a true 50th anniversary parade.

    Oh sure, there's gold banners that the performers wave around at the end of the (very short) street show. But other than that, there's no mention of the parade signifying it's Disneyland's 50th. The parade is way too short and does not leave me with a *WOW* feeling at the end, so I'm there wanting more. As I've mentioned in earlier threads, to me, POD reminds me a lot of POTS, but with bigger, more elaborate floats.

    There's not enough dancers/performers in POD, it lacks the music it should have for the 50th, and for me, the floats should not be about certain animated movies. But instead, a reflection of 50 years of what Disneyland Park has (and had) to offer. I would have loved to have seen 5 huge floats representing each era of Disneyland...from the 50's to now. Having the dancers/performers in that era representing attractions, shows, events or whatever special things happened then. I was really hoping for a parade with real creativity and uniqueness, but instead, it's nothing more than a parade that's predicable, short and slow. But mind you, better than POTS!

    As for a stage show, again, I wish they had come up with something to celebrate 50 years. For Disneyland's 25th and 30th, they had *Disneyland Is Your Land*, and for the 35th, they had *One Mans Dream*. And for the 40th, they had a small stage show called, *Magic Kingdom Kabaret* over on the Tomorrowland Terrace (Club Buzz Stage).

    Don't get me wrong, I'm loving what Disneyland has done (so far) with the Park, but I'm wanting more with entertainment alone! I'm hoping there are some new surprises (entertainment) once the official b-day hits.

    I welcome any other comments or thoughts from other MiceChatters on this subject...good or bad, I can take it!

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    Patrick since you are an Anaheim native I will defer to your opnion about the quality of the parades and show at DL.
    I go to WDW more often since I have from the Midwest and WDW was the first Disney park my mom took me to (during the first year it was open - how cool is that?). I was WDW for Walt's 100th birthday Celebration and the parade seems very similar in themes to what they are doing with POD. There was a Mickey float, a Pinocchio/Snow White float, a Winne the Pooh/Aladdin/Mary Poppins float, a Villians float, a Princess float, and a Fab Five/Disney characters float, each with a parade stop. The It's Time to Remember the Magic parade for WDW's 25th was even more similar to the current POD. Opening Fab Five and Fairy Godmother float, an Aladdin float, Little Mermaid float, Lion King float, Beauty and the Beast float, Enchated Forest float at the end with castle and fireworks. From the pictures and videos I have seen I realize there are few differences but the idea is the same. Not to whine or complain but it seems that Disney is incorporating more of the new films into their daytime parades.
    But I agree that the parade or some show should have been a tribute to the last 50 years of the park and not jus tthe more popular movies.
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      Sure, POD doesn't necessarily do a good job at celebrating Disneyland's 50th... but I don't feel that the parade itself is slow, boring, or short at all. I get the feeling that BECAUSE it's not celebrating Disneyland's 50th well, you are therefore saying it's a bad parade. I woul dhave to disagree with that. If that's not what you're saying and I have misinterpreted, then I'm sorry.

      But my opinion is that the parade is fun and grand. Though one or two floats may be lacking in the WOW factor, they still have nice elaborate floats with awesome puppetry and great dancers. And too few dancers? There are over 100 performers in the parade! I think POD is AWESOME.


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        I'll agree with you on all points but the music. i like the showstop rendition of welcome That would've been a great idea to have the floats and performer attire match the decades gone by of Disneyland. I too don't really see how Ursula with a cauldron and ariel on top of a clam signifies walt's dream come true for Disneyland. It was pretty predictable throughout it. I did like Alice's trampoline teaparty table though and most of the animatronics were awesome.


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          I LOVE the Parade of Dreams. The ONLY issue I have with it is the amount of time it takes for the parade to get from one side to the other of the park.


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            Golden Ears, I agree with a lot of what you said. I wrote a long response and
            stupid aol cuts out on me before i posted or had a chance to save what I wrote. uggghhh! I'll try again:

            The parade doesn't do a good job at celebrating the 50th. But the floats are bigger, better and more colorful than what we had for the 45th B-Day Parade. And the Parade Units do have some unique features on them, but then so did the Herc, Aladdin, Mulan, and Lion King Parades. Unfortunately DL has been suffering from parade neglect the last 5 years. As for the 50th being part of the parade, unfortunately the idiot in charge of designing the 45th parade THOUGHT 45 was the golden anniversary. But that's just emblematic of how mixed up the people in charge have been the last 10 to 15 years.

            The MAJOR problem with this parade is the crappy sappy Brother Bear musac. BLECH! BLECH! BLECH! Quadruple BLECH! Completely wrong tone for a Parade! The 50th Parade NEEDS some Happy Peppy Celebratory Party Music! (See 35th Party Gras Parade) It NEEDS Some music to get your blood pumping, not draining the life out of you! The kind of music you can't keep from humming when you leave the theater, for example "Prince Ali" from Aladdin, "Bear Necessities" from Jungle Book, or "Bibbity Boppidy Boo" from Cinderella.

            The Second major problem with the music from Brother Bear is that is doesn't blend at all with the music for the Various Floats. At one stop I heard at least 3 different songs at the same time and it was as annoying as fingernails on a chalkboard. There is no reason for this. Disney has had experience with this before, after all they perfected it with the Electric Parade. Why do they have a problem blending music with a new parade?

            Now, the parade units are beautiful and colorful, and the night lighting for the individual units is beautiful, but not that special for the 50th. And the Bro Bear musac Sucks the life out of it. IF they would have chosen some HAPPY, festive, PEPPY music, THEN when you hear Walt's Voice during the parade, and all the character become motionless, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE. I do like that little bit of sentimentality in the parade.

            As far as the 50th parade you mentioned, one unit for each decade, DL did try a little of that with the Fireworks show, by including a few attractions that have gone off to neverland. And for the happy peppy party music, well they tried it too with non Disney Music at the Block Party Bash in DCA. So they did try both our ideas, just not to the full extent they should have in POD.
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              It has even been said the parade wasn't supposed to be all about the 50th. The didn't build this parade to be all about the 50th, they built it just for a new parade for the 50th. Just a new parade, that will come and go. They said it wouldn't have to do with the 50th

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                And THAT was another mistake of the 45th Birthday Parade.
                Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
                An Adventurers It's Time to Put the Spotlight Back on Bring Back the REAL Disney Gallery
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                  People say that they want a parade that is more specific towards Disneyland, but if you focus on attractions and events of the past, it gets a bit redundant (as the rides exist in the park) or it gets lost on people who don't know about Disneyland's past rides/events.

                  Nearly all of the parades in Disneyland are based around characters from Disney films. It sounds like you want a parade without Disney characters. Yet that is what most of the parades in the past have been. Now what would children appreciate more-- a parade about past attractions or a parade about Disney films?

                  I have no clue how you can compare Parade of the Stars (POTS) to Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams (POD). POTS had guests dancing around in tu-tus. The floats for POTS had no moving parts, no on-board audio, and little or no lighting. They were really cheaply made floats. And it only used one audio track that looped continuously. POD on the other hand has a heck of a lot more performers, audio-animatronic figures, puppets, water, fog, lighting, on-board audio that differs from float to float, floats that raise up, and floats that are generally quite massive (and can be challenging to get around the tight corners of Disneyland's parade route).

                  Patrick, you say that it lacks the music that it should have for the 50th. What do you want, the Lion King unit dancing to something other than Lion King music? It has the "Welcome to our Family" song, which fits quite well into the whole "Homecoming" theme of Disneyland's 50th Anniversary. It has the famous clip of Walt Disney welcoming people to Disneyland.

                  You say the Parade of Dreams is lacking creativity and uniqueness, and is predictable, short, and slow. Not creative? You're REALLY harsh. Not unique? Does any other theme park have the same parade? No. Does any other park have a giant Ursula puppet that looks really realistic? No. Do the other parks have floats representing Main Street Station or the Disneyland castle? No. Predictable? Did you predict that the Pinnochio and Lion King floats would rise up? Short and slow? That Block Party Bash that you like so much is even shorter in length, and takes even longer to get through the parade route.

                  It's fine if you don't like Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams. But don't bash it like you're doing.


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                    Moving Sidewalk...

                    Bashing??? I'm NOT bashing POD, just giving my opinion of it. Which I'm entitled to do, just like everyone else is on this chat board. You don't have to agree with me, and that's fine. But just as I respect your opinions, plz respect mine too.

                    I actually like POD, and compared to POTS, it's really good. But with this milestone event, I was expecting and looking forward to a parade that signified Disneyland's 50th Anniversary. They could have easily done this parade for any other time period, but for the 50th, it should have been more unique and special.

                    Using the *Welcome To Our Family* song, from Brother Bear, was weak and to me, not creative enough. And yes, I did predict that certain floats would do as they do, as soon as I saw them come on stage. And if you recall, even tho I did say POD reminded me of POTS, I also said POD was just more elaborate, with much bigger floats.

                    I'm assuming you never saw (in person) the parade for Disneyland's 35th anniversary, Party Gras? If you had, you would understand what I'm trying to get at. That parade reflected such an awesome celebration for the 35th and it had Disney characters in it too. Infact, there was not one thing wrong with that parade, it was perfect and fit the occassion wonderfully!! It put you in a total party mood and you knew what the reason was for.

                    With POD, you just sit there, enjoy it, and applaude politely when it's over. You don't leave the parade feeling that *WOW* sensation. I'm sorry, but Disney could have done better with it. But again, I'm not bashing it, only giving my opinion. If you and others love it, then great, enjoy!! I will be seeing BPB much more often because it's fun, upbeat, and has a real party like atmosphere!
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                      The thing about the Party Gras was it was unique... It didn't rely heavily on Disney Stories to back it up, just everybody's favorite characters joining in on a fun parade that gets you up dancing just by listening to the music. It was a fun, active celebration of Disneyland's 35th birthday that everybody was involved in and dancing. With the POD, it's just a whole lot of pretty floats to look at. No invitation to party from the sides. It's a parade with only one goal in mind - last the next 5 years till we have to put something in for the 55th.


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                        I think if they were going to base the floats on the animated works then they should've used cartoons and movies that were important to Steamboat Willie, Flowers & Trees, Snow White, Fantasia and Mary Poppins.

                        and not to disagree with you Aladdin (cause I also think they couldn've used a better song for the parade), but "Welcome" is happy and peppy....and sentimental cause it goes with the whole welcome home thing they have going...and it's also catchy, I heard kids singing it afterwards, of course all they knew was "Welcome to our family" and kept repeating that over and over. I think they shouldn've just kept the main theme of the parade instrumental and saved the song for the parade stop....that's just my opinion. ^_^
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                          The problem I have with the DL parades, is I compare them to MSEP. As far as I'm concerned, I've seen the best, which makes it hard for me to judge others.

                          This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.