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What Disneyland Means To Me


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  • What Disneyland Means To Me

    I have decide to start a thread on, well, What Disneyland Means To Me. I would like to see what people think and why we are so in love with that little piece of earth down Anaheim way. It could be as simple as the churros to something really deep like you found enlightenment. Wither way I want to hear it. Not to be selfish but I think I will start it off.

    Disneyland is a magical place, it really is. It has always been a place where I knew my family would get along and lighten up and we all would have a good time. I was always to excited to sleep when I knew we were going there the place just means so much to me.

    Now that I am a little bit older I enjoy the park in a whole new way. I like watching the people having fun and throw myself into the experience. Walt Disney is my hero for so many reasons. I honestly think that he built the place for right reasons and good intentions. Which makes me hopeful for this world. I feel a certain vibe run through me when I'm at Disneyland. There is no other place like it that I have been to. I am never more content, happy, and at peace with everything then when I am there.

    Disneyland is more than a place where you go on rides and spend money. It is a place where I feel welcome and at home.

    A little sappy I realize, but I love that darn park. I want to hear from others too. I know we all love it for different reasons, some close to similar, but still.

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    Re: What Disneyland Means To Me

    First of all, welcome squashandstretch! Nice thread starter.

    I have posted this many times in other such threads so I'll condense it for others who have seen it before.

    My first visit to Disneyland was in 1961 - I can remember Jimmie Dodd himself singing at the old Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

    Later at age 11 I rode POTC for the first time, with a childhood sweetheart...we both screamed and she clutched my arm on the first drop! We later kissed on the Skyway passing through the Matterhorn!

    I visited several times in my teens, and in 1974 I went to work there...I was there part-or-full time for eight years, and became fully aware of the other side, the business side, of the magic, and became fully aware of what I call the iron fist tucked inside Mickey's white glove.

    Since 1982, I've been back a few times, took a few years off, and now I'm back for more.

    My relationship with Disneyland is kind of like a marriage. We've had to work at it, but the magic is still there. I see the scars and even some of the pain in the Grand Older Lady, but if anything, I love her all the more for them and wouldn't trade her for the world.

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


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