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'Magical Milestones' Pennies


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  • 'Magical Milestones' Pennies

    So, who's collecting them? Two trips ago I got the holder book, and my first penny (1987 - Star Tours). Haha, yea not the greatest of starts, but that's all the change I had in my pocket, and didn't want to go asking the cashiers for change in pennies/quarters. Yesterday I was able to get 14 more, so now I'm well on my way. But I had a couple questions:

    1.) Anyone know a good way to clean pressed pennies? A couple of mine have gunk on them, so I wanted to see if I could make them all shinny.

    2.) What are those 6 bigger pockets at the end of the book for? I noticed alot of nickel, and even one quater pressing machine...but are there specific coins meant for these? I would assume so, since why bother changing the pocket size for two rows if there wasn't.

    3.) I know there is at least one machine located outside of the park. The one I know of is the Disneyland Hotel's store. I don't mine the hunt for the machines inside the park, but I'm not running around the entire property looking for them, haha. So does anyone know if there are any other machines located outside of Disneyland, and if so where?

    Thanks. I just thank god that I got into this instead of pin collecting. I just don't have the energy/wallet to keep up with that.

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    I started to colect them for/with my 7 YO son. I'll have to check which ones we have and try to remember where we got them. We also got the book. I have no idea what the bigger slots are for. I think my wife knows I'll ask and get back to ya. Theree used to be a copper cleaning liquid I saw once on an Info. show that mite clean the pennies. I see if I still have the can and get you the name.


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      Yes, I pressed almost all 51 on 5/5. There was one machine jammed that I pressed on a later day.

      They are called pressed pennies, squished pennies, Elongated coins and more. The official name is Elongated Coins. We advanced collectors call them "ECs". I have been collecting them since 1976. Disneyland has had them since the 80's. Many other theme parks, zoos, museums across the country and the world have them. Advanced collectors don't use the penny books sold in stores. They are not acid free and tend to ruin the pennies. We also use pre-1982 cents. After 1982 they added zinc to the pennies. When pressed the zinc shows up and in time may turn black. The pre-82s are all copper and press and stay beautiful!

      There is a good website by a friend of mine called

      There is a national club for these flattened treasures too:
      The Elongated Collector or TEC.

      There is a good email list at Yahoo.

      Another good site is They make machines and keep a good list of locations across the country.

      I know this all sounds crazy and any collection can be :-)

      Have fun,

      Aprille :-)
      TEC #2332


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        Haha, trust me I know how crazy collecting can be. I have a couple thousand comics that'll back up that claim.


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          I think people were selling sets on E-Bay. Way to piss off the people waiting behind you in line for the machine...Pressing 20 pennies.
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            to get the goo off of the pennies try goo gone..and to make em shine...this is going to sound odd but it works...go to taco bell and get a few packs of the hot (not mild) sauce and soak the pennies in that for about 5 mins if they arent shiny enough just throw em back in


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              Soak your pennies in a solution of vinegar, baking soda and salt. It will fizz a little. If you leave the pennies in this for a while, it will get the junk off. We did this with all the pennies that we are bringing to Disneyland to smash in the machines. I also am pressing pennies to avoid buying too many pins.


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                coke cleans pennies doesnt it?
                There's an old joke I just made up: How many of me would it take to screw up your life?


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                  Originally posted by mkm1998
                  Haha, trust me I know how crazy collecting can be. I have a couple thousand comics that'll back up that claim.
         should have come and chatted with me on Sunday...Comics are my second or maybe my fourteenth love behind Disney!


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                    I've been collecting them, yes I have. I'll have to try those cleaning ideas. I was going to go out and buy some of that BAM! stuff cuz on the commercials, it shows that it cleans a penny. Learn something new everyday....
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                      I just asked the bank teller for a new roll of pennies. I think the lady was getting annoyed.
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                        As far as Magical Milestone machines outside Disneyland...there are 3. One in the Fantasia Shop, one at World of Disney and one at Greetings From California at DCA.

                        The bigger slots in the book are for quarters and nickels. They need to make a book just for those, the six slots aren't enough. I have nine books with all quarter slots filled but not all of the penny slots. A lot of the machines they put out for special occasions, Christmas for example, are quarter machines.
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                          we have one backstage!!! Well, it's not a magical milestone one, it's minnie in a nurses outfit.
                          ...I finally changed my avatar...


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