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3-22-07 Evening Trip Report

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  • 3-22-07 Evening Trip Report

    Last night I had the chance to visit the park with my wife and my 2 daughters. We met up with my cousin and 2 of her friends. The weather was great, the park was closing at 11:00, traffic wasn't too bad, it was going to be a good night!

    We parked in Downtown Disney and as we were walking towards the park, I couldn't help but notice how brave the birds are getting. We almost got hit 3 times from them pretending to be little jets swooping by us! Not only is it the birds but I saw 2 ducks almost clip a group of heads too!
    As we were outside the gates waiting to go in and I hear a family talking about what that "other" park is. The Dad tells them it's Walt Disney World and the kids start crying because they want to go to Disney World. I wanted to correct them and tell them it's actually called California Adventure but I didn't have the heart.

    The park seemed to be crowded but not to to bad. We headed straight over to Fantasyland and my wife took my daughter on Dumbo and then we met up with my cousin. As I waited I tried to snap a few pictures of the really cool clouds that were above. The Matterhorn really is a nice picture with some dark clouds behind it.

    After a few rides, I wanted to get on the Monorail so I could take the full trip that I've been missing! We got in line and they only had one train running. As we were waiting they announced they were adding the 2nd train so that they could run full schedule. After about 20 minutes, Red pulled up and we were on! I really wanted to just see inside the Subs queue because I could hear a lot going on in there. As we went around I noticed about 10 guys in the queue area and I got more excited than a kid at Disneyland for their first time! I don't know why but I did. I tried to take a picture but too many heads in the Monorail got in the way. I also noticed that walkway on the backside. I'm really curious about that.....
    As we exited, 2 dudes with hard hats were standing in the doorway with it wide open. I sloooowly snuck out my camera and tried but they looked at me like I was an alien, closed the door and walked away.....sorry guys.

    Now it was off to HM. My little one fell asleep on the way so I stayed with her while everyone else went on. I was surprised but the park was now getting really empty. It seemed to start clearing out about 8:30 or 9:00. Not sure why. As they went on HM, I tried to get some pictures of TSI, the Mark Twain and other stuff. I sat there and relaxed as a little kid behind me threw up in the planter; then another family looked at TSI, thought it was Splash Mountain, then turned around because it was closed. Again, I wanted to help them out and correct them but I just kept eating my popcorn.

    All in all, it was a great night!
    Once I fix my account, I'll post some pics. Give me a few minutes.
    Sorry wedibuddy (my daughters way of saying "everybody")

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    Re: 3-22-07 Evening Trip Report

    Funny about the Ducks swooping down on peoples heads. I remember one year there Cinderella was walking to the castle and a duck came out of no were and almost hit Cinderella in the head. Cinderella had to dunk her head. I do agree that these birds are getting braver every time I go there.


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      Re: 3-22-07 Evening Trip Report

      The birds were doing the same thing when I was there waiting for pictures with Eeyore and Tigger.

      Sounds like you had a great visit! Thanks for sharing.


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        Re: 3-22-07 Evening Trip Report

        Here's some random pics from yesterday:

        While sitting and waiting for my little munchkin to ride Dumbo, I took these.

        And then just some random stuff from the night:

        Mark Twain under wraps:

        My new timeshare:
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          Re: 3-22-07 Evening Trip Report

          Thanks. Those are some great pics. I like the way the sun is shinning on the Matterhorn. Sounds like a nice evening.