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Cool, little known facts about DL


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  • Cool, little known facts about DL

    Found this while looking around a cool DL pictorial site:

    The moat from the Snow White Wishing Well. The water from the moat circulates through the Jungle Cruise and the Rivers of America.

    Wonder if any of you have other cool, little known facts?...

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    I've heard that just about all the various "stream" and "moat" and "river" waters circulate together starting at one end of the park and working their way down to the other.

    The Native Americans who were hired to do "Indian" stuff over in the original Indian Village (which became Bear Country, then Critter Country, etc) did not know how to run canoes since they were Plains Indians, which made things complicated for them when they were being "Indian Guides" on the War Canoes.
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      There was a basketball court on top of the matterhorn but now it is closed.
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        the basketball court is still there....i can vouch for that. i was there 2 weeks ago. it's not a full court though, not even half. it's more like just a key...the hoop is just hanging there! it was awesome! we had to make a shot before we were allowed to was awesome!!!


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          The telegraph that keeps clicking at the New Orleans Square railroad station is spelling out the first two sentences of Walt's Disneyland opening-day dedication speech. ("To all who come to Disneyland, welcome. Here, age relives fond memories of the past, and here, youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future.")

          BTW: Not Disney related: The red blinking light (to warn aviation) at the point of the spire on top of the Capitol Records Building in Hollywood blinks in Morse Code spelling HOLLYWOOD.
          "Yesterday, a man walked up to me and said, 'Isn't it a shame that Walt Disney couldn't be here to see this?' and I said, "He did see this, that's why it's here."
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            There is a golden spike write near sleeping beauty Castle that marks the exact center of disneyland.
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              Originally posted by Tom Chaney
              BTW: Not Disney related: The red blinking light (to warn aviation) at the point of the spire on top of the Capitol Records Building in Hollywood blinks in Morse Code spelling HOLLYWOOD.
              Really? My mom worked at KFWB for 10 years next to the Capitol building & I never heard that... :monkey:
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                Originally posted by llama5492
                There is a golden spike write near sleeping beauty Castle that marks the exact center of disneyland.

                Actually, the spike to which you are referring, is bronze and it's not the center of the park. Even before the addition of toontown and NOS, if you look at an arial photograph of the park, the center of it would be just forward of the partners statue in the HUB, not behind the castle in fantasyland.

                The spike has a resort logo and it's identified as a survey marker, more than likely used to find the centerline of Mainstreet. There are survey markers all around the resort, from downtown disney to DCA.

                An arial photo of the resort can be found at this link: Disneyland
                You're going to have to drag the image to the right to center the park.
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                  Steve Martin Used to Work at a magic shop in Disneyland!
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                    the business that my parents own, built the Goofy's Frozen Drink Stand in Toontown. The sink on the outside was one we found laying oaorund our plant and we still have the art concepts anmd the original blueprints. a little back story, the person we were dealing with, was fired upon giving us the original set price, instead of what Disney was planning on giving us. Just thought that would be interesting.


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                      There is an image of Sherlock Holmes inside Mr Toad's Wild Ride. It's in one of the windows of the buildings inside and was put there as a tribute to his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle was a close friend of the author of "Wind in the Willows", Kenneth Grahame, who created Mr Toad.
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                        The Rocket Rods queue had a hidden mickey in it if you looked on the wall when they projected the TL Logo on there. Sorry ,it's the best I can do...


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                          Walt Disney did not like the height of a certain fake tree in Adventrueland and had a crane brought in, cut the tree in half, and inserted about 6 feet or so of cement to raise the height of the tree...........even though the engineers told him it couldn't be done
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                            About half, I believe, of space mountain is under ground because of it's size. If it was all above grown it would dwarf (I believe thats the correct term,) sleeping beauty castle, or make it look small in comparison.
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                              News reporters back in 1955 expected disneyland to last about 3 weeks. *sigh* Silly Silly, stupid people

                              A palmtree in adventureland was growing on property long before Disney ever bought the property.

                              Fantasmic! was originaly going to be named "Imagination". You can hear references to the name "Imagination" in the song many times. ( Example: it's the first spoken word in the entire show)


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