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Not Another April 1st Trip Report!


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  • Not Another April 1st Trip Report!

    Mais, oui, it's true!

    Hi all, I'm new to Micechat, though I've been with Miceage since it first started and was just too shy to post. I don't know why, since you all seem like really nice people (or "are"!)

    But I had my first trip report-worthy trip so I just wanted to write about it.

    So it went a little something like this...

    I went with with my friend on Sunday. Coupled with Spring Break, I knew I smelled trouble...

    Boo...the nose knows. Our first reaction: Holy cwap. Though it may have been "Holy frijole!" But I'm not sure.

    So after jumping from security line to security line (don't be fooled; they all move at the same pace! Except for the ones we always jumped to, which were the slowest) we got into the Esplanade! Hooray Esplanade!

    And right across the Esplanade was...

    ...a mass of bodies trying to enter DCA. That did not bode well for the crowdedness of the day.

    So my friend paid to get her first AP and I was totally dreading the AP lines by now (around 11 AM) BUT!

    HAPPY SURPRISES! The line was empty! Hurrah! So after waiting 0 min. I desperately wanted to ride Rockin' Space Mountain before it rocked away or whatever.

    On the way, we saw a caravan of Disney characters.


    and after the masses descended:

    Haha. It was like a celebrity's limousine or something. Anyway.

    The amazing flowers in Main Street to break up my narrative. Much like how it broke my focus to get to SM.

    But getting to Tomorrowland was tough. There was a huge crowd blocking Main Street!

    What could be so entertaining and important for this to happen?!

    Oh... was a band or something like that.

    GASP! When Star Tours has a 25 min. wait, you know the park's busy.

    When we got to SM, it was 101 and >=( but they said that it would be up within the hour, so we decide to get fastpasses for Indiana Jones. On the way, however...we were detained by something more tempting...

    ...which I'll get to in Part 2.
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    Re: Not Another April 1st Trip Report!

    Welcome and Great TR so far!!
    Friend walks into line of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh-
    "Come on, Let's go see Country Bear- .......Oh."
    -August 1st 2010

    And this elevator traverls directly to The Twilight Zone The Gift Shop!
    -August 2nd 2010


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      Re: Not Another April 1st Trip Report!


      OK, so where was I...tempting, yes.

      We were stopped by the ever tempting amazing wonderful TIKI ROOM! Which was just starting the preshow when we walked by. So why not?

      It was a good show (well, it's always a good show, know, it never changes) except for this lady behind me who take about a bazillion flash pictures. I'll give you one, since sometimes you forget to take the flash off, but I wanted to leap over my bench and just wrench away the camera from her. Or just ask her to stop it. Of course, being shy, I did neither :/

      And a flower, just to cool down.

      OK. That's better now.

      So we go get the fastpasses and a Dole whip! My friend's first and my first from Disneyland!

      You can sure taste the whip!

      The initial plan was to save it for the inevitable long line for SM, but it happened to disappear before we got there! Hm...

      And yes, it was busy as always.

      There was this CM whose job I'd hate to have. He had to stand around in the hot sun in that really warm SM jacket without sunglasses telling people not sit on the chains, cut, etc. :/ (He did get rotated inside, though.)

      So what do you do in line? Take pictures.

      I saw the weirdest thing in the wall inside though...


      And the final room!

      Then after the ride, we rode up to see our picture.

      The lighting is A for AWESOME!

      My final verdict: I liked it as a temporary makeover. The beginning was reaaaal cheesy and the music made my head hurt for a little bit after, but the ending made me feel pumped and BOTH times I rode it, everyone in my car came out whooping and so did every car that I saw come back into the station. Oh boy can girls scream loud.

      As we stumbled out the door, we decided to brave the 15 min. wait for Star Tours (I know...WTF, right?).

      Good show. Though there was this weird blob on the screen separating us from Peewee.

      And then we finally get out of Tomorrowland in Part 3 (YES, THIS IS LONG because it's my first and I don't know how to edit out the trivial things I love so much!) =D


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        Re: Not Another April 1st Trip Report!

        Nice photos! You have a good eye for framing things.

        Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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          Re: Not Another April 1st Trip Report!

          Nice colorful shots! And WElcome to Mice Chat!

          Visit my mice chat toy shop!

          Track Disney Animation Presence in the Theme Parks Worldwide!


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            Part 3

            Thanks again, guys! You sure do know how to make a girl feel welcome.

            So where was I? Getting out of Tomorrowland to feast our eyes on...

   a part of the Partners statue!

            After my eyes were done feasting (ew?), we wandered over to the canoes since my friend had never gone on it before (a lot of people haven't!).

            But not before we got to see some iron bars having fun in Splash Mountain's dry flumes!

            So we got on the canoes (and as always, the person I want to get always gets on the canoe before us) and as we were paddling along, I saw this:

            and thought, "HEY! Something's missing!" Can you spot it?

            The little Indian boy had abandoned his dog on that log!

            Paddling some more, I saw THIS:

            and thought, "That's good show right there. Because I do find the same jungle vines from Adventureland in the Frontier all the time."

            And a log just ITCHING to scratch a bear that's not there (haw haw).
            The beavers weren't there either. Anyway, the trip was fun, though my left arm hurt a lot since I paddled with it while taking pictures with my right. Our guide was quiet and he only spoke to us in the beginning and the end but for some reason, this attraction still has an irresistible pull on me...

            Then we decided to go on HM cause we were there.

            Is it wrong I want this in my backyard?

            Who did these? They are very talented. You can see all the muscles in the dog's neck.

            That was my first time I saw the new and improved(?) HM, since I always saw HMH.'s different. I don't think I like it very much. I liked the unofficial storyline better and I liked the pictures fading in and out better but at least the scrims were fixed since the last time I saw it. Hooray!

            Jungle Cruise was our next stop.

            My friend was just as excited as me.
            And the amazing SCHWEITZER FALLS!

            ...or, right now, Schweitzer Trickles (that sounds weird).

            Ya see? I wasn't lying! Joked the skipper right behind us (who, again, was better than the one we got): "HEY! Did you see the waterfall? Yeah, that's 'cause it wasn't there!" Ahahahahaha!

            The amazing bull elephant. Did you know it's the only animal in the jungle that weighs 5000 pounds and can jump over 50 feet?

            The splendiferous rhinoceros. Did you know it's the only animal in the jungle that weighs 5000 pounds and can jump over 50 feet? Amazing.

            It's a skullpture (<--my friend's favorite joke).
            If you ever wanted to know what the backside of a trickle of water looked like, here you go:

            Ruh roh! Something tells me that there's something dangerous up ahead!
            AIEEEE I SEE IT!

            DEADLY JUNGLE DUCKLINGS!!!! Don't be fooled by their cuteness. It's only a hunting tactic. Cunning little things.

            So after, we got stuck for awhile behind a boat that broke down, and right behind us came a boat with the funniest Jungle Cruise skipper! I don't know his name, but he did things like the "Duck!" joke and asking us if our skipper was lame (my friend started to say yes, but she refrained) and asked his boat if he was funny (they clapped). He kept trying to goad our skipper into playing along with him ("I sunk your battleship" "C'mon, I have a boat, you have a boat..") but all our guy could come up with was saying that the other guy was "Lame." I have video of this, and of the skipper saying "Who wants to see all these animals? They're just robots. They're not real!" Our skipper: "OF COURSE THEY ARE! You can see them!" Haha. And then they discussed when they were getting off work.

            Afterwards, we got off and saw the sad Tarzan tree trunk (while missing the Hillbillies show twice):

            Poor guy. He cracked under pressure.

            Part 4 gets exciting (no it doesn't) (yes it does).


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              Re: Not Another April 1st Trip Report!

              Haha i wish i coulda seen the Jungle Skipper duel!

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                Re: Not Another April 1st Trip Report!

                Part 4 sees us at the Disney Gallery:

                Mommy, can I have it? PleasepleasepleaseI'llbegooood!

                So we make Billy Hill and the Hillbillies and it's the first time I've seen these guys (I've only seen the other guy who was really good):

                Haha. I loved the swooning reactions of the two women.

                I love how animated they all are!

                Buy their CD! Because they told you to!

                I liked this guy. Very dry humor. But I like the other show and guys better because it seemed to have a lot more jokes, gags, and audience participation. This show seemed very short. But I'm not complaining! This show is so entertaining and if it were ever to go away...=(

                So afterwards, we decide to stop by DCA (her first time) and went to go see Muppets 3D since I heard it's going away (right?)

                This box is my FAVORITE! I love it, and I wish I had a non-blurry picture of it.

                I liked it. It was my first time since I don't go to DCA often. It was very cute and the 3D was nice. The preshow was very funny though what was on the ticker was very strange sometimes (I think there were song lyrics in one including "Lalalalalala").

                And of course, what better to follow a cute show like that than...

                Tower of Terror!

                I like this picture because it looks haunted. Or is it???
                And again, DISNEY LIGHTING IS SUPREME:

                So that was my first time, and I didn't like it. Just like Maliboomer, made me tear up, let's just say. I did like the theming and wish there was an option where I could just walk through the queue. And there was this eejit behind me during the preshow who called the show "gay" and kept making stupid comments just because he had seen it "9" times. Hello, man! It's our first time, so why do you have to ruin it for us? Blah.

                Bwahaha. All TOT pictures have the best reactions. I may look like I'm smiling, but only because I knew the camera was there and I wanted to smile.

                Then we saw It's Tough to Be a Bug and I liked it a lot. The effects were very good. I wonder how much Disney spends on fog effects per day? I also liked the clever little musical and play posters.

                And DUNG BALL!

                Then we went to GRR where there was only a 5 min. wait! I couldn't believe it! Who wouldn't want to go on GRR at night? WHO?

                As you can see, I got drenched.

                And you know what I did next?

                I went on it again.

                THE LINE WAS SO SHORT! I couldn't resist. There was a nice family who went along with us the first time, and they thought my reactions at getting REALLY wet was hilarious, so they wanted to go with us again. I get brilliant ideas sometime.

                And I saw a pretty sight:

                So I hobble and waddle all the way back to Disneyland to grab some chow and I eat my pasta at the Plaza Inn soaking wet. The cashier girl took my wet $20 and she was in training. So I now have a proud receipt that says I paid with a Traveler's Check. We actually got a seat inside (first time for me in a while). It was pretty empty. What happened to all the crowds?

                After changing, I wanted to see if Alice was open. Nope! Because of the fireworks. So we went on the Teacups, which we hadn't been on in awhile. I told my friend they tightened the wheels but she wouldn't believe me.

                Fireworks on the teacups!

                And then to Big Thunder!

                Fireworks on BTMRR!


                The Big Thunder Trail is actually a very nice viewing spot for the fireworks.

                Then we went on Pirates for my friend and of course, we got a wonderful guy in front of us TAKING FLASH PICTURES. *sigh* The CM emphasized no pictures also.
                One thing I noticed on the ride is how much more animated the mayor is now. I didn't know he moved his head so much.
                The ride was so empty, we went on it again. Seriously. The CM who directed people to the numbers was just standing there waiting for people!

                So we exit and the place is EMPTY! Where did the crowds go? The weather was great, it wasn't raining...

                We see if this is true for the other rides. Boom, we get on BTMRR again FAST! It was only using one train! And the train was going SUPERFAST! We were both marveling at how fast it went.

                And there was this guy with a camera light for the whole ride. *sigh* People.

                And then Jungle Cruise again! Our skipper was so great. She actually did three jokes I had never heard before! Amazing...
                Empty queue:

                Oh you know what I forgot? We went on Indiana Jones. It was good, haha.

                Then we went on SM again. Last time, we were standing behind these girls that I am sure were glaring at me the whole time. I don't know why. Really. I liked it a lot better the second time I rode it. Maybe because it was going a heckuva lot faster the second time. Like BTMRR! Crazy.

                Our Rockin' photo:

                I was channeling the great Rik Mayall. It didn't turn out very well.

                Then we went on Matterhorn where there was this great CM who was trying to calm down a crying boy on the ride and was walking with the bobsled until it got to the launching point. It was great.

                Then we went on Alice before the whole place closed. I wanted to see all the refurbs, but it looked the same to me. The caterpillar wasn't even working. Oh well. Last ride of the night.

                Then I got a picture of the castle:

                And got a present for my mother's birthday the next day.

                It was a greaaaaaat absolutely great day for Disneyland. One of the best trips I've been on. I was so wary with all the crowds, but they virtually disappeared! I don't fear the blockout day!

                Thanks for reading =)


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                  Re: Not Another April 1st Trip Report!

                  Originally posted by Coheteboy View Post
                  Haha i wish i coulda seen the Jungle Skipper duel!
                  I have some of it on video and I will upload it soon. Your dream will come true! (har har)


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                    Re: Not Another April 1st Trip Report!

                    Originally posted by niklj View Post
                    I have some of it on video and I will upload it soon. Your dream will come true! (har har)

                    Golly! This really IS the year of a million dreams!

                    Great TR too! I enjoyed it mucho! And can definiely appreciate someone who could ride GRR twice in a row! I'm never in a party that would even dare. sigh.


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                      Re: Not Another April 1st Trip Report!

                      Wonderful trip report niklj! I love all your amazing pictures so thanks for sharing them with us. Also welcome to MiceChat!
                      Always looking for new Disney friends.


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                        Re: Not Another April 1st Trip Report!

                        Excellent pictures, thanks for sharing them! Welcome to MC by the way!


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                          Re: Not Another April 1st Trip Report!

                          What a great report! Excellent photos and wonderful commentary!

                          It was so cool to see the JC baby ducks again and Billy and the gang...

                          I left before the fireworks that night to beat the rush. On Sundays, the place really does clear out after fireworks, huh? And don't tell EVERYONE about the fireworks viewing from Big Thunder Trail! That's my favorite spot!

                          Welcome to these happy boards and I hope to see more from you!
                          How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
                          :monkey: :monkey:


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                            Re: Not Another April 1st Trip Report!

                            Great pictures and welcome to Micechat!

                            "I dream of the day when you can go to a drive through, purchase alcohol, tobacco, and bullets, and use them all before you get home" -- Dogbert


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                              Re: Not Another April 1st Trip Report!

                              Fabulous TR!!! Great pictures. I really enjoyed the commentary as well... Welcome to Mice Chat!
                              <3 Chloe


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