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March 22-25th


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  • March 22-25th

    I know it's late, but you know we had our priorities in order. Having a little extra money for Disneyland was more important then paying the internet bill!:roll:
    Anyways we left around noon on the 22nd.

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    Re: March 22-25th

    OK I figured out the pics onward we go.) We stopped for lunch/dinner.

    Mount Shasta National Park

    After 18 hours of driving and many many potty breaks we make it to LA! Wait where's Disneyland? It took us about an hour to finally get to Disneyland after we hit LA! and then:yea: !!!!

    Ok so we get there at 5am on the 23rd and I run in hoping for a room, but I called at 3am and they couldn't guarantee me one. So we were going to unload our stuff rest in the lobby then catch breakfast and pray for an early check in at 11am. but thanks to Sandy our Favorite front desk clerk...

    We got the last ready room, a birthday button for Alex, bags of goodies, and Sandy told me she was going to leave a special package for Alex, Amorita, and John.

    It was signed photos of The Princesses for Alex. Ariel for Pita, and Buzz & Woody for John.
    So we head gratefully head up to our room take a shower and head to Disneyland about 7:15 am.

    We decided to take the monorail in because we had tickets for Mickey's Morning Madness.

    John needed to take a nap.

    Toon Town was fun the kids had a blast! And we got our first button. Later I'll put a pic of the collection of free buttons we received. We bought hats rode some rides. Then we went back to the hotel took a dip in the pool, then a little nap, and ran into Goofy in the lobby. Then we headed to White water Shack for those nachos I've heard so much about. They did not disappoint we went back for lunch the next day! They were so good I forgot to take a picture until half way through.

    Then we headed to DCA and its a Bug Land till our dinner a Ariel's Grotto.

    I have tons more pics but I just put the kids Favorite princess up. John was in LOVE:love: with Bell and yelled her name across the room. After dinner we were pooped and couldn't do anymore. So we headed back to the room. And a couple minutes later we received a call the we had an amenity.

    We had a great first day. So great that we decided to go on Amorita's & John's 6th Birthdays. About every two years from now and we'll be staying at the Disneyland Hotel again. Ok I'm tired after we got home my daughter came down with something and of course now my son and I have it too! I'll finish this tomorrow. Good night!:wave:
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      Re: March 22-25th

      That was pretty cool that Disney did a lot for Alex for her birthday! I wish i was still old enough to have that treatment to me and not feel embarressed.


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        Re: March 22-25th

        Great Tr and happy Disney birthday to all three Kid.
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          Re: March 22-25th

          Love the pictures, keep them coming.


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            Re: March 22-25th

            I enjoyed the pics. It's nice to see something different.


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              Re: March 22-25th

              Man I got tired out just reading about the hours you were keeping, but it sure looks like everybody had a good time. Great pictures and Sandy must be a really special Hotel Cast Member. That was very nice of her. Cool stuff.
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                Re: March 22-25th

                Thank you for sharing! It is great to see a family trip report for a change.


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                  Re: March 22-25th

                  wow!!! that sandy is the reason why disneyland is so special to me. she went above and beyond the call of duty. that is AWESOME!!!

                  i can't wait to see the rest of your pics! you've got some cute kids. and to see their happiness makes me happy. no one can be sad when a child is happy.

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                    Re: March 22-25th

                    OK bare with me I'm sick so this may take awhile. But moving on looking at our pics always perks me up!) So we have early entry on Saturday and of course our first picture is in front of the castle!

                    If you can stay at one of the hotels I definitely recommend it! The cost was worth it to have early entry, because the wait in line was usually less then a minute and we got to ride at least 5 times. Although we only did 2 dark rides because my girls were too scared. so we had to promise no more dark rides. We spent a lot of the morning riding Dumbo and Teacups. :thumbup:

                    They let our birthday girl Alex ride by herself! She was very excited!After a potty break we stood in line for the Casey train ride. The park had opened by this time and we were getting hungry. Since the kids loved Ariel's Grotto we decided to go the Minnie's Breakfast. So I called Disney Dinning and made a reservation for an hour later. Meanwhile we got a car on the train that fit our kids perfectly!:lol:

                    So after our train ride we took a ride on the horse drawn cart. Where we met Maria who was awesome! She ran ahead a couple times to take pics of the family.

                    After the ride Maria asked one of the guys that drives the fire truck to wait for us so my son could ride on it. We didn't even ask her she just thought the kids would enjoy it.:yea: We love Maria too!!!

                    So then we headed off to breakfast with Minnie. I'm so glad we made a reservation or else there would have been a long wait. Here are just a couple of pics. One side note. We had to fight for Pooh, everyone kept stealing him before he came to the balcony. It was a little frustrating. But in the end we finally saw him and it made my son's day.

                    After breakfast we met up with some friends of ours. They are Jen and Donnie Amorita's god parents.

                    Then off to bugs land! I think the ride was too fast for him!!!

                    We can't hear, see, speak Disney because I'm broke!!!:lol: :clap: Well I thought it was funny.:blush:

                    John got to actually touch Mater and Lightning McQueen! Again he was in Heaven!!! And when they say a mob they mean a mob of people!

                    The Ferris wheel was so much fun, especially when you don't expect a big swing! :roll:

                    Because we love our friends so much we had to take them to get some nachos. Not that we wanted any it was just for them.:whistling Then we headed to the Aladdin and show. Wouldn't you know it as soon as we convince my daughter the show isn't scary a hand pops out of the curtain gesturing the actors back stage. The lights come up and we are told to exit the theater. Man we had used our preferredseating. They told us we couldn't get our tickets back, but to come to the next show and explain what happened and we'd get our seating. I was:verymad: a little mad,(more because a lot of the people working there said" I don't know can't help you") but my friends and husband said let it go. Look there's Mr. Incredible.

                    Amorita wouldn't get near him. Then we went back to the hotel to take a dip. Say good by to our friends and go to bed. Here's our hotel room and the fire works from our balcony. Amorita and John had crashed before the fire works.

                    Our last day
                    A little packing and off to Goofy's Kitchen

                    A B-day celebration just $5 more.

                    Captain Hook
                    John is holding his hat because Hook knocked Alex's off.:ap:

                    By Mickey we're off to the park..

                    Here are our lanyards and pins. Our last day we found out about pin trading!

                    These are all the free buttons the kids got. Also the pins we traded for. We bought the Jake pin, the parade pin, and the McQueen pin. 4 came with our package and 2 were given to the girls by cast members. We stopped two men with lanyards to see if they had princess pins. They had alot. One guy said happy birthday to Alex and gave her another pin and the other guy said "we can do that?!" and gave Amorita another princess pin! Again AWOSOME TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!

                    We head over to the MiceChat Meet to meet everyone and see my God Parents Jr. and Debbie and the kids.

                    This is my Minnie Me Tina. She is just like I was when I was her age hence Minnie Me.

                    Here's one of about 20 pics Alex took of my nino(god father) posing with a map.

                    We go to ride some more rides while everyone goes to eat. Then we meet up with nina,god mother, and Pezzlightyear and the Pezzlings. The girls had fun with Sara and the Pezzlings! We go to Aladdin's Oasis. It was a great show.

                    We did a little more pin trading and ran into Marry Poppins

                    We ran into the Parade of Dreams and got the perfect spot where they stopped and danced in front of us.

                    Then on to DCA where we got VIP seating for Aladdin after a visit at guest services.

                    The reason we headed to DCA

                    John said I had an owey

                    All Better

                    Nina and Miguel after Aladdin

                    A pic Alex took

                    The end I'm tired hope you all enjoy. I don't think we'll ever be able to top our first family vacation thanks to everyones advice, especially Nina & Nino, and of course the Cast Members at Disneyland!!! Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!:bow:
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                      Re: March 22-25th

                      Wonderful photos! Looks like a terrific vacation!!!!!!!!! Makes me want to head down from Seattle!!!


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                        Re: March 22-25th

                        Fantastic TR! Looks like you all had a terrific trip. Thanks for sharing.


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                          Re: March 22-25th

                          loved your report and pictures.. your kids are just so adorable

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                            Re: March 22-25th

                            LOVED the pics and the report!!
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                              Re: March 22-25th

                              Loved your awesome TR! :clap:

                              We had soo much fun with you guys and can't wait to do it again

                              Here are a couple of pics that I wanted to share...


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